Alfie Evans Brain Functionality Alder Hey Narrative Slammed In Analysis

A series of hard hitting Facebook posts from Gidget Chairmaine Quilter, from Utah, a Save Alfie Evans campaigner has blown emphatic holes in the official story regarding the brain functionality of the toddler who Alder Hey children’s hospital want to switch of life support ventilation despite him being undiagnosed.

Gidget has cast a superb medical analysis of Alfie’s current state of health placing Alder Hey firmly in the firing line of the information she provided to the public in a very detailed summary of the Human Brain and how it operates even the smallest of every day abilities you would take for granted as being just normal, yes and that is exactly what Alfie’s brain is showing signs of. He is functioning on various levels. Gidget’s response to a video posted by Sarah Evans, Alfie’s Auntie, showing Alfie putting on weight whilst asking the question why do Alder Hey insist his brain is not working?

Giget provided the family with a brilliant response which reads as follows:

This is From Alfie Auntie Sarah …I agree with her fully!

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For those of you that are trying to claim little Alfie Evan’s is brain dead or without brain function essential to life. Let’s look at the complexities of the brain, let’s look at its functions and then let that be your determining factor on Tom and Kate’s fight. It’s such a bogus fabrication that this baby has no brain function. I will post the parts of the brain and its function.

The medulla oblongata controls lungs, heart and blood pressure, it also contains the reflex center involved in vomiting, coughing, sneezing and swallowing. As we can all see in Alfie, this part of his brain is functioning, for those in doubt it was also documented in court, that the doctors have witnessed these actions and stated they are reflexes. What they failed to mention is that this part of the brain is still keeping his heart healthy. His blood pressure is normal and aside from the ventilation interfering with his lungs, the brain is keeping his lungs working.

Onto the pons, this part of the brain functions as a bridge between different parts of the brain, needed to send messages. It also controls sleep, consciousness, breathing, bladder control, hearing, equilibrium, taste swallowing, eye movement, and the secretion of saliva and tears. Now the doctors claim that this part of the brain must be destroyed as he has no hearing. Now if that’s the true case, why does his bladder still function, as this part controls both hearing and bladder?

Alfie doesn’t have a catheter which means his brain is still able to send messages to his bladder, also it controls eye movement. We can all see Alfie has many pictures and videos of his eyes open. He is still producing saliva, again a function of this part of the brain. Which leads me to believe that he can still hear another function of this brain part. The mid brain works together with medulla and pons, and build the brain stem, this consists of many parts and functions. The tectum, controls eye movement, auditory and visual reflexes and processing.

The tegmentum controls reflexes, the cerebral peduncles influence voluntary motor functions. The substantia negra produces dopamine. The cerebellum controls the movement, balance and motor learning. The thalamus is the relay between the cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain, it is responsible for all senses, except smell and the neurons send the messages further into the brain to be processed. The hypothalamus controls the body’s emotions, thirst, hunger and the bodys wake/sleep cycle. The crazy thing is it also controls the nervous system that controls the body’s inner organs. It controls the pituitary gland, which controls the hormones in the body, thyroid, growth and four others. That part of Alfies brain is still also functioning as he hasn’t had organ failure and hes growing like a leaf.

Now that means the lower brain is working, the midbrain is working which leaves the cerebrum and the diencephalon which build the forebrain, the cerbrum is the largest part of the brain. It consists of cerebral cortex, which has two hemispheres the right and left. The cortex is divided into four lobes, the frontal, the parietal, the occipital, and the temporal. These parts of the brain are almost impossible to determine if they are completely damaged while Alfie is sleeping., This is because it controls the higher functions of the brain, speech, attention, reasoning, language etc.

Although the doctors have determined at least the temporal lobe must not be working as he cant feel the touch of his parents, that only the parents are aware. Yet they then contradict and say they aren’t sure if he can feel pain, same part of the brain controls both of these.

Deep within the cerebrum is the limbic system which is the amygdala, and hippocampus, these two parts control, emotions and memory. Again cant determine if they are functioning given Alfies age and sleep. So out of the five main parts of the brain cerebrum, cerebellum, limbic system, brain stem, and pituitary gland, only one can be called into question if it is truly functioning and that’s the cerebrum. So why would it be okay to cut off life support, when the brain is still functioning? The only thing Alfie seems to need help with is oxygen.

People can call it whatever they want, call it reflexes, but let me tell you something if his brain wasn’t functioning, after a year and a half of oxygen, his other organs would be failing, his body temperature would be failing, he wouldn’t be growing. He wouldn’t be able to remove waste, he wouldn’t open his eyes, his body would fail. Alfies brain is what has kept him alive this whole time. Oxygen doesn’t keep your body alive, alone without the brains functions. A image cannot determine the complexities of a brain. I feel that with as much of his brain that is still alive and viable, that with the proper weaning, of medication and oxygen, Alfie will indeed wake up, even if his lungs are damaged from the amount of time he has been intubated, and he does become oxygen dependent,


Gidget has posted great information and called for american’s to stop travelling to England for our discrimination of disabled people. She has had the subject raised on a US Talk radio show hosted by Glenn Beck with 50 million listeners.


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