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Reality TV Turned The World Crazy

Reality Tv: How Reality TV Turned The World Crazy – The #LGBTQ War On Humanity 2019

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As always we have a serious issue to cover on Enchanted LifePath as I highlight patterns and trends that are forced upon the general public without consent or anybody being able to spot the agenda behind what they are paying attention to. We have programs such as Big Brother, Love Island, X Factor, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and The Voice to name just a few of the television shows that have help shape society over the past 20 years. We will be taking a critical look at the fall-out left behind from the rise of Reality TV. We will discover how it is aiding the demise in humanity.

Reality TV

Reality Tv & Social Conditioning!

Let me show you how the scenes are scripted in Big Brother and when you see this remember that the show takes public votes that cost money.

Upon seeing this footage, we must now wonder what happens in shows like I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of here when the camera stop rolling do they pull out the BBQ?

The winners are pre-selected with an agenda in mind and these plants cultivate your reality.

I branded Big Brother a social experiment in season 1. I had just left school and finished my exams after I turned 16 that summer. I started my first year at work this was in 2000 the same year Big Brother started broadcasting in the UK.

A couple of years before Big Brother a certain person called Britney Spears came along and danced around in a school uniform so all us lads at the time, say 14/15, all went bat shit crazy.

The girls discovered sun beds and pop socks and we had been hypersexualised over night by a pop song called Hit Me Baby One More Time.

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Those two events (Big Brother 1 and “that” Britney video) played a huge part in where we are today, let me explain why.

I said at the time Big Brother first aired that it was to see how people react to each other in a confined setting. I could see how no matter who the people where or what their background was, when they got put in dormitory together they all relate back to being playful yet spoilt little childish scheming brats.

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I was in the first days of my young adult life and that is what I concluded from Big Brother season one but by the end of season 2 or so, with me being aged 17/18 I never watched the crap ever again.

Brian Dowling won one of them so then all of a sudden overnight gay people were the craze on tv. We then got characters like Alan Carr and the likes to ruin friday nights with Chatty Man which was just hell on earth to the ears and eyes for any alpha male as we were under attack from this new mindset.

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Big brother pushed and pushed their gaydar all over the place and show producers soon went a step further and put a Portuguese transvestite called Nadia in the house in a move which was seen as shocking and not normality (at the time) but only for a short while as the public programming took shape.

It didn’t take long for peoples brains to completely dissolve into the realms of reality tv and we began to see life imitate art as it all started to play out through fashion, culture, and of course the entertainment industry into the actions of everyday people.

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We are left in this mess as the generation today from then (my generation) who where sucked more and more into this feeling that anyone can be a celebrity no matter who you were you now had hope brought about by reality television shows.

Even Jeremy Kyle was there for the vulnerable to have their moment of fame but at what cost as we know in 2019.

Reality TV was the new buzz word of the early 2000’s as my age group left school, started work, and had children and raised families sometimes in broken homes without a father figure. This would prove to be telling in just a few years as their children, most notably boys, grew up in a household where everything was fabbbb or amazingggg and lovelyyyyy.

Television broadcasters now had a new politically correct seat in the studio with a place in the hearts of society to fill.

The language of the world was changing but this was being manipulated by mainstream media puppet masters who pulled on the heartstrings of our nations with waves of emotional control and social engineering.

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This would eventually prove to rub off on society as more people were now openly more open about their sexualities and was this any surprise after the media based ambush meant we could not escape a single program without a gay innuendo or a host with lots of new gay insights and views to lend to the masses.

The primetime television slots where loaded with a do what thou wilt agenda as programs such as Hollyoaks was on almost every tv the minute people got home from work. We began to see male characters coming into a scene and sitting on another male characters knee whilst saying hello gorgeous and kissing him dead on the lips.

I began to notice you would see more men kissing on television than men and women, seriously, analyse the tv shows you watch every day of your life and tell me if I am wrong?

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This was unseen before on national television in such a way and more to the point at such a time as this was a 6pm program that gripped the nation daily, everyone was seeing this including kids. This could only go one way and it was the politically commercialised influx of the LGBT community who now grew and grew as world leaders plans to mix up everyone’s minds moved into phase two.

All the people who where born 15-19 years ago where all now activated, all them days without a dad in the house sitting with their mum’s friend’s hearing girly things as they spoke about The Only Way Is Essex taking selfies on social media which was to prove another huge tool in that social engineering I mentioned.

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Now everyone had their own platform to become their own star, princess syndrome arrived as the world was painted pink. The drip effect from 20 years has now turned into a flood.

We have schools now teaching young children about same sex relationships and libraries hosting transgenders who read books to groups of toddlers and young children.

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Another current day example of this new-age outlook is the arrival of child drag queens billed as stars as seen with 10 year-old, Desmond Napoles, from Brooklyn, New York, who has now opened his own drag club for kids after he began dressing up as a girl as a toddler.

How is this not seen as child abuse is beyond me.

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Report Daily Mail: ‘You can just do you’: Boy, 10, founds a drag club for KIDS so they can express themselves in a ‘positive, encouraging, and safe’ space.

Desmond has appeared in a music video with RuPaul and has also participated in New York Gay Pride since 2015

Misgendering is now a crime and people have been arrested for doing so here in the UK as well as The States.

Report Daily Mail: Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter.

Make no mistake Desmond Napoles is another social engineering weapon and as I said it is now the next phase of that push to transform everyone into a confused no-one as people now even chose to identify as a “they” not him or her.

This is nothing short of child abuse and aided paedophillia.

No doubt we will have reality TV shows based on drag queens soon.

Oh wait they are already here.

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Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker who formerly identified and lived as transgender. He is the author of several books, and through his website,, Heyer raises public awareness about those who regret gender change and the tragic consequences suffered as a result. He shared his story and warned against implementing radical hormonal and surgical interventions for gender dysphoric children.

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They have convinced everyone to feel wrong about themselves and it is glorified for shits and giggles as we have seen recently with The Jeremy Kyle Show when in reality people struggle with their environment but the mainstream way of life is to hide behind a selfie with a set of puppy ears on your head.

Self adulation has taken over and it is not uncommon to see people in their mid 30’s sitting in cars, bus stops, work, bars or at home taking a picture of themselves.

This will then be uploaded online in hope of getting an abundance of comments to inflate an ego that now needs feeding.

That focal point is now you, all that energy is aimed at you, it makes you feel great, it makes society feel happy but does it?

Where did this all come from? Advertising, TV, Reality TV, movies, and the music industry.

Conversation is good as it seems to only be the LGBT community ramming things down our throats as most people don’t know or hang around with people from the LGBT community that is why it is called community! So when we have kids coming home from school with same sex education leaflets aged 4 it’s time to talk.

You should not be talking to kids or educating them about any type of relationship at that age. We never had sex education in infant school nor did we want or need it. Even seeing someone kiss on TV was embarrassing when you were young. We did not think about these things. If we asked questions like “why is the man was jumping on the woman in bed?” We was told by our parents “I’ll tell you when you are older”. To me this was the best answer my parents could have gave me as I look back on it now.

I am observing the end result of the programming that the public is going through and you seen the 11-year-old drag queen who has opened his own drag club for kids. Can you honestly say this is not a designated attack on the minds of kids on a new level now? A new phase as I say. It is a future without reproduction being brought in the back door. Look at the bigger picture.

Not to forget what Mr. Heyer said about the mental health aspects of it all. The suicide rates are there for all to see and why would anyone want to push this into the mind of a child? All this programming led to everyone being desensitised to it all bit by bit and we are now seeing the fall out. The kids have no choice if they are being taught that they are wrong! The people behind the agenda are confusing nature how can anyone do that to a person who is too young to make a life choice? It’s sick!

Just let the kids be kids and stop messing with their heads and bodies before they are old enough to grasp what is happening.

This was a review of society and not a statement against the LGBT community or anyone else for that matter as I do not think it is always a choice when we consider the lengths media outlets and education systems have gone to to change how we all think. People have lost their uniqueness whilst claiming to be more unique than ever.

All I see is reality tv programmed robots who are suffering with monkey see monkey do mentalities.

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