Liverpool Echo have been accused of openly posting useless stories to entice views to their website as the under pressure news outlet struggles to deal with the bumpy transition from printed to online press.

Challenging times brought on the closure of the Daily Post as the paper became a victim of the public’s ability to use social media to post info faster than the Liverpool based media outlets.

Editors at the city’s largest news paper admitted they have found it hard to take the loss in sales of the once popular paper as technology improved peoples ease of access to information using devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

Media bosses also admitted to writing to a national reading age of just 12 years old in a move which raises questions about the newsrooms integrity when it comes to judging the people of Liverpool.

Members of the public could be seen asking reporters at the news room to “refrain from writing articles that are of no significance to the people of Liverpool and its surrounding areas”.

The comments came after the paper published a story about a man who had a SOLD sign wrongly paced on his house by a local estate agents.

The fed-up person continued: “If there is no news, take a day off instead of wasting your own time and ours.

“Please let your colleagues know to do the same”.

It is unlikely the paper will take notice of public opinion as they continue to look for lacklustre reports in hope of generating as much traffic to their advert laden website pages with visitors capable generating over £5 per click for the Echo, a figure which dwarfs the printed press sales with the paper costing under £1.

It is not the first time reporters at the paper have come under fire recently after Echo readers noticed a story which seemed to be misleading after an explosion at a cash machine in Crosby in 2017.

They were also slammed for refusing to get involved with a campaign to raise awareness to parents about a secret paedophile pride day which is held each year on, April, 25th, known as Alice Day.

Merseyside police had acknowledged the dangers around children in the area on Alice Day after a campaign from Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD highlighting key points for parents to pay attention to regarding the troubling date which largely unknown to the public.

A new spoof campaign has been launched to encourage the people of Liverpool and Merseyside to call or email the Echo news desk with stories which are as insignificant as the paper publishes on a daily basis.

Examples suggested ranged from people just finishing their breakfast or seeing a friend, to tax discs running out, paper clips falling on the floor, washing machines not working.

The witty campaign hopes to see the Echo news desk inundated with calls and emails with people telling the paper any small passing thoughts that make up their day in a peaceful way to help the local news outlet begin to see themselves for the let downs of Liverpool they really are.

The campaign called #TellTheEcho was started in February and will run until April 25th in another dig at the under fire paper who snuffed at the chance to play a huge role in safeguarding the children of Liverpool in 2017.

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