IBLD Beware: International Boy Love Day – Dec 21 Paedophile Celebration – Warning To Parents – For Those Who Thought Alice Day Was The Worst It Could Get…. It Is Need To Know Time Part 2

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International Boy Love Day is another complete disgrace to the human race and all that it beholds. December 21st will mark the 20 year anniversary of IBLD and what a great time for Enchanted LifePath to wade in and piss all over the parade by alerting as many people as possible to this day of disaster with a sharp and swift character assassination of anyone associated to IBLD.

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But before I get stuck in I need to explain how I became aware of IBLD whilst campaigning to riase public awareness of the Alice day which is more or less the same thing just centred around girls. I explained how on that day how paedophiles will wear pink to show their sexual preference for a child whilst remaining anonymous to the general public. There is a lot to teach you about IBLD but I can also explain an awful lot to you if you are aware of both Alice Day and IBLD.

It was early January 2017, I was in the local library printing of some paperwork. I looked to my left and there was a man on the computer next to me, he was in his late 50’s a scruffy downtrodden man with a skin defect on his hand. His hair was greasy and he was unshaven, a small man who was jittery in his ways. I accidentally caught a glimpse of his computer screen as my head panned back towards the one I was using. On his screen was images of naked young girls, he had a small piece of paper in his hand, it was no bigger than a shopping note. As my alarm bells started ringing about what was on the mans computer screen a young mother entered the library with three of her children none of whom were older than 4 years old. The mothers path upon entering the library took her towards the isle of computers where I was sitting next to this man but with me located first in line. I shifted my seat right back and gestured for her to not come this way. My body language made the woman turn around with her kids and go towards another area of the library.

I then asked the man what he was looking at on his computer? I then told him to give me the piece of paper in his hand which he did. I then asked a man sitting to my right if I could use his pen for a moment, he obliged. I then told the man who I suspected to be viewing illegal content on the library computer to give me his name and address, he began shaking. I was always quietly spoken as I did not want to alert any of the public as to what was going on. I did not get angry or panic, I stayed calm and the man may have even thought I was a police officer the way I quizzed him quietly. whilst obtaining his information I noticed he was trying his best to shut down the computer, I made him give me his library pass which lined up to the name he had given me. I then read what he had written on the paper and it had a set of words which I was unfamiliar with as phrases. I thought they may even be child porn categories. I asked him what they meant and did not get a reply.

I had not taken my phone out with me as it had no battery before I left my house so it was one of the times when I regret not having it as it stopped me from calling the police right away. I took the mans library pass and details to the reception and explained what had happened. The staff told me he would be banned instantly and they would check over the computers. There was no mention of them calling the police. I then got home and called police myself and explained everything to them and described the words on his paper which were, words such as nectar and I am sorry I can not remember anymore of them. After speaking to police they told me they would check out the situation and I never heard anything again.

A week later I was on a train and a man in his late 20’s was standing up with his arm on the rail. There was a group of young girls sat on the train around 6 of them all aged around 12 years old. The man was paying a lot of attention to the girls with his body language showing me he was listening to them etc. I was waiting for him to say something to them for a minute and he did. I knew my senses had not let me down. I knew I was right to keep my eye on this man.

He asked them where the train was going, now this may seem like an innocent question but it was his clear eagerness to talk to these young girls that I was waiting for him to build on and he could not help himself and this question proved it to me. The problem I had with that question was a train can only go one way or the other. It was a well-known train route in Liverpool that goes towards to city centre or to Southport in the opposite direction which is the way we was heading. I asked him why he had spoken to the girls, I made the point that anyone on board that train knows where it is heading and his smiles and giggles to himself as the girls spoke between themselves was a concern to me. If anyone looked dodgy it was this man and as we approached my stop I did not feel easy with leaving him the train with the girls to get his kicks from. I told him he was going to get off the train when my stop came and as the doors opened I gestured my hand as if to say you first and he walked off the train. I then took several photographs of the man incase anything happened in future and I would be able to identify him.

EXPOSED – Alice Day – 25th April Annual Paedophile Pride Day – A Paedo Celebration

I then ran home and started presenting information on a secret paedophile pride day that I had become aware of known as Alice day. I sourced information about this horrific date and the sickness behind it in the weeks before my encounters with the two men who I suspected were paedophiles. The timing of the two incidents all meant I now had to say something about paedophiles. I was disturbed at the red-letter dates and events that these monsters hold all around the world and online. The internet is a paedophiles paradise when targeting victims, obtaining graphic content or making friends within their sordid communities.

It is when we look deeper into the communities and how things work that my articles on Alice Day and now IBLD International Boy Love Day become so hard to grasp for many. The information shows a clear and present danger within all of our societies. Remember Alice Day is on April 25th and IBLD is on December and June 21st. We have IBLD just weeks away and Alice Day is now just a few months away once again but how many people knew of this? How many parents are aware? Was you aware before reading this? Don’t worry you will see plenty of sources after I have finished introducing the article.

After then stepping up and starting my own one man campaign to bring this information to parents not only in the UK but around the world I did have a very good reaction from local police officers who supported my campaign and even suggested I could write a press release for Merseyside police. They ran briefings on the situation after I asked for more policing on the streets and around schools and parks at this dangerous time of year for child with opportunist paedophiles lurking with more intent than ever. I had petitions refused by the government on this issue as they branded my work an offensive joke in what turned out to be a huge own goal for the government as the information I presented was taken on board by people from not just the UK but around the world.

UK Petition: High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day, Alice Day, April 25, 2017

Information within the petition was taken from the UK and Ireland paedophile database, fully validating claims by Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media LTD that paedophiles celebrate paedophile pride each year on April 25th, aka, Alice day.

The petition titled, “High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day, Alice Day On April 25, 2017”, was set up on January, 31, 2016, was asking for more visible policing around schools and other public places where children gather and paedophiles may find easy targets.

The petition was rejected by email which stated:  “We rejected the petition you created – High Public Police Presence On Paedophile Pride Day, Alice Day On April 25, 2017.

“It’s offensive, nonsense, a joke, or an advert.

“We can’t publish your petition because some of the websites you link to contain offensive content.

“In any case, we can’t accept your petition because it’s about something that the Government or Parliament isn’t responsible for.

“Decisions about policing are for local police forces to make.

“If you’re concerned about policing in your local area, you could contact your local Police and Crime Commissioner.

“We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards”.

The wording of the reply came as a surprise to Enchanted LifePath TV who expected a more professionally researched response if not about the petition, then certainly about the campaign, from the government before making such a claim against sensitive issues documented on an official database.

A spokesman for Enchanted LifePath said: “I think it is fair of them to reject the petition on the grounds of me having to ask the police commissioner to consider making a more hard lined approach to paedophiles in public on Alice day.

“But to attack the campaign and call it nonsense is pretty low and unjustified, I am sure the victims of these paedophiles who have indeed been groomed or god knows what else on Alice day will find the government’s stance quite concerning.

“Maybe an ‘Alice day amnesty’ would be a good idea to rid the internet, and the streets, of some of the disgusting images and videos in circulation within these paedophile rings, they can hand themselves in if they want but let’s be clever for once.

“In all my years I have never seen a mainstream anti-peadophillia campaign, there are just five weeks left.

“We have hundreds of top flight footballers coming out stating they have been raped hundreds of times by coaches at top-level football clubs but our government think campaigns like this are nonsense.

“Is it not enough that the telephone hotline for the paedophile information exchange (P.I.E), rang from inside the Home Office, now we have the home office branding this campaign a joke”.

Such accusations can also be validated on the database.

Freeman/Smith was a former Home Office security guard and was described in court in 1984 as the, “powerhouse and engine room of P.I.E, and the life blood of contact which he edited and printed.

The members’ hotline for the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) rang, of all places, inside the Home Office.

The phone would be picked up by Steven Smith, a paedophile and member of the group who worked in security in Whitehall, from where he would tell callers where to go for the next meeting to discuss issues including decriminalising sex with children as young as four.

More disturbing information into how deep the problem of child sex abuse is in the United Kingdom can be easily found along with thousands of paedophiles names and areas they live.

It also has information regarding other secret dates such as International Boy Love Day (IBLD) which is held on June 22 and December 21st.

And now you can see why I am aware of International Boy Love Day and why it is time to move on from Alice Day and referring to it and do some more work to bring some more awareness to the masses in regards to these disaster days that are held annually by child rapists. Well not on our watch, and for each new parent or person that becomes aware they can then tell friends and family members, it can be spoken about to teachers, care workers and police as I did two years ago.

So now the question is what is the difference between Alice day and IBLD? And for those who do not know anything about any of these two dates well you are in the right place. Probably the only place in the country speaking about this issue that we will not hear a peep from all conjuring fraudster Tommy Robinson. The hero for all children? Don’t make me laugh, he is a fake football hooligan plant who has been known to spend his time around paedophiles. But this isn’t about that let down, this is about the kids and how we educate the parents on how to protect them not only at times like this but all year round. What are the odds of seeing Tommy and his minions out protesting on December 21st? Probably not, they will be somewhere else pretending to care about kids, wearing blue whilst lighting blue candles and what could I possibly mean by that? Good question, let’s go.


International Boy Love day is another celebration for paedophiles who want to show their desires to be with young boys and this is a global issue, the sick title says it all. International Boy Love Day is abbreviated into IBLD. The group was set up in 1998 which is around 5 years after Alice day was established in 1993. IBLD as I have mentioned is similar to Alice Day just it is the male version. IBLD is a day when paedophiles will get together either online or in person and talk about young boys and how hard done by those that love young boys are and how the laws should be changed to make relationships between young boys and grown men legal.

IBLD is a date for pedophiles to celebrate their disturbing desires and even encourage others to do so on December 21st but they have since moved on from it being just dates for them to remember and be openly disgusting as they now have their own website.

The website claims they have been “continuously serving responsible boy love since July 1998” and it also continues in the same grovelling theme.

It states: “International Boy-Love Day is a day of observance, taken part in by those who appreciate, support and celebrate loving relationships with boys. It is also a day of commemoration and reflection for many, focusing on the social plight of those who are naturally inclined to love boys.

This is a day of mutual dignity…a day of self awareness…a day of belonging”.

The horror gets worse as the website also has a “Peer Support Exchange” designed for “Finding Real-Life Friendships”

Am I wrong to suggest that every person who is registered or involved with or on that website should be arrested under suspicion of child abuse?

The paedophiles would originally celebrate IBLD by leaving a blue candle in a window or out in a public place with a small note explaining why it was there. This is why the artist who drew the picture I posted after the articles long introduction. It shows the blue candle and a load of boys as well as one of the main paedophile symbols which a triangle within a triangle, the symbol for BL which means Boy Love. Another way for them to mark IBLD would be to send anonymous letters to news papers and broadcasters.

The day is also used for paedophiles to meet up with the young boys who they have groomed into a relationship. Boylovers may even reflect on previous victims they had who they will call friends or class as ex lovers.

They see each year as one closer to the day that us the general public will stop being so ignorant towards them and for us to stop seeing “Loved Boys” as victims of child abuse. They say they hope for malice to be replaced with understanding, compassion and fairness. I boldly say Fuck That.


So now we come back to this art work and the hidden symbols that are embedded into it that these child molesters use to identify each others sexual preferences as I mentioned not long ago. We are going to take  agood look at these symbols and what they mean and that will lead us into looking at more symbols that were released by the FBI after they became concerned by the secret languages and logos that these perverts had been using to remain undetected.

The picture above and the one with teh candle where posted on teh IBLD website from a member of the community who goes by the name of Scruffy Lad. He uses lots of blue for boys in his art work but you can see his constant use of that double triangle, also always blue. It is another reminder of how open these people actually are.


The blue traingles that you can see on the pictures are the same as we see on FBI released images of a set of symbols that are used by paedophiles to identify each other with and show their sexual preference towards a boy, girl or both. The FBI published this information in the public domain on January 31st, 2007. The same year Madeleine McCann went missing.



Quote from a Paedophile:

“I designed a Tribal Graphic with the GLogo in the center. I plan on having two made from Vinyl and having them placed across the windshield and the back window of my car.”

Some have gone on to have this as a tattoo, so other paedophiles can recognise their sexual ‘Status’ in public places. They are also having car stickers of this design made, for the same reason – recognition in public places.

There are abbreviations you should be aware of. The intention is for paedophiles to classify their interests, for other paedophiles within their ring. These abbreviations are used as online shorthand by paedophiles.

Here is some quotes from them on the UK and Ireland database where I have sourced most of thsi information. In this thread they are seen discussing how they spend time finding kids on Alice Day.

Here is some quotes from these monsters taken from the UK Paedohile database, the database which shows us where they live, work, and most importantly for this report, how they communicate.


I will be wearing my GLogo t-shirt with my GLogo pendent for all to see!!!. I guess I will be doing what I do everyday, just hangout with friends and maybe if it’s nice out, skateboard a bit etc. I don’t have a LGF so I won’t be spending anytime with little girls or boys but I will go to the park and LG watch. I also try to do a bit of CL activism on Alice Day or any day for that matter, in the sense that every time I see an opportunity I drop off a few pamphlets, flyers and cards that I always carry around in my backpack.


I will be spending the day at a local market filled with beautiful LG’s. Kinda boring, but I will at least be wearing a pink t-shirt. I doubt anyone will catch on, but you never know ?

Sancho Panza

Weather for Saturday seems promising, we will to go to our local zoo and eat ice cream ?


I think the t-shirt thing is just to wear any kind of a pink shirt on Alice Day. That way if any asks if you’re a paedo, you can claim you have no idea what they’re talking about…and how dare they insinuate such a thing! lol.


I don’t ever wear pink so it will def be a stretch but I’m sure I can pull it off!

This IBLD article comes twelve months after Enchanted LifePath warnings about a game called Roblox were verified as police visited schools in Kent to talk to kids who then alerted them to padeophile activity on the game which is played by millions of kids world wide. This incident happened one year after my article which was a year ahead of the police warning and was published by me two years ago.


Police have warned schools and parents to carefully monitor children using the popular for kids and paedophiles app called Roblox after naked characters and explicit messages were discovered on the platform during a visit to a school in Kent to speak to pupils about the game.

It soon became apparent it was a situation which which was close to home for many and needed to be treated seriously after children at the school made officers aware of indecent messages sent to them via chat on the game using text or headphones.

A letter was sent to parents in the area warning them inappropriate messages can be sent on the game which has over 30 million users and is most popular with children aged between 5-10 years old.

The letter states: “We were talking to a very large group of Year 1 students and were shocked when over half said they were playing Roblox.

“In Year 2, 70% said they were playing the game.

“Most of these children disclosed they had online friends in Roblox that their parents didn’t know about.

“It got worse when many of the children stated they had received in-game messages from strangers and they hadn’t told their parents.

“All of the children said they had seen naked characters walking around the game and doing very adult things.”

Police also warned parents “to check their child’s Roblox account and look to see if they have friends that they do not know”.

“Many of the children we spoke to said their accounts were ‘maxed out’, meaning they have 200 friends.”

This is not the first time the safety of the app has been brought into question with various reports of child-sex predators lurking within the platform since it’s release in 2006.

The warning came twelve months after Enchanted LifePath Tv Alternative News & Media reported on the dangers around children using Roblox after an incident in Merseyside was reported to police and schools after children were being groomed on the game.

The reports from the Liverpool based independent news company came as a campaign was being ran by the outlet to make parents, schools, children and local police forces aware of the paedophile pride day known as Alice Day which is secretly held every year on April 25.


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