Blue and Leif Raine, 12, 13, have been revealed as two more of the children reported caught up in the mysterious Llangammarch Wells farmhouse fire at Pointyn farm on October 30, 2017.

Three kids named as dead by Dafyd-Powys police on Friday were boys, Just Raine, 11, Reef Raine, 10, and sister Misty Raine, 9, along with legal Parent David Cuthbertson, 68, and two other children who have yet to be identified.

One of those still missing is thought to be as young as four years old with three more reported to of escaped the fire aged 10, 12 and 13.


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Birth records which are held in public databases on show Blue and Leif Raine as having the same mothers maiden name, Khan, which match files for Just Raine as well as other children of Seema Khan who are known as Summer and Forest Kidd, who were named earlier in the month by Enchanted LifePath.

Cuthbertson Kids Named, But Could Sisters, Biological Mother & Father Still Be Living Local?

The mother of the children, Seema Khan, from Essex, who is believed to live close to the farmhouse in near-by Builth Wells, has not been named publically during recent media reports Enchanted LifePath TV & Radio News can provide information showing she is the mother, although questions remain as to why she has still to comment on the incident.

Information easily obtainable on shows the mothers Maiden surname as Khan, this was also used to verify Seema’s other children, Summer and Forest Kidd, whose father David Kidd also lives in Builth Wells.

It was not as easy when looking for Reef Rain with no matches born before the 1970’s and the two closest Misty Raine birth records do not match the date of birth year of Misty Raine, 9,  reported dead in the fire at Pointyn farm in October.

Searches for Misty and Reef using surnames, Cuthberton Raine and Khan, surprisingly returned no results of any interest to this family.

Seema Khan Will The Real Llangammarch Fire Parents Please Stand Up.. Just Kidding

This raises serious questions as to why the children where reportedly placed in separate care homes whilst a custody battle lasted for years between Seema Khan, 44, and David Cuthbertson, 68, which concluded when David won custody of all children in 2016 with the father of most of Seema’s children, David Kidd, still living locally.

On a JustGiving donations page set up after the alleged fire with over £23.000 raised, one Seema Khan’s daughters, Summer Kidd, can be seen thanking donators.

Llangammarch Just Giving

When looking at summers birth records on it is clearly stated her mothers maiden name is Khan, when looking at Summers Facebook friend list she has three friends with the surname kidd, notably David Kidd, who is her father along with sisters Sheena and Forest Kidd.

Llangammarch Fire

When looking at forest Kidd’s Facebook profile, we see comments from bother her dad, David Kidd, and her sister Summer, which confirms they are all in family members who are still in contact with each other, we also see David and his daughters joking about the looks they have taken from him, their biological father.

This is further backed up by a post on Summer’s profile where she can be seen asking if anybody knows a good local tattoo artist when the three can be seen discussing this and David shows natural fatherly instaince towards Summers interest in a tattoo and jokingly questions why she needs to know this information in a reply he ends with the words DAD emphasised.

This again puts serious doubts in the story of David Cuthbertson gaining custody of Seema Khan’s children after a long battle with social services.

A step-parent does not acquire parental responsibility for a child simply by being married to the parent of that child. Legally, you might as well be invisible.

A step-parent can only acquire parental responsibility for a child in very specific circumstances including:

When the court makes an order that the child reside with the step-parent either on their own or with another person, probably the birth parent of the child.

However these types of residence orders which refer to step-parents are not very common.

When the step-parent adopts a child which puts him/her in the same position as a birth parent.

Through the signing of a Parental Responsibility Agreement to which all other people with Parental Responsibility consent.

This is a formal document which needs to be signed by all the parties and then registered at court.

When the court has made a Parental Responsibility Order following an application by the step-parent.  As in all cases concerning the child the court would base its decision on what was in the best interests of the child.

With most of the family being alive and very close to the incident the lack of emotion or general talk of the fire still remains unless it is posted with the Just Giving donations campaign page.

Six weeks after the reported blaze is said to of taken the lives of five of her children we are yet to hear any word from the mother who is said to be “devastated” in her home, also reported to be in the near-by village of Builth Wells.

Seema moved after leaving the alleged father who also died in the fire after she suffered a stroke in 2012 before the children where placed in separate care homes and custody battle that lasted years was fought between the two.

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After weeks of not making a statement,  Senior Investigating Officer, Dyfed-Powys Police Detective Chief Inspector, Martin Slevin, spoke at the press conference today.

He said that the investigation was still very much “ongoing” and they are continuing to investigate the cause of the fire.

Mr Slevin added: “We are determined to do all we can to understand what happened and how these individuals came to lose their lives.

“The assistance provided by a team of officers from South Wales Police and Gwent Police has been invaluable as they have provided their specialist knowledge and skills in recovering the remains.

“The family have asked me to re-emphasise that they wish to be left alone to grieve at this very difficult time. They are extremely grateful for the continuing support shown to them by the local and wider community.

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