Alfie Evans Mum Kate James Has Power To Remove Alfie From Alder Hey And This Is Why She Can’t Lose

Suppose all the court cases to save Alfie are being taken down the wrong processes and I know the magic words and the type of case that should be heard? Now I will publish the information to the whole city and Alfie’s creators. It holds lawful ground and a case will see all attempts to turn off Alfie’s life support machine stopped and Alfie will be returned to his creator. It would also see the last people to treat him before he took ill to be held accountable. Supposing I know that information and it will be made public today, then what? – They have got until Alfie turns two years old to get this in place he was born in May 2016.

Kate James has the power to end this now as she is Alfie’s creator, he is her property, she needs to present herself in a small claims court as a human being taking the cases away from the commercial courts using common law. Kate James needs informing instantly, even Tom Evans doing a lot of the public work must change this needs to be done by Kate.

Alfie Evans, Kate James and Tom Evans are fighting to save baby Alfie

She can then start proceedings against the last nurses and doctors to administer treatment to Alfie before he went into a coma. This has to be done before Alfie turns two years of age. He is currently 23 months old. A case for vaccine damage must be brought forward in this regard. The legal process they are going down is not correct and not very well informed. A simple case in the small claims court will overrule all authority anyone thinks they have over his creators and see Alfie allowed to leave Alder Hey hospital. It starts with a document that not a lot of us are aware of. Our Certificate of Live Birth, not our a Birth Certificate, these are two different documents and the Live Birth Cert holds the key to Alfie’s creators being granted their wish to remove the toddler from the clutches of Alder Hey.

I am going to explain the difference between our verified or certified birth certificate. Certified is when you are not present, as in at your registration of birth on your birth certificate. Verified is when you have seen the documents with your own eyes. How many of us witness our own birth being registered? How many of us consent to it?

We actually have both versions on file, one of them represents the FICTIONAL ENTITY which is created from your certified birth certificate and we are then governed by commerce including commercial courts that are set up in a legal view point and now lawful. The certified certificate is what most of us are used to owning. The Live Born or verified certificate represents the Human Being and is governed by the law of the land. In common law only injury, harm or loss are considered unlawful and therefore cases can be brought against those who commit an offence against you or your property.


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Alfie Evans is the property of Kate James and she has the right under common law to take Alder Hey hospital and it’s staff to a small claims court here she would win her case without interference from the courts her son’s life has been in the hands of. The word property is vital here this is the language of law but I am making it easy for you to understand it.

Legal courts are in place to make money on the back of policies, this is why we see policy officers otherwise known as police officers. These people are public servants and are here to work for us, not against us. Law holds more power than legality and this is what should be used to obtain full lawful access to Alfie Evans. The only place we can achieve that is in a common law court not a legal commercial profit making courts.

Kate James needs to summons the NHS and Alder Hey to a common law court by doing this:

I Woman claim I was robbed of my property. See exhibit A.

I demand the immediate return of my property

Fair Warning letter

  1. I woman give no entity known as the NHS to administrate my property.
  2. I say that exhibit A is my property.
  3. No man or woman will make a claim in open court saying my claim is untrue.
  4. I want my property returned to me imminently.
  5. Said property is to be totally under my control within 21 days.
  6. I will charge the wrongful holder of said property £1 per second that said property is not returned., starting on the 22nd day after they receive this summons. (see attached claim)


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