A blaze has destroyed the home of a couple in Bootle this afternoon as Merseyside fire brigade extinguished the flames in front of one occupant as another returned home from work to see his street full of emergency services.

The fire in Smollett street, Bootle, started around 4pm and was witnessed by onlookers who included a female who lived in the house known as Jo.

Locals suggested nobody was injured during the fire at the two bedroom house and a dog is thought to have been saved from harm as the incident unfolded.

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Police could be heard telling the man who lived at the premises his pet was safe after he returned home from work with news getting to him fast.

A distraught tenant asks police if his dog was saved from the fire

Both occupants were visibly shocked and upset as damage could be seen on both floors of the house.

Police at the scene said it is not known what caused the fire.

Two Merseyside fire engines and police attended the scene although no ambulances were required.

Firefighters carried out checks to surrounding houses as smoke could be seen rising from neighbouring rooftops after gathering in lofts.

The fire happened within hours of a scare at Liverpool Central Station after smoke was seen coming from an escalator during the afternoon rush hour.

Crews were alerted at 12.19pm and arrived at the scene at 12.26pm.

Four fire engines attended the scene.

On arrival crews discovered that smoke was emerging from one of the escalators at the station due to a braking issue on the device.

The area was ventilated to aid the dispersal of smoke.

There were no reports of any injuries at the site.

Some platforms at the station were temporarily closed while investigations were completed.

Crews left the site at 1.07pm.

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