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Loopy Liars The Fake Town Criers – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 2

Loopy Liars And The Town Criers

Timmy would seem to be a typical boy, full of energy and imagination. He is eager, clever and a slightly mischievous kid who is always asking “silly questions” as the adults would say. Timmy loves going on adventures, especially whilst he is asleep. Most of Timmy’s dreams are in a land called Spontania, a magical place which he visits each night. In Spontania Timmy is a journalist who leads the battle against the loopy liars in an interdimensional information war. If Timmy can not stop fake news from making it to the public in Spontania then it has an effect on the real world. Timmy has to stop the lies before they are used to create new laws that change the world or ban fun things like popcorn. Timmy wakes up each morning and goes to school desperate to tell his friends about his newest discoveries. But the teachers do not always agree with Timmy and he is sent out of class a lot. Is this part of a bigger plot to silence Timmy so he can not tell anybody the truth? Find out in the Adventures of Timmy Truthhhhh.

Loopy Liars The Fake Town Criers – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 2

Timmy is back in Spontania. Finding his way around the area close to the Museum but he feels as though he has been here before. He hears a lot of cheering in the distance. He takes out his camera and uses the zoom to have a closer look at what is going on. He can see news reporters, banners, posh cars and lots of people waving small flags. Timmy begins to record some footage and takes a few pictures.

He walks towards the crowd and as he does an entourage of police cars and motorbikes that are escorting another posh car drives past him. Timmy points his camera at the black car and takes a snap. As he is looking down the lens he realises how he recognises the man in the car who is waving at the crowds. It is the Mayor.

Timmy sits down to check his footage and notices the cars all begin to drive off and the crowd all goes back to where they was at the start.

Timmy’s sets his camera to record again and after a couple of minutes the first posh cars all come back and Timmy can now see the second load of cars including the Mayor as the same thing happens again. Timmy thinks this is odd, as he sees the same man, same car being led by same police. Timmy says: “Why are they doing it again?”.

As he is still muttering to himself he hears a loud beeeeeeeeeep. Timmy then watches a man run in front of the car with a bag that says popcorn on it in his hand. He throws a handful at the mayor who shouts in pain, Timmy looks on as the man is arrested and the Mayor is taken away in an ambulance. The news reporters interview people who describe what they say they had seen.

Timmy is still in the crowd when they all clear up and go back to where they was at the start and to his amazement it all begins again. The cheering, the first set of cars arrive, then the second, the Mayor is now okay and waving again and the news reporters are talking to members of the public. The man runs out with his popcorn and the Mayor is seemingly attacked again. But why Timmy wonders? What are they doing? Are they filming a movie?

Timmy then wakes up in his bed and he has his camera in his hand along with his mic. How did I bring this back and he remembers what he had filmed so he checks the camera to see if he has any footage on it. He does. His mum then comes into his room to wake him up for breakfast and to go to school but Timmy is already awake. He goes to hide his camera but his mum notices and asks what he is doing. She then says let me see and when Timmy shows her the camera but she can’t see it. Timmy realises he has the coolest camera in the world. It was invisible to everyone except for him.

As Timmy is in the car going to school with his sister the news comes on the radio and his mum highers it telling the kids to hush as she listens. “Breaking News Just In” says the reporter followed by “erm erm erm we are erm getting erm some erm reports erm coming in erm about an incident erm involving erm the Mayor who has allegedly erm been attacked by erm a man with a bag of popcorn erm we understand this is terror related erm and the government are now erm holding a cobra meeting about the dangers of erm popcorn. Police are erm advising members of the public to erm, stay away from people with popcorn”.

Timmy interrupts “no mum, this is lies this is not how it happened I thought it was a film they did it 3 times I seen it happen”. His mother says “Don’t be silly Timmy it has just happened this morning at 07:15, you was still asleep then not at the Town Hall. “The Town Hall?” replies Timmy. He thinks to himself “ah that must be the real world version of where I was in Spontania last night, so this means I have seen something before it happened?”

But Timmy needs to learn how to be able to use this to his advantage as this time he was beaten to the exclusive as the liars and reporters got their stories out faster meaning that a ripple effect took place back at home. The event happened here and now new laws were brought in by the governments who two weeks later agreed to a worldwide ban on the production and sale of popcorn which was to be put in place immediately.

People all around the world also cheered the decision to the ban on popcorn after the incident with the Mayor that allegedly left him with scars that looked like, well, erm, popcorn.

Timmy felt that although the people wanted the ban, he had let them down as they had been manipulated by the media outlets who had not told the truth about what happened that day. Timmy needed to become better at his new job.

Timmy knew what he had filmed that day but he needed to do something with his footage because it matched the news footage from the incident, so he had an idea, he had to make a channel to upload his videos to when he was at home. Just like his footage was uploaded to his research vault in Spontania.

If Timmy does this maybe he can prove to his classmates and his teacher that he is telling the truth when he tells them the mayor attack was all fake. He can still upload his videos now but it’s too late. The masses are brainwashed to hate popcorn which is now banned meaning no more popcorn at the movies for Timmy and his friends. Or anyone for that matter.

Timmy gets into school and during his first break he tells his friend that what happened to the Mayor was fake and he can prove it but his friend tells his teacher who takes him to the head where Timmy has his first encounter with Mrs Toppletown.

His mum is called to the school and she is not happy with Timmy who is now grounded.

Miss Moonglow and Mrs Toppletown can be seen talking as Timmy and his mum head towards his older sister Molly’s class. She comes out and begins telling tales on Timmy and calls him naughty and says he won’t be playing out for a week mocking him as always. Timmy has had a bad day but he smiles to himself as he knows that soon he will be back in spontania and he will do better next time. Victory to the loopy liars, it is 1-0 to them but they won’t get away with this again. Plus Timmy does still have that footage. He now knows its importance.

The End – Please Await Book 3

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