The video below was removed by YouTube and the truth was punished, watch the video uncensored here.

During the fall-out of the Brussels bombings, alleged footage from inside the airport was released by mainstream media showing the moments of the blast.

Shortly after this footage came to light, sharp eye’d investigative researchers on YouTube spotted it was in fact not footage from Brussels on March 22 2016, but it was video taken from another airport attack,  in the international arrival hall of Moscow’s Domodedovo International, in Domodedovsky District, Moscow Oblast, on 24 January 2011.

Mainstream news outlets at the time ran with the story of a suicide bombing, wikipedia also still have the same narrative running on their site to this day.

But after looking at the video various times, Enchanted LifePath TV made one of the biggest false flag attack discoveries ever seen.

Slowing the footage down to a quarter of the speed it became very clear the bomb was in fact in the ceiling and not a ground level blast detonated via a suicide jacket.

The questions which implicated the Russian government and all news groups who ran with the story of it being a suicide bombing, were simple, how did the bomb get in the ceiling?

Was this an inside job?

Now in an unexpected email from YouTube it has came to my attention that truth has been wiped off the face of the platform once again, with news that my original video exposing the lies and the agenda behind the bombing in Moscow’s busiest airport, has been removed and a community guideline strike added to my account which now stops me doing live streams and videos over fifteen minutes long for three months.

My video had no reason to be taken down other than it was exposing something they did not want anybody to know about.

During the video I make a detailed analysis of the bomb blast which left me in no doubt as to the location of the device used, and I also fully conclude that it did not detonate from a suicide vest.

Please watch the video yourself and come to your own conclusion, leave me your thoughts.

By Enchanted Lifepath

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