Katrice Lee Search Takes Strange Twist As Merseyside Actress Claims To Be Missing Toddler

A Wirral based actress is caught in the eye of a storm involving missing person Katrice Lee who was taken from a supermarket at a German army barracks in 1981, aged two.

The Lee family have been left shaken and upset after a Facebook account in the name of Katrice which also used photographs sent a friend request to Natasha Lee, the sister of Katrice.

Natasha took a screenshot before showing members of the group Search For Katrice Lee who responded in disbelief.

Royal Military Police have asked Heidi Robinson, 39, for DNA sample after a Facebook account in her name was changed to the identity of the toddler who has not been seen for 37 years.

The father of Katrice Lee has been left angry and frustrated by Heidi Robinson’s refusal to engage in dialogue with authorities, give a DNA sample, attempt to clear her name, or apologise to the family if it was her who impersonated his missing daughter.

Richard Lee, Hartlepool, spoke to Enchanted LifePath at length and told how he has lodged a compliant at his local police station after RMP ran into difficulties in dealing with the situation due to Heidi Robinson’s civilian status.

Richard, who also campaigns for the safe return of all missing people said:  “The complaint has been lodged with Hartlepool police, they did scratch their head at the fact RMP are in contact with police in Liverpool.

“The RMP informed me she (Heidi) refused to give DNA and will not engage with the authorities.

“I will take this as far as I can, I will not allow this individual to move on to another victim”.

When asked if he thought there was any chance that Heidi Robinson could be Katrice Richard added: “I think she is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame on the back of my daughters tragedy.

“Publicity is what she wants, I believe I will get answers to where katrice is but my gut tells me this is not her”.

Katrice Lee, Heidi Robinson

Richard has also acted swiftly to seek what he describes as Justice not revenge for the actions of the person behind the Facebook and spoke to a local MP who is not happy with the situation and how RMP have dealt with it which is also a concern for Mr. Lee.

Support for the Lee family continues to grow and the MP is believed to be ready to contact Royal military Police to let them know that he feels they have let the family down.

Richard Lee said: “He is also sending a letter to Merseyside police to express his concerns. he will also be pointing out a law has been broken.

“There is a case to answer and he feels the individuals attempts to remove the Facebook page will not mask over the offence and not investigating it will be seen as lazy policing.

“I have been contacted by Cleveland Police regarding my case and it has also been in the Portsmouth Echo.

“I have also been told by my MP that he is to meet with the new police commissioner of the Northeast and he wants me to be at that meeting where he will raise the issue”.

The search for the then missing tot, who would be 39 years old now, is headed by Operation Bute and was rekindled this year as Royal Military Police carried out extensive searches of an area of land in Paderborn, Germany, as part of the investigation.The Lee family are disturbed by the Facebook profile which has been set up over an original account belonging to Wirral actress Heidi Robinson who has an actress profile on Star Now as well as Spotlight acting databases.

Despite growing public awareness and a possible investigation for harassment, Heidi Robinson took just under a week to comment on her name being linked to Katrice Lee in such a heart breaking way.

Although she has not responded to the Lee family directly it is understood Heidi was attacked by an ex girlfriend who has since been jailed and it was wondered if Heidi’s account may of been hacked by someone in relation to that case.

Heidi Robinson is hopeful of becoming Miss British Isles 2018, after entering the competition despite having low confidence since her attacker used a shard of glass to permanently scar the would be actress turned middle-aged model.

The father of Katrice and Natasha Lee spoke expressed his strong belief that his daughter is still alive.

Richard Lee said: “My main forte is that l fight for a level playing field for all missing cases.

“I have a meeting with the secretary of state on the 12th of September with my MP and this topic will be mentioned”.

Mr Lee also spoke out agaisnt the Heidi Robinson account and how the profile being in the name of Katrice Lee has taken attention away from important issues.

“At the end of the day, she is pulling resources away from our ongoing battle to find Katrice”.

Natasha Lee has also spoken to press about the ordeal she has been out through by the heidi Robinson account.

Natasha who was seven when her sister vanished told The News, Portsmouth, reporter Ben Fishwick,  how she felt sick by the social media profile.

Natasha Lee Katrice Lee

Within hours of this Enchanted LifePath publication, both of Heidi Robinson’s Facebook accounts had been fully shut down.

The closures seemed as though they were a result of the large amount of complaints her pages received from members of The Search For Katrice Lee Group.

It is now known that Heidi herself terminated both accounts as they returned 24 hours later.

In a move that added more stress to the Lee family, Heidi then posted more pictures on the profile and began to state that she thinks she is actually katrice Lee.

Heidi then activated her account and admitted she changed the profile to Katrice Lee as she replied to friends who felt concerned by her posts and asked her if she has looked for advice or contacted Operation Bute to give a DNA sample.

Heidi said: “Listen I wouldn’t think this willy nilly!

“Anyone who knows me knows I would not put this in my name if I did not think it was true”

She continued by offering justification of her actions by stating she has at least raised awareness of a story involving missing Argentianian children who were taken in the 1970’s and placed with people who resembled their parents.

This line adds some self doubt that she is Katrice and if she is not fully sure then the subject should not be turned into an awareness campaign regarding other cases whilst draining the Lee family.

Richard Lee remains strong in his stance that Heidi is doing this for publicity.

Heidi has since added more photographs to her page as she went fully public with her beliefs that she has been missing for 37 years.

Anyone who thinks they could be Katrice Lee or any missing person can take the correct route and contact Operation Bute to provide a DNA sample which will be checked against an Interpol database.

You would not be hurting anyone by doing things the right way.


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