A freelance journalist reporting on the Llangammarch Wells farmhouse fire has been arrested and released pending further investigations just days after being contacted by a grieving family member who confirmed there will be a public inquiry into the fire which is thought to have killed five kids and their 68-year-old father in October.

The reporter was arrested in Liverpool on behalf of Powys police who then travelled to Merseyside to interview the suspect in connection to a section 4 racially aggravated public order offence after retaliating to numerous threats online.

The Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD journalist had been covering the incident and highlighting initial news articles which seemed to be misleading with huge holes in the story bringing confusion leading to an investigation which turned bitter very fast.

Weeks after calling for a public inquiry into the deaths of five children in the remote village of Llangammarch Wells, Powys, a family member contacted the reporter and revealed there will be an inquest.

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It remains to be seen what angle the unconfirmed inquiry will take, though it is understood the children were previously in care as the father fought social services for two years before being awarded custody after their mother had a stroke and moved away around five years ago.

The fire came just two weeks into a 90 day warning from the government to Powys Child Services to improve or face being overhauled after an inspection revealed huge concerns into the organisation after details emerged of data manipulation which lead to serious failures to safeguard children at risk in the area.

Public Inquiry Petition: Powys County Council & Child Services Staff Out!

The arrest came just six days later with police entering the home of the under attack reporter who thought they had arrived to speak about death threats made to him on a weekly basis.

Instead the police placed him under arrest and seized mobile phones, laptops and a PC, for an alleged racially aggravated public order on Saturday, 6, january, 2018, it is alleged the offences took place around October, 30, 2017.

The quality of reporting from outlets such as Mirror Online, Metro, Wales Online and Express Online was brought into question and calls to the Mirror were made live on Enchanted LifePath TV on YouTube to ask why they had so many mistakes in one article.

Claims that the family had moved to the area recently from the South of England, several years ago and 15 years ago set alarm bells ringing on Enchanted LifePath TV as more questions were asked about the paper claiming the father had 6, 7 and 8 children all on one article.

These mistakes were published nationally triggering a civilian investigation from the Liverpool based independent reporter who was then informed by the newspaper that the father had around 17 children.

The Mirror was not the only paper making huge mistakes with reports as the Mail Online shockingly claimed one of the dead fathers older children, Pip Borland Cuthbertson, who died, aged 21, in 2003, still lived near-by.

Records show Pip had died around 14 years before the farmhouse fire in Wales, bringing even more mainstream reports into question as the events unfolded.

Pictures of the scene of the fire showing the house gutted with no roof and no items inside the property brought more suspicions about the authenticity of the blaze with Enchanted LifePath TV reports on the incident suggesting the house was potentially empty.

House hold products and ceramics could not be seen in the aftermath of the fire with basic items such as kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks, bath tubs, pots, pans, plates and furniture.

No bed frames could be seen in the house which is said to have been home to nine people with five children reported dead along with the father and a further three children who reportedly escaped after being dropped out of a third floor window by the dad.

Recent images from the farm where the fire took place shows the huge extent of the police operation to recover evidence of the events leading to the fire.

Drone footage released by Powys police seems to show attention being placed on different areas of the farm with multiple investigation tents visible on the land along with a digger.

It is not yet known why a lot of the farm is being dug up but theories range from the land being centre of a grave dig to the tents being evidence processing units.

There is evidence to suggest the house was used by various care workers and many children have been registered at the property previously.

Members of the public were warned to donate with caution after a just giving donations page was set up by somebody alleging to be a family friend within hours of the news breaking.

The page which raised over £23.000 was questioned by Enchanted LifePath with police not confirming any deaths for eight weeks it was thought donations should be held back until bodies were confirmed and death reports made by a coroner.

A recent case involving disgraced Manchester arena bombing ‘fake hero’ Chris Parker brought the dangers of media generated hype into the spotlight after the homeless man was found guilty of stealing from victims and the judge ordered all funds to be paid back after the public crowd funded over £50.000 with various news outlets playing on people’s emotions after the bombings.

In another case of misleading news reporting swaying public opinion, the BBC conducted an investigation into a story which originated from the imagination of journalists and alleged locals after a baby was said to have been caught by a passer-by after being thrown out of a seventh floor window during the Grenfell fire in June 2017.

Reporters Dan Newling and David Grossman concluded the story probably never happened after speaking to medical experts and unsuccessfully trying to find answers from people living in the shadows of the tower. 

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