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Having been approached by impostors who Infiltrate Alfie’s Army and incite trouble, they demanded I stopped my live stream and falsely claimed there was a ban on all public photos, videos and live streams at today’s procession. These are from a network of people who have caused every flash point or scenes of trouble at Alder Hey and now outside Goodison Park on the day of the funeral or over the past few weeks. I was hounded by people from all angles as they grouped around me to stop my stream for no other reason than I was speaking about the infiltration and I have named people who are part of the agenda.

I was then attacked although I’m safe I got away from about 10 men and a van as well as a car. They all chased me for about a mile and a half after trying to snatch my phone from me and surround me. I had vans speeding up to get ahead of me before stopping to let people out to chase me. I then had to outrun these people who wanted to leave me for dead.

In the footage from the procession you first hear any mention of a Live streaming ban when a small woman ran over telling me to cut my feed. You will recognise her from the protests outside the hospital.

The screenshot above is taken from the Daily Telegraph video on YouTube it shows the moments after the hospital was allegedly stormed. When you look at it you will see the reaction from most of the people is not hostile and they are looking around as if to say what’s going on before walking away. In the middle of all the commotion you cam see and hear our friend little miss mouth almighty herself making most of the noise and causing a scene which the more you look at it becomes clear this was another staged flare up from these clowns and I bet some one will remember it being one of these people who started it. I can not comment on this as I was around the back assisting Sarah Evans with her attempts to envoke common law jurisdiction over Alder Hey Hospital. Here  is the footage but watch how the same people trying to ban me from gathering any more info via live feeds are the same ones at the centre of every incident.

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This is madness because there was a woman live streaming up at the procession  with pink hair called Anoushka Becardi Late Higgs who was always outside the hospital too. She is married to Stephen Higgs who is one of the main men who chased me. She was driving the car that came after me. Her husband Stephen Higgs is in the Liverpool Echo £5m drug operation runner and his mum who messaged me to say get her son’s picture off my post saying its a personal picture. It was a screen shot from him being in my face taken from my footage but anyway Stephen’s mum Flo Higgs works for the NHS and another Higgs called Gillian who has also messaged me has worked for a company called Evans Vaccines making vaccines and they have a deal with Alder Hey I can’t make this up.

I have put this information here as I am not pressing charges for being chased but if any harm comes to me then this is their motive and you can all see it will be them. I have many friends including private investigators and brilliant researchers working on this with me and copies of the information have been made and sent to over 100 people and alternative news establishments in the UK and United States. I have taken these steps to protect myself and to tell the people who chased me and who have been messaging me that they are being monitored but no charges are being made but the right people and police are fully aware of who you are and a lot of connections have been documented also so if you continue this then thousands of people already know it is you.

Stephen Higgs Profile (chased me)

Stephen Higgs £5m drug operation report

Anoushka Becardi Late Higgs Profile She Drove Car That Chased Me And Had People In to Get Me She Was Also Live Streaming.

Flo Higgs Profile (has messaged me)

Gillian Higgs Messaged Me She Worked At Evans Making Vaccines For Seriquis

Seriquis Evans Vaccines & Alder Hey Connection

ECHO REPORT: Flu vaccine maker Seqirus to invest £22.1m in South Liverpool factory


Company number 03970089


Evans Vaccines (Powerject), plant now owned by Chiron


Jake Higgs Profile (has messaged me)

I have been talking to Alfie’s Army admins and no announcement was made regarding live streaming being a problem. There was other live streams including The Liverpool Echo. It is confirmed that I was clear to stream by my friends on Alfie’s Army official page admin team. There was no Live Stream Ban. The whole UK press was there as was Polish press along with members of the public with hundreds of phones up in the air as the cars went past. I was denied my footage at that point as members of the public bought into the lie and the crowd began to turn on me after they had been manipulated into thinking I was the bad person.

I have covered a lot of the story over recent weeks as part of my independent journalism. I knew I was okay to stream. I was then set up on by a gang of Alfie’s Animals, them people was not Alfie’s Army. I am ok I got away unharmed but it was close because I am fast and no one managed to get hold of me. The funeral procession was ruined for myself by an attempt to stop me live streaming yet it was a huge public place with around 2000 phones but I was chased why why why?

This happened the second I seen Francesca Pesce Huges and she was upset I said are you ok then these men all pounced on me and chased me. They grouped around me one second after I seen Francesca who it is said had been seen collecting money at the procession yet Alfie’s family HAVE asked for no members of the public to take it on them selves and collect money in the name of Alfie. If anyone should be questioned on morality today it is Francesca and what seems to be a group of men who seemed to be protecting her. They would have booted me everywhere if any of them got hold of me as I had run from Goodison Park to the Mons pub and in the last minutes they had people catching me up and getting in the car and van that pulled up again to get them in to catch me. They was just a hundred yards away, I never had much energy.

This is not to the genuine members or dearest and most affected but Alfie’s Army must be the most infiltrated and planted up to the eye balls cause on earth by now god sake who is Alfie’s Army anyway?

I get it we all are but I seen crisis actors in Alfie’s Army we all did look at carers with competence, UK Shadow Hunters, I had to tell him to leave the city after he was inviting everyone to the hospital in a non-Liverpool accent whilst saying “this is not a sting”, yeah right, of course it’s not. That was the moment I knew this whole protest was being orchestrated. Then when I was up there myself I watched plants like Sophie Butterfield and her friend Lucy who ran around using crowd control tactics. You may remember them telling all men to stand on the left and ladies and children to the right so they could stage a photo opportunity after bad press regarding the crowd. What was she playing at? I watched her messing around all week that one instigating emotions for the cameras the little fraud.

These emotional actors and agenda pushers were all over Alfie’s Army when I was there and they played quite a roll in the emotional control which was projected upon people caught in the ordeal both at the hospital and here on social media. The Gov used Facebook and other online platforms as this is the best place for them to reach their target audience who were females from id say the age of 14 – 38.

It was by attacking the emotions of those social groups via these platforms that the event was then able to become a global news story. How many females in that age group watch the news? No one really, so they made sure they was in every palm and at every fingertip, in front of every set of eyes and on every set of lips.

News crews arrived just as they always do with crisis actors never far away just that the press were not reporting on anything really just waiting for Sophie Butter Field and a girl named Lucy along with Alfie’s Animals to incite another wave of emotion for the crowd to ride so the photographers could capture the moment allowing news outlets to print more staged bullshit. It was nothing but one sided government sided vomit.

Who was the woman I had to tell to shut up with the dog shouting he’s going to Romeeeee after someone made a statement and that’s not what anyone said? She was out-of-order too they all looked suspect to me, little sections of Alfie’s Army who only stayed together but had a sneaky grey cloud over their heads. Why was so many treasonous people taking up that percentage of the crowd?

I don’t even see that many of the general public involved you could see when more of the public was there as the crowd would swell. if not you was left with truly upset well wishers then a gang of shit stirring crisis actors who are used to shape events as part of an agenda. They will be government funded and will operate in hope of not being noticed but come on if no one can see this and I really am the only one who could then I have got a lot to show everyone but one other thing cult members who was there then yes I seen you too.

I’m gutted I never saw this hospital get stormed as I was round the back then with Sarah. I can guarantee it will have been one of the same planted Alfie’s Army infiltrators who started that too. There was never overly that many people there. On the weekends yes or after office hours. Why did we have people acting at a crisis, messing around? Swaying opinions and emotions if not starting rumours? There was then the press ???? Says it all.

So these scheming groups had about 15 of them in all and now this Franny Pesce who is another performer, actor, occultist, Whore of Babylon wannabe shows as up the voice of Alfie’s Law. I will tell ya what right now Blink Publishing will get the book releases there is no two ways about that. I could go on all week. The Pope, Kenwright, rituals, emotional corruption, lies where does it end?

The government have ruled on Alfie let’s get this right and Alfie’s Law wont benefit anyone but them. I told the truth when I said ALFIE’S LAW COMING SOOOOOOOON weeks ago and now we have Jack Duckworth with a wig on running round laying Owls in magic circles banging on About #AlfiesLaw as if it wasn’t all planed wayyyyyyy in advance. I’ll tell ya what these people have been taking you for granted and getting away with it for a lot longer than this law changing event, Where have we seen one of them before????

James Bulger..

Age a child can be prosecuted lowered.


Snowdrop UK gun law change.


Terraces replaced by safe seating in stadiums as SKY subscriptions take centre stage and the great dumbing down Extravaganza via the sky hype department begins.

If these nut cases in charge of our country want new laws they put friends in place at every level like Hayden and organise an event to fit the agenda. #PRS = create a problem, followed by the reaction, before wading in with a solution and in Alfie’s case they have Alfie’s Law to be a mental sugar-coated comfort pill to the heartstrings of the masses in another show of emotional regulation but really it was their idea all along. We can’t just say Alfie’s Law and it just happens or I’d be making new laws up every 5 minutes. The way the whole thing has been manipulated is a living disgrace.

More confusion followed added to the thought and perception that Alfie was in a really bad way when what really happened was they lied. He would be dead within three minutes of the ventilation being removed? What a load of shit that turned out to be.

Tom was NOT gagged he has no gagging order if anyone put 2+2 together you’d see a hospital can not issue gagging orders and Thomas was at the hospital all that day when he read the final statement and told the protest to go and leave Alfie in peace And comfort whilst providing the family dignity on what proved to be Alfie’s last hours with us before he sadly died.

The statement finished with the word ENDS.

Tom went back inside and Alfie passed hours later.

The big question you will be wanting me to answer now is WHY WHY WHY WHY has all this happened???

I may well have undisclosed possibilities regarding what may have been happening to Alfie but I’m still awaiting the passing of the funeral and grieving period as well as facts so please understand it is difficult to supply all avenues of information.

I have two words for you NAYLOR REPORT and I want you to line what I am saying up to that. What is it? The Tories have been selling off public funded NHS assets in a move which seems to me as if they are openly preparing for the fall of the National Health Service.

I told everyone the day I jumped on the story, it has been part of the plan to topple the NHS. I was not born yesterday and it takes us back to problem, reaction, solution as we listen to Tom fall right into the trap which has been set and instead of us all being angry like arrrgghhhh fuck the NHS, we would all now agree we don’t like it and they can push through the privatisation of the medical services in the UK and Alfie’s law will be pushed through also and again it has all been by design. I told you all weeks ago.

Tom Evans “I will take down this NHS” and I thought I know you will, that is exactly what they want you to do..



Here is Francesca Pesce Huges she  is close to my attackers at the procession but not directly next to them and Anoushka was up by where I was filming.

Francesca Pesce Hughes




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The image above (zoom in) shows Francesca saying to someone that she “believes she is Satan so she will not tell the truth anyway”. This lines right up with me saying she has been operating in an occult manner all along and that is the first thing I noticed about her and reported on her bringing witchcraft to Alfie’s vigils and have done since she read her poems for the first time after the balloon release. The video below is one of my reports from before the funeral procession. They had it removed from YouTube.


Francesca was as Stephen’s nieces birthday party

Stephen is from the Wirral which is where Francesca lives.

This is the man you hear telling me he lost a child and had to bury his son. He was also saying no Live Facebook Streams or videos and pictures were allowed. I have a feeling he worked for press as I recognise his face, people have said he is the man who said his son had died and he was hospital security as he was recorded by the same people we have discussed. I know this because they leaked the video to me but I never took the bait at the time and it was not me thst published it. Was that also staged, or an attempt to set me up earlier than the procession, or both? People have been contacting me to say they remember his voice and story from outside the hospital during the protests but they say voice because his face was not seen on that video.

The man below is who comes to me on his own but I do have pictures of him with the men who confronted me. In my live stream you hear telling me he is with Alfie’s Army and I am to stop streaming. he was walking with one crutch.

I was at Alder Hey trying to save Alfie the night before he died. THIS is footage I did not publish for two weeks until i seen the Roman Catholic Priest we was negotiating with was banned from the funeral and booted out of his Westminster church and sent home to Italy. We never got to do what we was there to do but this footage is from that night.  lot of people will remember I never got home until twenty past one in the morning.

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