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Hello everybody. After having my work highly censored by Google & YouTube over the past two and a half years, losing channels containing all of my best research, having my Adsense accounts unmonetised and my followers being reduced meaning it is now harder for me to approach businesses to gain sponsors and partnerships. I have now decided to place donate buttons and links on enchanted LifePath layouts after speaking to other truth channels and my loyal viewers always offering but my stance always remained I was only ever open to commercial donations from companies. I am now having to rethink my platform as I grow it more each day. I have now launched Radio Enchanted LifePath in another bold move which I hope will help us all in this fight against censorship. I would like to help other channels embed the formula behind my website and all platforms into their own channels, if you need my help I am here. Please continue to enjoy Enchanted LifePath while I keep thinking of new ways to stay ahead of the attacks I come under frequently. I would also like to thank my viewers and followers for the support I have had from you all over the years. #BeEncahnted – #WeAreTheNews


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