WW3 Syria clue? March 23 Day of Mourning Season of War until October?

APRIL 12, 2018 – SOMETIME THIS MORNING: This morning I got up to look out f the window thinking a military helicopter had flown over where I live, I did see it but I never got a good look at it so I just pondered on it. It was travelling away from the Mersey, inner city and could have been heading towards Aintree Race Course or John Lennon Airport but it was not heading in that direction. THIS AFTERNOON: As I was writing an email to Merseyside police regarding my…

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UEFA Champions League Semi Final Roma V Liverpool Draw Fix Exposed

LIVERPOOL F.C THROUGH TO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI’S 33 YEARS AFTER HEYSAL DISASTER 6TH EUROPEAN CUP ON ITS WAY TO ANFIELD? TIE WITH ROMA REVEALED BY TICKETING EMAIL TO FANS 24 HOURS PRIOR TO LIVE DRAW Heysal was 33 years ago. We won it 5 (2.5 2.5 77) times (Baphomoet) on May 25 2005 which was 13 years ago. This year I have suspected it will be 6 (33) times the final is held on the 26th this year. 26 is 13 13. 34 (7) years ago Liverpool played Roma in…

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