Theresa May Dancing Like A Twat In Cape Town

Watch as Theresa May puts on her size 10 dancing shoes like an unsexy little swine and freaks the world out with her awkward dance moves in front of South African kids whilst wearing slave trade like chains around her neck. Shocking behaviour.

The Meaning Of Chains

Theresa May has been seen wearing chain-like necklaces on various occasions. This is a pattern which can not be ignored, neither can the symbolism behind them. She is showing us something which could have a few meanings so let us take a look at a couple of them.

Thersa May Dancing In Chains

Off the top of my head I would say Theresa May dancing around in front of a gang of African children and adults whilst wearing chains around her neck is a huge PR fail when we look at the use of chains during the slave trade. The slave trade was and still is a huge historical disgrace which was spearheaded by the British Empire. 200 million black people from Africa and the Americas where culled in the slavery business.

Thgeresa May dancing in chains

Other reasons we see May in chains all the time is down to plain old MK Ultra programming symbolism. The chains are part of abuse of a mind control victim. Below is some brief information on mind control methods which can be used on a person. Bear in mind that all of the Elites take part in ritual abuse and people like Theresa May share the beliefs as part of their sick and satanic little cult. Notice she is also wearing the most bright red coat she could find. Red signifies sacrifice in the occult world. Ask any occultist what they see in the images beamed from south Africa today.

Defining Ritual Abuse (RA) and Trauma-Based Mind Control (TBMC)
Survivor testimony includes many types of repeated abuse and trauma. Dr. James Randall Noblitt, a professor of psychology, and his wife, Pamela Perskin Noblitt, list the following mind control programming methods utilized against children or adults:2

  • sensory/sleep/food deprivation;
  • sensory overload;
  • shaming, humiliation and belittlement;
  • theatrics, trickery, illusion, lies and coercion;
  • physical, emotional, verbal, sexual and spiritual abuse;
  • forced actions against self/animals/others;
  • double-bind situations;
  • systematic behavior modification and hypnosis techniques;
  • drugs, lights, sounds, smells, special effects, films, hidden cameras and microphones;
  • elaborately-designed role-play “characterizations” based on nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories, books, movies and music;
  • guns, electro-shock, whips;
  • shackles, chains and cages

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