Schools & Police Roblox Warning To Parents 12 Months After ELP TV

Police Visit To Kent School About Roblox App Raises Huge Concerns For Child Safety As Kids Speak Out Police have warned schools and parents to carefully monitor children using the popular for kids and paedophiles app called Roblox after naked characters and explicit messages were discovered on the platform during a visit to a school in Kent to speak to pupils about the game. It soon became apparent it was a situation which which was close to home for many and needed to be treated seriously after children at the…

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Llangammarch Fire Reporter Arrested As Family Confirms Public Inquiry

A freelance journalist reporting on the Llangammarch Wells farmhouse fire has been arrested and released pending further investigations just days after being contacted by a grieving family member who confirmed there will be a public inquiry into the fire which is thought to have killed five kids and their 68-year-old father in October. The reporter was arrested in Liverpool on behalf of Powys police who then travelled to Merseyside to interview the suspect in connection to a section 4 racially aggravated public order offence after retaliating to numerous threats online.…

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They Set The Whole World On Fire – Song & Dance About Global Fires

Seeing as we have settled into 2018, a trend from 2017 has carried through into the new year, one where things continue to burn down world wide, it was on this note I thought to myself well isn’t this a good time to write a song called “They Set The Whole World On Fire”. There is not just a song, there is a lesson where you can also learn about all the fires which I have documented over the year and how some of them even link into each other.…

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