People in England are reporting they are seeing what is thought to be temporary morgues being placed around the country.

UK Gov’t Plan For Civil Unrest – No Deal Brexit – Temporary Morgues Placed Around UK? – Martial Law?

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Police could be forced to call on military amid fears no-deal Brexit could spark riots, leaked report says. New disturbing narritive comes weeks after Enchanted LifePath article about temporary morgues being placed around UK linked no No-Deal Brexit.

World In 2019: A Year Of Bad Omens – Brexit 88th Day – Rise Up

Members of the public are asking what is going on after becoming aware of mobile temporary morgues full of body bags which they describe as being “strategically placed” around the UK.

A spooky post on social media platform, Facebook raised eyebrows after a trucker explained how he and a colleague had delivered two of the mystery containers each to an old R.A.F base in Norfolk.

The trucker said: “Hi folks, what are your thoughts on this?

“I’m a trucker and on Wednesday myself and another truck picked up two refrigerated containers each.

“We took them to an old RAF base in Norfolk.

“Many more of these units are being strategically placed all over the country”.

The chilling claims hold similarities to a mystery in America which baffled truth seekers around the world over recent years after the government began purchasing millions of huge plastic coffins big enough to hold up to forty bodies.

FEMA Camp Coffins Investigated – USA 2008 (Video)

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The trucker added: “They are temporary morgues.

“I know because I asked.

“They said they can not tell me why.

“They was loaded with body bags, strange or what? I said is it in case Brexit is not covered? Lol”.

Another person also posted on Facebook to ask if anyone knew anything of the morgues and body bags with confusion still surrounding the containers.

An 2017 article from Kent Online shows how the NHS planned to draft in a mobile morgue during last years winter in a bid to lower the pressure on the local mortuary after an expected rise in deaths.

A Nottingham based company called LEEC provide solutions for situations where temporary facilities are required and mobile morgues is something they specialise in.

their website claims they offer a series of portable buildings providing body storage, post mortem rooms, changing areas, viewing and office accommodation.

They also provide temporary refrigerated body stores both large and small scale.

The containers also have a 40 body capacity and are available for fast dispatch around the UK, although it is not yet known if LEEC have any contracts with the British government the operation, if true, does seem FEMA-esque.

The mystery does add fuel to recent rumours regarding the opening of FEMA like camps here in Britain.

FEMA camps are detention centres which have a concentration camp feel to them.

They have created a stir in the truth community over the years after the U.S government swiftly closed Walmart stores before surrounding them in barb wire and they were used to store military equipment in a nationwide drill which went under the code name Operation Jade Helm.

The official statement used was the stores were closed for plumbing.

People have raised fears over the camps with reports about the homeless being rounded up and taken to these Orwellian complexes which are also said to of been built in preparation for an upcoming global disaster with Yellowstone and the San Andreas Fault remaining a worry as well as world peace with rumours of wars escalating each year.

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A forum discussion on the topic shows people explaining how they have spoken to a local councillor who had told them that the RAF are turning old bases into FEMA like camps here in the UK.

Temporary Morgues

Videos on YouTube shows a concerned group of people gathered at what they allege is a FEMA camp here in England.

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Another worrying article published here in the UK shows how a North West HMP prison is about to be converted into an immigration detention centre in what seems to be very-much-like those that are causing controversy in the States at the minute.

Temporary Morgues

Is something sinister taking place in the UK after reports earlier in 2018 that over 10.000 more deaths took place in Britain during the opening weeks of the year and nobody could explain why, as highlighted in an article from The Telegraph.

A government authority called Human Tissue Authority, The regulator for human tissue and organs have information on their website about temporary body storage in the event of a pandemic outbreak resulting in mass fatalities.

The HTA has worked with the Home Office and others to develop a system for the provision of a licence in the event of a mass fatality incident resulting in the need for an emergency temporary mortuary.

Other reports from BBC News show us how RAF airbases are being sold off before 2040.

What do you think about the possibility of having FEMA camps and mobile morgues filled with body bags being placed around Britain?

What reasons would you think the government would be doing this?

Is war imminent? Is Yellowstone a worry to world leaders with the uptick in events at the under threat super-volcano?

Is a virus outbreak about to take place or is the reported sightings of death containers just speculation?

The term “wait and see” comes to mind.

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