Amesbury Junkie Witness Or Potential Actor Ruins The Script As Story Falls Apart And

Skripal Story Becomes A Guinea Pig Circus

Two guinea pigs found dead at the home of poisoned spy Sergei Skripal and key witness in Amesbury poisoning seems to make the story fall apart.

A cat was also found in a distressed state at the house in Christie Miller road. The cat – which was extremely malnourished by the time it was found – was examined at Porton Down before being put down.

Plus neighbour, Sam Hobson, a key witness states he saw Dawn being taken out of the flat by men in hamza suits at around 11 am on Saturday morning.

He then says he spoke to Charlie Rowley at the same time and Charlie told him Dawn had been complaining of a headache and went to get a shower, she then fell to the floor and Charlie heard the bang and found dawn with foam coming from her mouth.

Sam Hobson Bullshit Artist Or Confused Junkie
Sam Hobson messes up the whole story with this version of events which can only mean someone is lying….. Or thick as they come…..

He then says that is when he began sweating and is quoted by the neighbour as saying he felt like “he had been poisoned”.

This was as his girlfriend was being taken away by chemical attack ready emergency services.

For what ever reason unbeknown to me, Charlie then fails to tell all the paramedics he feels like he has been poisoned and is sweating.

He let’s them all pack up and take Dawn to hospital and amazingly Charlie stays at home.

He does not travel with his stricken girlfriend, why?

We are then told around 4 hours later at 15:30 by the same neighbour during his same interview with Media Outlets that he watched Charlie being taken out again by men in hamza suits.

Stupid Mirror Report: Rowley Acted Like Zombie

This means Charlie has at this point survived a military-grade chemical weapons poisoning for 4 hours untreated and all the ambulances had to come back for him after he totally forgot to mention his illness which was not attacking his nervous system, shutting down his breathing or causing fits at the time he first said he felt ill hours before being described in the Mirror as acting like a zombie when he was finally put on a stretcher and taken to hospital.

Amesbury Zombie

This seems to be the most unbelievable thing I have heard all year and once again it is the initial wave of bs artists who the news place in our line of sight during these outlandish government-funded fiasco situations.

Is this a joke? I think so….

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