Powys Public Inquiry? Lib Dem Anne Woods Transgender Make-up Clue

Voluntary Powys Lib Dems worker and Llangammarch community council chair Anne Woods is caught at the centre of a call for a child services public inquiry in the remote Welsh village of Llangamamrch Wells where a fire is reported to of killed a father and six of his children who had previously been in care.

Llangammarch Councillor Anne Woods was asked to make a statement and step down from her roles within 72 hours this week after provokingly approaching an independent journalist who is pushing for a public inquiry along with a petition for all Powys council staff to resign, whilst conducting a civilian investigation into the incident.

Anne Woods was then asked to resign from her influential roles instantly as motions were already in place for a petition to be set up to call for all Powys council workers to resign also.

The request was refused by Woods who is also an Olympic Games volunteer, but clues she left on the Facebook account of a local transgender connected even more people in the search for the extremely tight lipped mother of five of the children, Seema Khan.

Doubts about the authenticity of the reporting of the parents identity remain large but new information seems to suggest the children real father and mother are both still living in near by Builth Wells.

Seema Khan Will The Real Llangammarch Fire Parents Please Stand Up.. Just Kidding

This raises serious questions as to why the children where reportedly placed in separate care homes whilst a custody battle lasted for years between Seema Khan, 44, and David Cuthbertson, 68, which concluded when David won custody of all children in 2016 with the father of most of Seema’s children, David Kidd, still living locally.

On a JustGiving donations page set up after the alleged fire with over £23.000 raised, one Seema Khan’s daughters, Summer Kidd, can be seen thanking donators.

When looking at summers birth records on it is clearly stated her mothers maiden name is Khan, when looking at Summers Facebook friend list she has three friends with the surname kidd, notably David Kidd, who is her father along with sisters Sheena and Forest Kidd.

When looking at forest Kidd’s Facebook profile, we see comments from bother her dad, David Kidd, and her sister Summer, which confirms they are all in family members who are still in contact with each other, we also see David and his daughters joking about the looks they have taken from him, their biological father.

This is further backed up by a post on Summer’s profile where she can be seen asking if anybody knows a good local tattoo artist when the three can be seen discussing this and David shows natural fatherly instaince towards Summers interest in a tattoo and jokingly questions why she needs to know this information in a reply he ends with the words DAD emphasised.

This again puts serious doubts in the story of David Cuthbertson gaining custody of Seema Khan’s children after a long battle with social services.

With most of the family being alive and very close to the incident the lack of emotion or general talk of the fire still remains very hard to see unless it is posted with the Just Giving donations campaign page.

The Kidd family then opened more doors which was confirmed by connections to community councillor Anne Woods, brought about by one of her mutual friends of an account of interest named Angel Khan who shares a common friend with Anne.

That friend is Tazmin Eleanor Vince-Lawer, it is in the friends list of Summer Kidd that we see Angel Khan, in Angel’s friends list we see Tazmin, it is then in Tazmin’s public photographs which mainly consist of transgender modelling poses in the small Welsh village that we see comments from Anne Woods praising Tazmins make up skills.

This was another clue that maybe angel Khan is either another of Seema’s kids or it may even be Seema herself as there is a few other accounts which are seemingly as unused as the one one pictured above.

It also connects all the people to the same area.

You can see all theses accounts in Summer Phoenix Kidd’s Facebook friends list, this is the only Khan family linked to the whole of Llangammarch wells and connected to those involved with the fire, strangely we still see no mention of David Cuthbertson on any of the profiles mentioned in this article, and another common theme is they have only posted the Just giving link if they have made any acknowledgment of the fire at all.


Is this the real family of the alleged dead children? Will the real parents please stand up… Just Kidding…

Is this the real parents of them?

Almost six weeks have passed and Seema Khan has not released any statements about the incident as the fall-out from the fire at the farmhouse on October, 30, 2017, continues to heat up with a petition being filed calling for all Powys County Council and Child Services staff to stand down as the reported five child deaths came just two weeks after a critical report by the CCSSIW resulted in them being given just 90 days to improve how they looked after children in the county.

The people mentioned are all actively living in the area but we still have no mention of the children or no word from the mother, not to mention the father of Seema’s children who are still living in the area David Kidd, was he also the biological father of the children David Cuthbertson is reported to of won custody of after they were placed in care not long after Seema suffered a stroke?

It is also worth noting although mainstream news reported Seems as the wife of Mr. Cuthbertson there seems to be no records of any marriages taking place between Seema Khan and David Cuthbertson or Kidd.

Does any of this seem straightforward?

The simple answer is no and this is why there must be a public inquiry into all aspects of the events in Llangammarch Wells on the night before Halloween.

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