Westminster Terror Hoax – Removing Barriers Between Truth & Agenda – The Money Trail Exposed – IOT & 5G Connections – Product Placement, Crisis Actors And Lie Witnesses.

Let me get straight to the point then take it from there. The events we seen play out in Westminster was not a terror attack. When we observe the situation and witness statements we see it is a load of baloney. Why did they pull such a stunt and hoax yet another terror scenario?

It was a drill between the emergency services and media who worked inline with the government in a test of the so-called ring of steel which has been placed around parliament and will be expanded. They will also pedestrianse the area meaning no cars can enter.

Here is as report from ITV News, one of the bastions of truth here in the United Kingdom. They are tripping over themselves to tell us the test worked and results proved the barrier had stood up to the situation.

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The big show of force was also a display of how fast they could react to an event. This time the police and emergency services responded in about 7 seconds. This was in contrast to seven minutes during one of the last attacks.

Each time we have a staged terror event you can guarantee there will be hundreds of us all over it. Pulling up crisis actors, spotting oddities within seemingly scripted and badly acted out storylines is what we do. You may even find us ripping them apart for the cryptic corkers they always hold too.

Who are we? People with critical thinking and with each hoax more of us awaken to the lies and deception. But as that is all going on within the initial wave of WTF, you can count on a particular friend of ours to look at something for one minute and then go off in her own style and come back with boardroom bombshells.

Terror Hoax

Whilst me and people who follow Enchanted LifePath are counter reporting the news outlets, our friend will be raiding the shirt and tie side of the story. Forensically highlighting companies and key personnel who have financial/contracted interests in the framework of what we are seeing play out on the news. This is where Annie Logical and her excellent intuition come into help add that sweetness to a sweet crimson pie. This came as we had already made a mockery out of national news reports during the latest round of insults to our intelligence from a gang of clowns who have no place in any form of media let alone at the pinnacle of world press.

Take the latest Westminster crash hoax for an in your face example of this. Just hours before the incident took place I had finished editing and then published a video explaining how the fires of summer 2018 had been part of a covert, multi-government operation using military equipment. This combines new technology and the minds of money hungry mad men. Within that video, a section explained how each car related terror attack was what we now define as a 5G related terror attack.

These attacks are part of a top-level agenda to shape global surveillance laws and regulations and use them inline with this new technology. This is where smart cities come into the fold. They are another big motive in the development and the future rollout of automated cars. The cars will be driven by an AI interface which needs the unbelievably hazardous 5G network to operate.

Picture me rolling, in my smart car down the road and I am a wanted criminal. I stop at the lights and a police car pulls up next to me, I glance to my right and before my eyes line back up with my steering wheel my car shuts off. A voice from the smart screen on the dashboard informs me that the vehicle is now locked as I am wanted by police. Vehicle immobilised, person detained. While this happens before I can think, the police have already identified me from the database. It was their smart system automatically shut down the vehicle and alerted the officers to my presence and potential crimes committed.

The police can then log into the onboard smart cameras within my car and talk to me to assess the safety levels to approach me. Police can now safely explain why my car was shut down. I am then arrested and taken for questioning.

That was a pretty straight forward arrest, now picture a terrorist heading towards the house of Parliament. His smart watch monitors his sudden increase in heart-rate and anxiety patterns. He suddenly up his speed and heads towards a designated red zone. This behaviour pattern in this area is seen as a threat to national security.  But we are missing one key point. The terrorist is in an automated smart car.

This means the car would be in motion in-cohesion with other traffic operated by the AI interface which would be linked to GPS and each car on the road would be moving on a life-like version of Google Maps. In other words, he won’t be in control of the car, a computer will. That computer will be linked to the 5G kill grid I spoke of in my article and video which was published just hours before the Westminster crash hoax on August, 14, 2018.

I do suspect the car involved in the hoax may have been remote control driven by the obvious unmarked police cars that are following the vehicle in the BBC released footage which they tell us is an ariel camera? Another small question for now is was this a drone? It may have been a traffic camera but BBC News reporters openly call it an ariel camera?

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For this system to work they need a reason for it to be installed, without a reason there is no need to bulk up security. Without terrorism there is no need to tighten laws and place us into a surveillance based prison planet. This is a classic example of problem, reaction, solution. Meaning they create the problem before controlling the reaction within the media therefore controlling the emotions and minds of the general public. People will then bow down to accept the suggested solution of the need to embed this new technology and security into our society and lives. This is all based on a sequence of lies, a level of deception based agendas which can only be described as spectacular.

What is so spectacular about it is how they have managed to fool almost the whole of the Western world into believing we are involved in an actual war on terror. 17 years after 9/11 I am still to see a real terrorist. Tell-a-lie, I have! They are called politicians and world leaders. It is the politicians of Westminster who benefit most from this latest incident.

But who else benefits? All this technology and equipment must be produced by someone. Companies who are in bed with the government. People with a huge motive behind the events we have seen on the streets of Britain. A total of at least 12 out of the last 15 terror attacks have been proven by independent media to be hoaxes. The conservatives cut police levels right back to give themselves the excuse of needing extra policing via legislation. Theresa May has vowed to rip up human rights laws that impede new terror legislation and those 15 attacks have taken place under Tory leadership. The woman is Margaret Thatcher Y2K18. So who is cashing in and what is the money trail?

This is just one incident so let us follow the paths that this opens up when tracking companies behind the technology we are seeing. This is where Annie Logical stepped in to help me out. I would like to thank Annie personally here because she is not well at the minute and a lot of her head space will be taken up by getting better. I would imagine a high level of worry has been placed on Ann and her family. That is why I want to let you know that this is work from right up her street. She showed me the way now I am going to dig around and present what she has suggested I present to you.

Another thing you can take out of this is the line of thinking. Each new video or article you read on Enchanted is slowly helping you understand how this world really works. It is a basis of how you can research subjects and make it quite fun too.

One of the main points of interest in the fallout of the Westminster crash hoax was the crash barrier which stopped the alleged terrorist outside the Houses of Parliament. Every TV station broadcasting UK news had shown us this barrier and spoken about it all week. So who produces this sought after safety mechanism and do they have any links to 5G and smart cars? Good question? Let’s go.

The barrier was clear product placement advertising in full view of the public and any companies or authorities who would have been interested in the results of the crash. Data such as how the barriers stood up to the impact of a vehicle. This incident was a live advert of the barriers. The companies who produce them will have been inundated with calls and emails from all around the world. Not only people hoping to place orders, but to gather information and congratulate the brains behind the barriers.

The barriers we see outside Westminster were created by a company called Hardstaff Barriers. During a call to Hardstaff’s to ask if the barrier seen in last weeks hoax was a product of theirs? I was told by a spokesperson that they “can’t comment on that”.

If he did not know what I was talking about he would have just said “no-no idea what you mean mate thank you, speak soon”.

Hardstaff Barriers and Highway Care Security Solutions (HCSS) offer their proprietary range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) systems and combined high security fencing.

Westminster Crash Hoax Barriers Hardstaff Barriers

Their website holds lots of information in regards to crash barriers and here is what it reads on a page which mentions a deal they have in place with Sussex Police and the Home Office.

Having formed a long-standing working relationship, Hardstaff Barriers and HCSS formed the Joint Venture organisation H2S2. Working together with Sussex Police, H2S2 are now responsible for the promotion and the supply of the National Barrier Asset (NBA). The NBA is a range of high-security systems owned and managed by Sussex police on behalf of the Home Office. Providing robust HVM measures and security fencing to UK and foreign governmental departments as well as commercial organisations.

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Hardstaff Barriers, as part of H2S2, have been awarded the contract by Sussex police to deploy the NBA. Our partnership with the Sussex police force gives the NBA a wealth of experience specifically with HVM and security at major events, you can be assured that you will get an open, honest and professional service. The NBA will only be deployed as part of an overall holistic security plan, using the most appropriate assets to ensure maximum protection. All products have been tested to PAS68 standards and where applicable have been subjected to the UK developing “Mob” attached standards.

YouTube player

The video above is quite telling, it not only shows crash barriers being tested. It also shows remote-controlled cars crashing into the barriers at very high speeds, they are being steered also. These cars are unmanned, driverless vehicles. Add this technology to the 5G kill grid and smart cars/cities I spoke of earlier and we have a bigger picture emerging.

Watch the videos on the post and see what I am saying for yourself, it makes more sense than what the useless mainstream media reporters are telling us, and showing us for that matter.

Dave Todd is the director at Hardstaff Barriers which is part of Hill and Smith PLC. Hill and Smith are also a part of HS Holdings the company boast to being a globally organised group who have leading positions in the niche markets of infrastructure products and galvanising services. They are diversified over different geographies with a focus on service, margins and innovative product development. HS PLC have 29 subsidiaries and 60 sites in 7 countries. They also own CA Traffic Limited, a traffic data collection business.

One of the main underlying themes of this article is data collection. One of the main aspects of the Westminster hoax which was staged by actors, stunt men and media moguls was the cyclists. So the question now is, how did they combine data grab technology and cyclists into this event?

Dave Todd is also linked to smart motorways, he has connections to CA Traffic as they are owned by Hill and Smith PLC.

CA Traffic Limited produce an item called Black Cat Radar Cycle Detection.

CA Traffic’s website tells us what the Black cat Radar does. The Black CAT Cycle Radar allows for the collection of cycle data without the need for in-ground sensors. This newly developed radar product has been designed for dedicated cycle paths and can accurately collect volumetric cycle data.

The image above shows the cyclists who are alleged to have been ran over by the car which was being driven by a reported terrorist. Was this another form of data collection tests being ran at what seems to be a staged drill?

Westminster Terror Crash Hoax Black CAT Technology

I noticed all the bikes which the suspected crisis actors used all look pretty new, like handouts. It is a possibility.

Westminster Bikes Crash Hoax

The footage from the day gave away a lot of clues and within hours of the story breaking I had counter reported the living daylights out of it. The mainstream narrative was falling flat on its face fast as other people also took to exposing the blatant lies being broadcast live on international television. When going over it all frame by frame, the footage from the BBC Camera located on Royal HaskoningDHV building played its part.

One of the key points the news failed to mention during the initial televised coverage was how the stars all aligned and fell perfectly into place the night before so this could all happen as it did. I am being sarcastic of course but by this I mean how we had reporters all over that exact pavement although Westminster was closed. We had a reported terrorist who had travelled from Birmingham before driving around London from midnight until his 07:37am dangerous driving incident. Every news outlet and journalist failed to mention the visual fact that we also had a convoy of emergency vehicles blocking the road behind the car before the event. They clearly follow and interact with the make-believe terror fiesta.

As mentioned in the video above, police had to deny they were driving the silver van which was tailing the crash car. This was a strange denial as reports only picked up on the van after it was pointed out by independent researchers and just general people who did not believe the lies. The language used was Mystery Van, this van was that much of a mystery to counter terrorism teams that the denials came direct from Scotland Yard.

Westminster Hoax Crash Mystery van not police?

I instantly posed the question that if this van was such a brain boggling factor in the story then why was it parked up just yards away from the crash car and highly secured Houses of Parliament all day? It was right there in all the overhead news footage and countless photograph opportunities. Any footage of the mystery van has its number plate blurred out yet they leave the terror cars for all to see? They said it was to jog (fake) memories people may have had implanted into them by these (fake) reports.

Having found huge holes in every aspect of this fiasco we then had to have some fun with the plants and actors. These clowns are now being called Lie Witnesses as they are proven front line trained liars with media connections. More people are not listening to such let downs.

Take this lot for example, we will start with Lauren Clarke then lead on from there.The video below Donavan Parsons shows Lauren Clarke telling Channel 5 News all about what she seen as events unfolded. Key point being CH5 News, who she is a producer for. These news outlets not only have their own reporters in place at these hoaxes, they also have their own staff acting as witnesses. This is a national disgrace and if it is not staff it is crisis actors. These people all get paid. How much alone did this drill cost the tax payer? How much do these people get paid to stay silent? What is their reward for their treasonous actions?

Donavon Parsons who was also on the scene as a witness. Donavon is also a GMTV cameraman, he spoke to GMTV giving his version of events. I have struggled to find any civilian witnesses. These people were all in place and filming before the police even arrived which was around 5 seconds later.

Other people of notte include Vincent McAviney who was another reporter on set right away. He already has a reputation for being an on scene reporter at staged events as well as having clearance to be behind perimeters during lockdown protocols. Vincent was again on the scene of the crime as the car crashed into the barrier. It is his footage where we see the crisis actor cyclists and one sits down after being reminded by his friend who tapped him on the shoulder.

Below is when he was at another London terror attack hoax last year. This time Vincent was at a knife attack outside Buckingham Palace. He was also behind the protective cordoned off area. A man who has seriously high awareness of global news events that are about to take place. His spider senses must tingle his head off at times.

This little media clown goes to London. This little media clown finds terror. This little media clown went me, me, me all the way home after conning the masses.

Vincent McAviney Westminster Hoax Crash Reporter

In the video below, I point out how the suspect was taken away by police twice. The footage shows him being walked forwards by police in one take then backward in another. How and why and what on earth led to this being done twice? A film set? It looks like it to me.

All of this is connected to 5G testing as I have stated many times as well as Annie Logical who made the connection. This is all shaping us towards a world which is governed by the internet of things.

The phrase IoT or the Internet of Things was coined by Ex Director of the CIA, appointed by Obama. Retired US Army General responsible for all operations in Iraq, Afghan, Syria etc David Petaeus. He is reported to have created a strategy to influence Military conditions by using the press effectively. He was also responsible for the signing off of half a Billion dollars to a well-known PR firm in the UK to fabricate terrorist propaganda.

This was between 2006 and 2008. This was achieved by creating fake terror events for media outlets, it was also used in Iraq. They would leave the fake DVD,s in the homes of those they falsely accused, all under the watch of Petaeus. This man is also the Senior Vice President of the oldest Defence and Security Think tank in the UK called the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall. The Patron is the Queen.

This is the body that dictates the events surrounding the supposed terror attacks Internationally, for media purposes.

2 months ago he joined a private security company that specialises in terror related incidences for profit. That company is called Optiv.

He is also heavily invested in a number of Cyber security firms. All of whom will make a fortune should the 5G technologies including the Internet of Things, (his very own baby) take off.

Now, we can see that a man who has manufactured false events in the past, to use as a strategy involving the media, is also in charge of using the media Internationally to report on supposed terror related events, present day.

The company that he has become a Director of, Optiv sponsored and attended a Black Hat USA 2017 event.

Now in its 20th year, Black Hat is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development and trends.

Where was the event held?

Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas…. On October 1st, 2017 we had the Mandalay Bay shootings hoax which I covered the living daylights out of at the time. I hope the penny drops soon! Below is one of my videos showing how the whole family of the shooter were actors. This is too easy.

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