The UK government has been accused of having a concerning attitude as the fall out begins after the NHS was hit by a ransomware cyber attack which spread to 99 countries causing mass confusion with the list of effected businesses still growing.

Hackers are ‘alleged’ to of used tools obtained from the NSA to launch a worldwide cyber attack.

EU Law enforcement agency Europol says the global cyber attack is of an “unpresidented level”, which was not inline with the narritive being pushed by mainstream news outlets and government officials speaking as the attack took place on Friday.

Shadow Health Secretary, Jon Ashworth, told Sky News he is ‘concerned’ about the attitude of the government to cyber security and individual NHS trusts are not to blame.

On Friday, Prime Minister, Theresa May, said: “We are aware that a number of NHS organisations have reported that they have suffered from a ransomware attack.

“This is not targeted at the NHS, it’s an international attack and a number of countries and organisations have been affected.

“The National Cyber Security Centre is working closely with NHS digital to ensure that they support the organisations concerned and that they protect patient safety”.

“And, we are not aware of any evidence that patient data has been compromised.”

A spokesman for NHS Digital, which manages health service cyber security, echoed the Prime Ministers claims saying: “At this stage, we do not have any evidence that patient data has been accessed.

“We will continue to work with affected organisations to confirm this.”

How can the public feel protected by the government after the events of Hackgate?

Claims of ‘no patient data cyber theft’ can not be made in public with confidence until it is fully confirmed because hackers have control of files which could well contain patient data, these files coud be deleted in a matter of days meaning patient data could be deleted leaving people in danger of dying as communications breakdown, why do these people short change us with such false information?

Theresa May did say authorities are ”not aware” of any patitent data being stolen, this is open to debate and is most likely going to change over the next few weeks if not days as they do become aware of personal data theft on a monumental scale.

Alleged cyber hacker Lauri Love has warned that the cyber attack that disabled NHS computers could spread to nearly every country in the world.

Love told Sly News: “This is going to get bigger and biger it may spread to almost every country in the world”

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