How did a 68 year old man pay his way with 9 children on a pension and possible life savings? Was the farmhouse involved in the Llangammarch Wells fire actually a foster home?

There was a custody battle between Seema Khan and David Cuthbertson who was not all, if any, of the children’s biological father.

David won the battle after he also had to take on social services who had placed the children in separate care homes during the court proceedings.

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Because a step parent is not biologically related to a child, they no rights in regards to that child’s placement, health or welfare.

This does not mean that the step parent does not have an obligation to ensure that the child is well cared for, but rather that the step parent has no right to dictate who has access to the child.

This means that the step parent cannot control another parent’s involvement with the child.

Similarly, a step parent cannot petition the court for custody over the child during a divorce proceeding.

Custody of a child will always be given to a blood relative over an unrelated individual.

A step parent cannot dictate a non-biological child’s medical care, education or other aspects of his life.

This means that a hospital, school or other institution cannot provide or deny services to a child based on the step parent’s rulings.

This is not the case if the step parent adopts or has been granted custody of the child.

Was money brought in to the family to the song of £450 per child per week through fostering if the children’s real parents are both still alive was David Cuthbertson fostering them instead of adopting them?

The quote said “all six children” we have reports of six dead and three escaped, would any of the remaining kids who were not placed in care during the custody battle possibly be foster children?

Please note before reading the next information, Powys County Council and Child Services were slammed in a government inspection for serious failings in safeguarding the children of Powys and given 90 days to improve just two weeks before the reported fire.

The money that can be generated through fostering up to eight children which is what David Cuthbertson had in his care based on a scale of up to just two children works out as follows below.

Example 1: Therapeutic Foster Parent with one Foster Child

A Foster Parent that has one foster child aged 11, receiving an average £450 a week, would earn approximately:

£23,400 – equivalent to a £29,750 (£1,950 a month) due to tax relief as a Foster Parent.

(£450 x 52 weeks = £23,400 of which £0 is taxable)

Example 2: Therapeutic Foster Parent with two Foster Children

A Foster Parent that has two foster child aged 12 and 14, receiving an average £450 a week per child, would earn approximately:

£46, 800 – equivalent to a £67,700 (£5,641 a month) due to tax relief as a Foster Parent.

(£450 x 52 x 2 children = £46,800 of which £0 is taxable)

Please See Source To Read Full Info:

Link To CCSSIW Inspection Report into Powys Child Services:

Inspection of Children’s Services: Powys County Council

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