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The Cwm Deri farmhouse fire remains a mystery to local police forces but they may be advised it could be very beneficial to their investigation to begin by taking a look at Simon Lilly, a local man who had written a poem about babies burning in a house fire on his website just hours before an alleged seven people were killed in a house fire in their reported remote village in Llangammarch Wells, Pows, Wales.

In a strange post titled ‘Llangammarch Blaze’, Simon writes in what can only be described as ritualistic undertones which may point towards him having prior knowledge of the events which were due to unfold over the coming hours in his very compact village with just over 500 inhabitants.

It is reported the fire began just after the stroke of midnight in the early moments of Halloween morning which killed all but three children who it is claimed managed to escape after being thrown out of a window by their 68 year old father a man only named locally as David Cuthbertson.

This strange poem was posted prior to the fire which made national press and triggered a reaction from Prime Minister, Theresa May, who sent her condolences to the father and children who she said are “believed” to of perished in the fire.

Simon Lilly writes:

Suspicions arose around local couple Simon and Sue Lilly, during my citizen investigation into the alleged incident in Wales just over two weeks ago after a celebratory theme of Halloween was spotted on the creepy couples Facebook pages.

It was not the modern day trick or treat tradition as many are raised to believe, but remarks were made in excitement at the original form of Samhain, which is what has been repackaged into the hocus-pocus fairy-tale of todays Halloween.

Sait is a very dark date and human sacrifice by fire is required.

This is explained in the short video below.

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Here is a post on Sue Lilly’s Facebook page just hours after the incident which is said to of plunged the village into misery, given the lack of true emotion on display it may be wise to also look into the possibility it is all a ritual in which a lot of them are in on.

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Looking at the grounds of the house when analysing drone footage released in the aftermath of the alleged fire, we can see something which would not look out of place in the Blair With Project, and makes this look like more of a sacrificial area.

Up on first glance this is perfect for a horror movie set about a Family who move to a dream house in the Welsh country side.

Things started off well at first, butterflies and chirpy background music set the scene.

But neighbours soon began acting strange around full moons and you could guarantee someones live stock would have it’s throat slit and that creepy church would have another undercover “fundraising night”.

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There was something about the local church that just gave the main character the chills when he drove past it, catching the icy glare of the woman as he mutters to himself “I’m sure she’s a witch, it’s a bloody convent that place, I bet they are up to all sorts in there, boiling cats heads and singing songs of apples and chime”, before “Shitttttttt”, being abruptly brought back to his senses as he slams onto the breaks, a pale young boy is standing in the middle of the road saying “belt came or Beltane”. 

A couple of seconds pass before the main man beeps his horn and looks in his rear view mirror before looking forward and the boy is gone.

Later on that night all his family are sacrificed to pagan gods by local nutcases in a fire at his house which it turns out was on sacred grounds, yep, that old chestnut.

But anyway, Simon and Sue Lilly, where was you on the night of the reported fire at Cwm Deri?


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I have just solved the case and named the suspects, one of them is Simon Lilly, he has since changed the statement at the bottom of his poem to hide the evidence but I had screenshots….

Here is his now alerted version which now does not state it was written before the event but as details emerged.

Simon must think the whole nation was born yesterday but luckily enough I was sharp eyed enough to notice and document this in full before these attempts to hide the truth and explain himself.

Here is a further statement made by Simon himself in his website pages comment section.

So Llangammarch, let me tell you again, nobody died in that house, that house was empty, but did they die in the sacrificial tent and area set up close to the house as seen in the images?

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