Summer Fires Direct Energy Weapons BREAKING NEWS 

Summer Fires 2018 Laser & Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) Agenda 21 5G Kill Grid

The cloak and dagger way in which they promote this technology to you is quite literally from the mindset of the salesman for the devil. 5g is a kill grid and it will bring about a rapid demise in humanity. By design of course. They tell us we need faster Netflix but do they tell us of the severe dangers we face as this 5g beast system is being rolled out in test cities around the world including right here in Liverpool. Truth be told 5G is a microwave oven…

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Paul Walker Had Relationships With Underage Girls

Paul Walker Had More Than One Relationship With Underage Girls In Statutory Rape Horrors Possibility. Paul Walker, best known as Hollywood hit fast & Furious star, had engaged in relationships with more than one underage girl as more Hollywood paedophilia issues are raised with child abuse reports in the entertainment industry reaching fever-pitch. Walker who rose to fame for his roles in Fast & Furious movies as well as Running Scared, had been in a relationship with a friend of his teenage daughter Meadow Walker. Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell began dating Paul…

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Cocky Rabbi Slips MI5 To Tell Nervous Queen “Be Well/F**k You” In Security Scare

The Queen Looks Nervous As Rabbi Gets Over Confident Footage from the Queen’s trip to Manchester Royal hospital to meet NHS staff and victims from the alleged May, 22, Manchester Arena bombing. During the clip you see a man speak to the Queen in a way in which you have never seen anyone talk to her. He leans towards Queen Elizabeth 2nd with arrogance and tells her to “be well”. Be well is also defined as meaning f**k you, blow me, evaporate. Was this a slight lapse in concentration from…

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