Vile Truth About Unicorns – Adrenochrome – Satanic Ritual Abuse Occult Symbols Exposed

Unicorns have everything a child’s imagination can feed off, they hold mystery, are magical and they often come with a visually unique beauty that is enticing to the eye so why have I grown to suddenly hate the sight of these so-called amazing objects of desire for every parent to have for their kids at the moment and what did I see during an everyday visit to home bargains? This footage was filmed less than a week after I was in another shop and a woman come charging into the…

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This May Not Be CCTV Footage Of Charlie Rowley – Novichok Actor?

Not sure what to make of this….. Questions 1) Why does he do all he can to keep his face off camera? 2) Why does the shop keeper give him so much advice on buying 4 cans of Strongbow? 3) Does it actually look like Charlie Rowley? (see Image In Comments) 4) We see the shop keeper speaking to Charlie but we hear no voices, a second later we see Charlie bang his head on the nuts and the packaging makes a sound, why could we not hear any voices?…

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