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#BINGO I’m in!!! This recent Express article about serious border control breaches around travel documents after a woman used her daughters 3 times proves I am right about the Madeleine McCann passport loophole being exploited by child traffickers at ports and airports due to awful security checks.

This is a flaw that allows children who have had passports issued shortly after birth to board a plane aged (for example) 4.5 years old without being identifiable as the baby on the image that is not due to be updated until aged 5. This also means any child can be taken in or out of a country on another child’s passport as long as the gender and race are a match and the child is of similar age. This is my article about the McCann’s dodgy passports with information and images sourced from the Portuguese police files that are publicly available and always have been.

How this article is not national I will never know.

Changes have to be made but at what cost? Find out more below.

But first I wonder if this Express report is part of a media stunt to push through what I have said since December 2018?

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I have now made a UK petition to stop airports, ports and passports from actively enabling child trafficking. Please sign this petition if you are living in the United Kingdom. Click the image to sign.

A new petition will be made to request the use of a fingerprint system to be put in place at shipping ports and airports around the UK. The technology is already in place and passports can be scanned along with a person’s finger to verify their identity. Mobile phones have fingerprint technology on a public level now so what is the problem with using fingerprints? Truth be told this is something that can be done with ink at a last resort it is full proof and legally watertight. This would put an end to the child trafficking loophole that is exploited at our borders based around children’s passports.

Madeleine McCann Passport Shocker Explained!

The image below is reported to be Madeleine McCann’s passport. This screenshot is (as mentioned earlier) taken from the PJ Files which is the publicly released case of Madeleine from the Portuguese investigators. The same investigators who have so far been played down at every opportunity by Kate and Gerry’s government damage limitation team.

We know the scale of the man-power involved in the cover-up they conducted so now look at the passport scenario. If not see my Madeleine McCann Donegal article by clicking this link. We now have a more serious question coming out of this case which has gone unmentioned throughout the saga and it highlights a huge fault in UK Childrens passports. The problem is how child traffickers may be moving children around the world whilst the victims remain unidentified due to the image on the passport if it was issued when the child still had a baby face on the travel documents.

Look at Madeline on the passport below, can you tell me that it looks like the girl who is alleged to have boarded a flight to Portugal in 2007?

The next thing I want to mention about the passport above is the fact that we can see a hand in the image. This hand would normally render the passport application as invalid and it should have been rejected based on details on the UK.Gov passport office website that states babies passport pictures can not contain the hand of a parent. Yet we can clearly see a hand in the image meaning this passport should have been a no-no.

I now make the point that we also see information on the Passport Office website that states a child’s passport must have the picture updated by the time they turn 5 years old as a child passport is only valid for 5 years.

This draws my attention to Maddie’s image and how airport security would not look at a picture of a child twice and line it up to the child in the airport when the passport photograph shows a baby but airport staff are presented with a near 4-year-old girl. This has been proven by the incident of Anita Turner’s trip to Belgium.

This makes me suspect that this may be a way for child traffickers to move children all around the world on passports that really do not identify who is on the passport. Madeleine’s passport was due for renewal a year later meaning, as an example, it may not have been Madeline on the flight to Portugal after all, but another child whose passport was being used. We hardly have any accounts of Maddie actually in Portugal at the time.

I am not stating she was not there I am pointing out how things like this may work in the world of child trafficking. And we really do not have many reasons to believe any of the official story.

Passport rules in the United Kingdom changed in 1998 meaning children had to have their own documents after minors being placed on parents passports was forbidden in a government push to battle child abductions and improve security at ports.

The information tells us that prior to 1998 a problem was recognised and sort of rectified but as we are learning with this article the new rules put in place in 1998 had its flaws.

In 1998, Denise Carter, director of Reunite, the National Council for Abducted Children, supported the change and said: “Child abduction is a growing problem, partly because of a greater number of cross-cultural marriages, and the fact that international travel is so much easier these days,”

“A lot more people have children without getting married, which further complicates matters.”

The image above then leads us into looking at the passports of Kate and Gerry McCann also obtained from the PJ Files. This now seems to go beyond a joke when we line up the passport rules and the images on the under fire parents travel documents. We see a laughing Gerry and a side on selfie of Kate in a set of images that raise even more questions.

Passport rules around smiling on images were changed in the months before Gerry’s was granted to him. We see his passport he is more or less laughing his head off in it and this is striking as I have never in my life seen any form of identification presented in this way before.

Kate is draped in a blood-red jacket and necklace and is side on with her pose in what looks more like a dating site picture. What is this? What is going on? Let us look at the laws around smiling passport photographs. Look at the date on the BBC article below, it was published on 6, August, 2004, the same year that Gerry’s passport was allegedly allocated to him.

You will see it say’s do not look too happy on them so Gerry looking like he is in a Roy Chubby Brown gig on his image makes a mockery of this ruling. Gerry’s passport was issued one month after the publication of the article. Kate’s Healy’s passport photograph actually withstood the rules at the time for her issue but her stance in the image is still unseen before on a passport picture. Certainly not in my lifetime anyway but I am open to people sending me examples of their passport with similar images if they exist.

Would a good answer be fingerprint passport procedure? It was introduced in the Netherlands but was stopped due to privacy laws that were governed by the EU.

It was against the EU privacy rules, but I just read that according to new EU ruling it will be enforced again this summer and then with two fingerprints. But if the UK does deliver Brexit this ruling is not applicable to us.

Human trafficking makes a huge amount of money and is known to be one of the biggest industries in the world. This needs to stop and ways to stop it must be looked into if the people who run our governments are serious about tackling the issue instead of leaving loopholes that enable it.

This Biometric Passport still does not fully fix the problem so please fix the problem properly. The issue is not how fake a passport is it is how stupid airport staff are when allowing anyone just walk through on any passport!

What Would Be Possible Solutions The Governments May Already have In Mind?

But where does this take us next and how does what I have just said about the passport situation line up to my next point and what could be a possible solution to the problem of kids below 5 being transported around the world on a could-be-anyone basis?

Micro-chips and no I don’t mean Microwave french fries I mean implants straight out of the mind of your worst science fiction nightmare that is suddenly turning into a well orchestrated reality. Can you see what I see?

Yes you can thank the McCann’s when all your kids are implanted with RFID Micro-Chips and they will have fallen victim to the problem, and the manipulated reaction that leads us all right into the solution.

Of course they have had waiting in the wings all this time. But guess where the technology has been tested, enhanced and worked on? SkyNet? Well not exactly but it might as well be and guess where this SkyNet like company are based? Right on the McCann’s doorstep in Leicester.

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Gerry and the pacemaker makers are a match made in cybernetic heaven as the agenda needs doctors to see how this tech will embed into humans. A certain mad engineer from Reading has teamed up with even madder scientists and doctors who between them have been trying to find ways and reasons to turn us into cyborgs.

His big sales pitch is based around telling the sheeple of the world that it will be great to have implants because we can then open doors and windows? I can open doors and windows right now so why the big rush to turn to posthumanism and why has Madeleine McCann’s passport got a lot to do with this technology. And no jokes about the window or front door at apartment 5A in PLD, Portugal.

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Kevin Warwick is Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) at Coventry University, England. His main research areas are artificial intelligence, biomedical systems, robotics and cyborgs. Due to his research as a self-experimenter he is frequently referred to as the world’s first Cyborg. Kevin is a Chartered Engineer who has published over 600 research papers.

His experiments into implant technology led to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine, ‘Wired’. He achieved the world’s first direct electronic communication between two human nervous systems, the basis for thought communication.

Another project extended human sensory input to include ultrasonics. He also linked his nervous system with the internet in order to control a robot hand directly from his neural signals, across the Atlantic Ocean. He has been awarded higher doctorates (DSc) by Imperial College and the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague and a further 9 Honorary Doctorates.

Well that is enough blowing bubbles up his backside. This is the man who you can look you in the eye and say we will all become cyborgs one day. This evil lunatic has no concern for the values of humanity and human life. He is the salesman and innovator of the devil himself. But look what else I found. He is also was going on about chipping kids just days after Madeleine went ”bye bye, fake adios”. Look at the date on the article below. Can you believe these people? It was published 12 days later.

In the article Warwick states that if public hysteria can be fermented to the right level, it would “not be difficult” to make implants available nationally “in a relatively short period of time”. This was days after Madeleine vanished. I have no words, well I do this is just short of 2000 but let’s carry on.

His claims were played down by a spokesperson for  missing children’s charity, Kidscape who said: “We have 11 million children in the UK. For the past 25 years between five and seven children have been abducted and killed by a stranger each year, and that has not changed. Are we becoming paranoid to the point where we give children the message that life is so dangerous that they have to be tagged?”

This maniac was also responsible for an artificially intelligent “super computer” that in 2014, had duped humans into thinking it is a 13-year-old boy to become the first machine to pass the “iconic” Turing Test.

No computer had ever previously passed the Turing Test, which requires 30% of human interrogators to be duped during a series of five-minute keyboard conversations.

Professor Kevin Warwick, from the University of Reading, said: “In the field of artificial intelligence there is no more iconic and controversial milestone than the Turing Test.

“It is fitting that such an important landmark has been reached at the Royal Society in London, the home of British science and the scene of many great advances in human understanding over the centuries.

“This milestone will go down in history as one of the most exciting.”


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