Gay Boy Jamel Myles Suicide Blamed On School Bullies After Coming Out

9 Year Old Gay Boy Jamel Myles Suicide Blamed On Bullies After Coming Out In School – Oh Really? Are You Buying This Shit? Crisis Actor Mum

Jamel Myles is reported to have killed himself after returning to school to announce he was gay before being bullied to death. This story is so far fetched and the mum is that much of a bad actor I find it very hard to show any respect to the people. They push agendas and lies that are shaping the future into one big happy gay rainbow party. This is not choice, it is social engineering from news outlets who are hiring crisis actors to play roles in storylines that lead to new laws and perceptions. This is an outrage. This woman is full of fake emotion and as usual she goes on and on and on with herself. The usual themes about equality, love, oneness and do as thou wilt are ever present with these imposters. She is clearly acting badly. Take a bow Leia Rochelle Pierce, you are the news.

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