Up to fifteen people facing sleeping rough on the streets of Merseyside in the build up to Christmas have the opportunity to be housed in accommodation and start work this winter as cold nights creep in.

Emmaus Merseyside offers a home, work in a social enterprise and an opportunity for the homeless to gain confidence, training and any support they may need to live independently again.

To join the Emmaus community applicants have to commit to working full-time in the social enterprise but the rewards for doing so are great.

Emmaus Merseyside is a non religious organisation and open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The charity accepts applications from individuals or from organisations offering support to homeless people.

Homeless people can also be referred to Emmaus Merseyside through the MAINSTAY system in Sefton.

After speaking to staff and management at the Emmaus centres in the region it came as quite a shock to discover they had no media coverage or advertising in place.

I offered to take up press responsibilities and to advertise the organisation by creating radio, video and website adverts as well as posting articles to help raise awareness.

I was also told there is up to fifteen places available and ready for applications to be made and processed without any waiting list saving time and worry with help and advice along the way.

Volunteers and residents at Emmaus Merseyside Sefton branch help to keep the operation self sufficient by running a large scale charity store which relies on public donations of goods and furniture to sell on and put funds back into the accommodation.

A garden is located on the Accommodation land which is used to grow vegetables and plants which are eaten and even sold.

One support worker said: “As our Emmaus Merseyside community grows in population, our three charity shops go from strength to strength.

“So does our Participation Garden and our ability to get involved in projects in the local area.

“We’ve eaten some of our own produce and we’re now selling plants so that our customers can grow food at home”.

“There’s plenty of good people in our Seaforth community and we are lucky to have a number of really dedicated volunteers who support our work.

“We’ve also made some good links with people at Sefton Council and it’s great to see how much they are supporting what we do at Emmaus Merseyside.

“I’ve always been an empathetic person.

“I’ve always had that feeling of wanting to help those in society that have been marginalised, especially after being there myself.

“At Emmaus Merseyside I’m finally in a role that is challenging but ultimately very rewarding”.

Volunteers are also needed at Emmaus branches with advertised roles being:

Volunteer Social Media Assistant

Volunteer Administration Assistant

Volunteer Driver

Volunteer Re-Use Shop Assistant

Volunteer Retail Assistant

Volunteer Upcycler

For more information or to request an application form to join Emmaus Merseyside please contact Sam Osborne, Community Manager, on 0151 928 4775 or email emmaus.merseyside.sam@gmail.com.

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