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We have seen life imitate art many times before with The Simpsons being at the heart of so called predictions that bizarrely came true after scenarios played out on the hit show manifested into reality on more than one occasion.

This weekends violence the ‘Unite The Right’ race riots in Charlottesville, USA, did seem to be scripted but after a second look at the picture below it now falls into the ‘another true prediction’ category of The Simpsons X Files, but is it really predictive? Does this phenomenon emerge from the twilight zone or is it more logical to suggest it is a group of madmen and women with more money than any normal member of the public can fathom, actually writing these scripts then playing them out for fun on the world stage as part of a sick joke?

The same tycoons who own the film studios, the television platforms, the news outlets, the music industry, sport, gaming and every other enterprise under the sun.

The events in Charlottesville over the weekend allegedly claimed the lives of three people, with initial reports of one death and 19 injuries being a form of code used by the people who carry out the attacks and set up incidents as we have seen in America and all around the world numerous times in the past.

The 1 death and 19 injured is 9/11, this is a way the secret society owned media outlets cryptically brand attacks whilst mocking the people they are deceiving. 

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It is no fluke that The Simpsons has covered so many futuristic events in episodes, this is not a case of correct predictions, though it can be described as predictive programming, a way to program the masses to accept a situation before it has taken place. Foreshadowing is another way to explain what is happening when seeing so many examples of The Simpsons showing us what will happen in real life well ahead of time.

The Simpsons you will be led to believe predicted 9/11, which is mind boggling, but even more so Homer Simpson wrote The Higgs Boson God particle formula on a board in his nuclear plant workplace years before secret society funded mad scientists at CERN found it using the large hadron collider at a huge cost not only in commercial terms but with a looming threat to the entire universe that can not be down played when looking into the work carried out in Geneva and many other particle accelerators around the world. How is this possible, a cartoon character beating them to it?

There is no way on earth this was a prediction, it was a plant, just like the Neo-Nazis we saw walking with torches in Charlottesville, just like the groups who spilled out onto the streets of Virginia and other states in the aftermath of the protests which turned into riots very swiftly indeed.

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We have now seen another emotional backlash towards Donald Trump who is playing the role acting as president of the United States of America as if it was a cartoon job, in a cartoon Whitehouse, in charge of a cartoon country.

The next clip looks so scripted it is unreal, it looks so fake and staged it beggars belief as to how so many people around the world are actually falling for this pantomime, these men look like idiots, both sets of protestors are at best just as bad as each other, have you ever heard the term do not negotiate with terrorists? Well if you do not give your enemy the time of day then they will cease to exist in your reality, truth be told both sides of the argument need each other and this is where the big divide and conquer script falls into place.

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Charlottesville, Virginia was declared a ‘State of Emergency’ almost as instantly as trouble flared up, although the police were not on the scene of the car ramming incident as they had to arrive on the scene, in a hostile situation, why was there no police around when the car drove into people, how did the car manage to reverse back up the street with driving skills which James Bond will of been proud of, was this driver another plant? It looks like it to me.

James Alex Fields, 20, had been charged and appeared in court charged with murder after being arrested on suspicion of murder after being the alleged driver of the car which caused havoc over the weekend, many things are being called out as “Bullshit” with many groups opposing the narrative laid out by mainstream news broadcasters who are being accused of leveraging opinion to gain views by Patriots in the wake of the latest event.

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As usual with these fiasco shows we have seen information plundered around and a lot of the reports emerging can not hold their own weight in water as skeptics run the rule over the lies and propaganda spilling out of the chaos.

The first huge error was naming the wrong person to be the driver of the car which killed one person on the scene with it not being clear as of yet how or where the other two reported deaths took place. 

James Alex Fields was eventually arrested but only after another member public was left outraged after being named as the owner of the car.

Mainstream outlets and social media frenzies were reporting the car to be registered to a Mr. Jerome Vangheluwe but the car was in possession of his son Joel Vangheluwe, both were wrong, or so the story unfolds.

Joel Vangheluwe and his family members reacted angrily to such claims by posting on social media to condemn the accusations that he was the Charlottesville car killer after his son alerted him to the rumors circulating about him on the internet.

This came after details of car searches (below) which pointed to Jerome Vangeluwe still owning the car, a claim the family denied stating they had not owned the car for years (above).


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