How To Stage A Media Hoax & Hilarious Call To Can I Have 500 Crisis Actors

During the past three years, I have covered alleged terror events with a skeptical opinion of the narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, the emergency services, the Government of the world, the alleged victims, and friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors who then work hand in hand with the fore mentioned establishments and people to create events known as terror attacks played out on the world stage.

These people are actors, liars deceiving the world to extreme levels with the end game agenda being a total police state, one world united against fake terror governed under one set of laws.

A Call To CrisisCast

CrisisCast Role Play Management provides crisis actors and services to a host of high-profile clients including the newly discovered clients none other than the mad scientists at CERN. Crisis Cast also shows you on their website various ways in which media and role play management are immersed to provide real-time staged incidents that merge with reality.

Now is a good time for you to listen to a call I made to a well-known crisis actor company based here in the UK with links spreading as far as Dubai and a host of partners and clients whom we will use to build the bigger picture as we continue to progress through the article. This phone call was a real eye-opener to the truth community viewers at the time it was placed, which was the day before the Munich attacks on, July 22, 2016. I called the company and told them I needed 500 crisis for production and needed information about how it all works, the lady thought she was about to talk her way into a big deal so she went on, and on, and on, and on. Revealing more than company bosses would have liked they have since removed the telephone number from the website. Please watch this unedited version of the call as I have used it in videos in the past in which they have had music playing etc. This is very clear, please watch the video and take in what she says,. taking note of the establishments she names.

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