BANNED: Llangammarch Wells Fire Farmer Kept Puppies In Hellhole

A Farmer who ran the farm on which the Llangammarch Wells farmhouse fire took place was banned from keeping dogs for five years after being found guilty of breeding and selling sick dogs which were kept in disgraceful conditions after an investigation by the RSPCA in 2004.

Eifion Davies, whose vehicles could still be seen on the land at the time of the fire was exposed for a “sick money making scheme” by Wales Online after he tried to sell an undercover reporter a sick puppy from the back of a van in October, 2003.

He was then reported to the RSPCA who conducted an investigation into the activity at Pointyn farm.

Health concerns around two bull mastiff’s raised so much alarm with inspectors that they were instantly removed from the farm with one being put down.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis was shocked to find the level of suffering at Davies’ Llangammach Wells farm, Powys, Mid Wales.

Mr Lewis said: “The dogs were three to four years old, they had several skin conditions which were causing suffering, and both had severe eye problems in need of surgery.

“One of them later had to be put down.”

A trial was held in 2004, at Llandrindod Wells Magistrates Court, where Davies pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal where he was given fines of £100 for each dog.

He was also ordered to pay court fees totalling to a hefty £3.949.94 as well as being banned from keeping any dogs other than sheepdogs he used as working dogs at the farm.

Davies who said he “had been breeding dogs for years” was also stopped from being able to walk, feed, or be unsupervised around dogs and was ordered to find new homes for those remaining at the farm under the ruling.

It is understood Powys County Council had granted him a breeding license in the past but he had been refused one in the previous year after failing to meet acceptable standards after being warned to improve conditions by the local authority.

A spokesman for Powys County Council said: “Licensing laws concerning dog breeding are in place to ensure the welfare of the animal and allow the public to know that the dogs are being kept in the best possible conditions.

“We hope that the recent case involving Mr Davies will act as a deterrent for any dog breeders who do not comply with the strict licensing laws.”

Another Hell Hole Discovered At Poityn Farm in 2017?

Recent drone footage of the aftermath of the fire which took place on October, 30, 2017, shows what appears to be more than just a common house fire investigation with various police tents set up across the land which now resembles a mass grave dig.

Questions have been asked about the official story of the events in Llangammarch Wells after mystery surrounded the deaths of five children and their father, David, Cuthbertson, 68.

Images show a temporary roof has been placed over the house and a digger can be seen along with eight police tents which are spread out across the farm.

This seems to suggest attention is not just focused on the farm house which reports say was destroyed by fire, killing six with three children escaping.

The farm which was operated by Eifion Davies and his wife Marites Rebong Davies who has since remarried and is now known as Marites Rebong Griffiths, is caught up in the middle of a huge investigation after the deaths of five children who were recently in care in another twist which will see fingers pointed in the direction of Powys County Council and Child Services after a 29 page report was released by the CSSIW just two weeks before the fire slamming the county for failing to safeguard children in the region.

A car pictured on the land on the day of the fire has been linked to Mr Davies and Marites Griffith when she was pictured standing next to the vehicle with registration plate N215 COP in images dating back to March 2014,this places Eifion Davies on the farm from at least 2003 when the RSPCA investigation began, through to at least 2014/15 which lines up with times Mr Cuthbertson is said to of lived on the farm with his family.

The Mitsubishi can be seen as having not Tax or M.O.T for some time before the fire, further images show Marites Davies working on the farm with sheep, sheep dogs, lambs, and is photographed with various children of Eifion Davies, who she calls the kids.

It is not yet clear if police are talking to Marites or Eifion Davies about the land around the farmhouse.

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A video posted on YouTube by Marites Rebong Davies/Griffiths shows her attempts to sell off live-stock on the farm In May 2014, although the Filipino has ties in both UK and around the world it is thought she is still living locally working as a care worker.

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