Christchurch: Vanishing CGI bullets expose New Zealand NWO hoax?

Christchurch: Vanishing CGI bullets

There has been a lot said about the CGI bullets that came out of the gun and appear to vanish into thin air before hitting the ground. Here is the video below. I will explain afterwards.

I do think the explanation of the fading CGI bullets being down to low video quality to be a likely cause for the bullets appearing to vanish. That is not to say there is not a lot more evidence to look into so let us begin with this video I made that shows a black car that the shooter seems to wait for then follows it just after seeing the person in red who is it is thought is also part of the show. We also have evidence of other people interacting with the shooter as well as two separate sets of footage that show the scene of the arrest but they are not the same position and the suspects car can not be seen. All of that is to come but for now let us pay some attention to the mystery black car.

The next video is about a group of people called Observers who was at the scene of the reported attacks attending to alleged victims. They was not recognised paramedics but they was allowed to go into the heart of what is said to be New Zealand’s worst terror attack. We see the Observers marked in high visibility jackets and in non uniform, normal clothing. They are people who are allowed to observe the medics as they work but the main concern here is how many people were on the scene.

The Observers will have had to have been at the ambulance station and informed of the incident or even join up with the paramedics at the mosque after making their own way there. Either way they are more hands on than just observing. I want to know how the safety of the public could be guaranteed at this time with reports of bombs placed around Christchurch surly this practice at such a dramatic event would be hard to explain to insurance companies to name but one point.

Do you still think any of this was real? Please take a moment to watch this next video and you will be gobsmacked at how fake it really all is. The footage you are about to see will leave you in no doubt that this has been staged by actors all along. I have much more to show you in the coming days so please keep coming back to this page and website for more evidence of the hoax in New Zealand. This is thought to be the rehearsal.

In the video below,  I show how I have been trying to enhance the Christchurch Mosque shootings audio. I have done this by removing as much of the background music as possible to highlight the times Brenton Tarrant speaks. We even hear him say “I see you” as he is driving behind the black car that I have highlighted as one of concern as he seems to wait for it then pulls out and follows it.

Here is a copy of the audio file I have generated. You can take it and overlay it back onto the footage in your own video editing software.

The audio is quite telling as it seems to show him talking to someone at times throughout his alleged rampage. Another striking thing is how clear we hear the difference in sound when he begins to fire his gun and the backing music phases out as he starts and back in as soon as he finishes firing. This is lends credibility to the widespread opinion that the music has been edited in after the filming which will tells us the stream was not live or an upload of an edited video played live just as we can now do with Facebook and YouTube.

I used Audacity to enhance the audio. Here is a screenshot of my program as I worked.

Christchurch Shootings Audio Enhanced

I have now edited the new full version of the audio back on to the footage. It can be viewed here on my channel. I will also do a transcript of any dialect that can be heard later on so keep returning to this page for updates. Click the image below to watch the video and enhanced audio.

The new edited video with enhanced audio gives us more to work with and anyone is welcome to the footage who is legally allowed to. It is worth pointing out that it is to my understanding that researchers and journalists are exempt from the 10 year ban for watching or owning a copy of the Mosque shootings. The threat of ten years in jail is governed by New Zealand law and Enchanted LifePath as well as are operating within UK law and as an independent news outlet.

As an added bonus I have also just finished editing a video showing the Prime Minister of New Zealand walking down a corridor with what can only be described as a penis dangling around in her skirt, well I say her lightly. This is a spoof video featuring Ace Ventura and Shania Twain’s 90’s song, “Man I Feel Like A Woman” as well as a cameo appearance from Family Guy’s Chris Griffin who is pretending to be Silence Of The Lambs sicko Buffalo Bill. All this because New Zealand’s alleged female prime minister seems to have a cock up its her on TV. You got to laugh before you cry. Let’s go girls.

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