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Timmy would seem to be a typical boy, full of energy and imagination. He is eager, clever and a slightly mischievous kid who is always asking “silly questions” as the adults would say. Timmy loves going on adventures, especially whilst he is asleep. Most of Timmy’s dreams are in a land called Spontania, a magical place which he visits each night. In Spontania Timmy is a journalist who leads the battle against the loopy liars in an interdimensional information war. If Timmy can not stop fake news from making it to the public in Spontania then it has an effect on the real world. Timmy has to stop the lies before they are used to create new laws that change the world or ban fun things like popcorn. Timmy wakes up each morning and goes to school desperate to tell his friends about his newest discoveries. But the teachers do not always agree with Timmy and he is sent out of class a lot. Is this part of a bigger plot to silence Timmy so he can not tell anybody the truth? Find out in the Adventures of Timmy Truthhhhh.

The Adventures of Timmy Truth is a series of children’s books that will be published by Enchanted LifePath. There will be an initial 12 book series for parents to buy who wish their children to be taught information that will not be found in other children’s book or national curriculums for that matter. This is a perfect way to help children be able to think for themselves and question everything from education to our environment and what we see on TV on a daily basis.

The main character will be Timmy Truth an inquisitive child who when asked by teachers what he wants to do when he grows up his replies “I want to be an investigative journalist who tells people the truth”.

I will introduce and develop other characters as Timmy’s adventures progress.

Timmy’s tools:

Camera, note pad, dictaphone, pencil behind ear for note pad, Tablet, Mobile phone. Press pass.

Other Characters

Sly Sis (Bad) – Sly Sis is Timmy’s slightly older sister, she is someone Timmy has to face each day. She loves making things hard for him at home when they are in the real world, and this forms a base for the character of Timmy’s sister when they are in Spontania. Timmy’s sister (Sly Sis) real name Molly is one of Timmy’s biggest obstacles in Spontania as well as in real life. She takes the form of Sly Sis in Spontania, Sly Sis is a mock-up of ISIS the Egyptian Goddess also known as Ishtar. In the dream world she flies around on a flying egg and has powers to summons her “evil little helpers” to try to stop Timmy from getting to the truth of a story he is working on. Usually, one which will end up with the people of the world being lied to by the news and TV which then shapes a fake world which Timmy tries to battle. At times the fake world totally takes over the real world and leaves Timmy with a fight on his hands to fix things before it gets out of control. Sly Sis is one of the main enemies in the books and it later turns out she is the one who is giving the orders to the ‘Evil Shiny Shoe Men’.

Lucy Law (Good) – There is a conflicting relationship between Timmy and Lucy in the two worlds in which the books are set. Lucy is aware that Timmy has a crush on her, she is popular in school and has the attitude and confidence to match. Timmy in the real world is always trying to get Lucy to notice him but she spends a lot of time chuckling to her friends about him or making jokes about him although she does know he likes her. This is where Lucy’s main role in the books comes into the mix. Lucy Law is the daughter of the best solicitor in the city. She falls asleep at night but does not realise she travels to Spontania to help Timmy battle for truth and Lucy Law is who represents Timmy in court against the loopy liars and shiny shoe men as well as other characters and nemesis’s throughout the books and wins cases when Timmy gets the traitors arrested by the Truth Police after setting his Truth Traps.

Shiny Shoe Men (Bad) – Shiny shoe men are the government. Higher levels of the shiny shoe men are notable by the fact they wear sunglasses indoors and wear black suits, whereas lower-level shiny shoe men wear grey or navy blue suits and do not have sunglasses. The higher level shiny shoe men are the dark forces who work for Sly Sis, only Timmy knows this until the very end of the first 12 book series. The lower level shiny shoe men work in the news companies and tv broadcasting networks, these are the front line of the information war Timmy is fighting in and the belief systems they push onto the public. These are the reality changers and if Timmy does not stop too many fake news stories which are created in Spontania from making it to the real world in each episode we start to see the fabric of the real world breaking down and turning into a world built on lies instead of justified truth. These are another huge concern for Timmy and his friends and must be stopped.

Loopy Liars (crisis actors)

Billy The Pagan (bad) – Performs rituals on key dates that includes spells that send bad energies around the world that affect everyone in many ways including bad health which means no one can eat sweets or play out.

Winetta The Witch (Bad) – Winetta is an evil witch who works for the television industry just that only Timmy knows she is a witch so he needs to prove it. Winetta is a very high up high-priestess. The public are unaware of her devious ways during her talk show that is shown to millions around the world.

The Inter-Netter (Bad) – A Demon Shaped Like A Net Of Information Designed To Manipulate The Masses. What Ever The Web Touches Gets Corrupted, Timmy Needs To Stop It.

Oroitz – (Good) – Oroitz is a good friend and mentor to Timmy in Spontania, the word Oroitz means memory and this is what his role is in the books. In the first book Oroitz meets Timmy in a building that is blank inside, it is the memory museum. As Timmy creates facts or reports on events, the museum then fills up with objects as new departments open up. Oroitz is the voice of wisdom in Timmy’s journey and helps him see the bigger picture. Oroitz looks after truth and makes sure history is correctly documented at the museum.

Timmy’s reports

The Life Projector Machine – aka Saturn

Places To Go In Spontania

Bubbleonia (Babylon).

Fake News That Makes It To Real World

Hot Popcorn Used In Assault On On Local Mayor – Popcorn To Be Banned! Ice Cream Banned after Sly Sis Attacks Joy.

The rest will follow…

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