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Sly Sis Attacks Joy In Spontania – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 3

Sly Sis Attacks Joy In Spontania

Timmy would seem to be a typical boy, full of energy and imagination. He is eager, clever and a slightly mischievous kid who is always asking “silly questions” as the adults would say. Timmy loves going on adventures, especially whilst he is asleep. Most of Timmy’s dreams are in a land called Spontania, a magical place which he visits each night. In Spontania Timmy is a journalist who leads the battle against the loopy liars in an interdimensional information war. If Timmy can not stop fake news from making it to the public in Spontania then it has an effect on the real world. Timmy has to stop the lies before they are used to create new laws that change the world or ban fun things like popcorn. Timmy wakes up each morning and goes to school desperate to tell his friends about his newest discoveries. But the teachers do not always agree with Timmy and he is sent out of class a lot. Is this part of a bigger plot to silence Timmy so he can not tell anybody the truth? Find out in the Adventures of Timmy Truthhhhh.

Sly Sis Attacks Joy In Spontania – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 3

Timmy was tired tonight after playing football with his friends. Molly was watching her tablet. Mum and dad were watching TV but it was boring Timmy. He begins to nod off so his mum takes him to bed.

Timmy is not asleep long when he makes his way to Spontania, something big is going down and his truth senses are tingling. Timmy finds himself in a street party. There are people celebrating everywhere. It was after the big European Cup final and the local team had just won the cup.

He is filming the scenes and taking pictures. There is a sudden change in the mood of the people who went from being over the moon to sad within seconds. People began to sob, some were dropping to their knees and crying with their face in their hands.

Timmy was wondering what was happening. He needed to find out fast before everybody was too upset and the sadness spreads. Timmy pays more attention to the area with his camera when he notices an ice cream van with a big antenna on top of it.

“Huh, that’s strange” says Timmy, “why does an ice cream van need an antenna?” Timmy zooms in on the van and its driver is a man who is dressed in a suit wearing black sunglasses. Timmy says “Why is a man who works in an office driving the ice cream van with an antenna?”

Timmy begins live streaming from his mobile phone as the clouds turn grey and the sun disappears behind them. People continue to cry all around Timmy and he begins to describe what is happening to his mic which turns it into an article. Rain begins to fall and lightening strikes.

A strange shape appears in the sky it looks like a flying egg, Timmy spins his phone and captures the ice cream van suddenly speeding off. The flying egg like object is now as low as the rooftops, it is the size of a car, someone is inside it.

A voice comes out of it “Hello you pathetic fools, I am Sly Sis, I hope you are having a bad day. “You were all so happy. “I decided you was having too much fun and it needed to stop” “There is no time for joy in Spontania and as the sadness spreads you will all be sad forever”.

Timmy then remembers a cartoon he had watched where the evil genius planned to take over the world using a gadget called the emotion generator and it was going to be able to change people’s feelings to how he wanted them to feel so he could control them.

Timmy then opens his tablet and searches for emotion frequency devices and he finds a picture of an antenna just like the one he had just seen on the mystery ice cream van “was the man in a suit working for Sly Sis?” Says Timmy.

“Who is Sly Sis? “Where did she come from?”. Timmy has a lot of questions and he needs to work fast to get to the bottom of this before everyone is sad for the rest of their lives. Not just in Spontania but back home too. Timmy speaks to people who tell him how they feel. His mic records it all for his article.

Timmy then publishes an article titled “Sly Sis Uses Emotional Control Device To Make Spontania Sad Forever” He tells the public about the ice cream van and the man dressed in a suit who was driving it.

The Government ordered every ice cream van in the country to be investigated but this was the second major loss that the people of Spontania had suffered that played out in the real world. Ice cream vans were all kept in police stations and nobody could get an ice cream.

Timmy was beginning to wonder why fun being taken away from everybody each time an event like this happened? First popcorn was banned now ice cream.

The investigation into what happened was still ongoing weeks after the day sadness struck Spontania and it played out in the real world. Timmy had to go back and find out how to stop the devices emotional effect on everyone so he got ready for bed and just as he was about to nod off he had an idea.

“Bingo”, he says. “All I have to do is find the frequency and use a signal jammer to stop everyone being upset. “I am sure someone will help me in Spontania” And with that he falls asleep.

Timmy is soon teleporting back to Spontania in the search of answers where he visits a special technology lab, he uses his press pass to get in and he finds his way to a room which catches his attention. It has a picture of a brain with signals moving towards it. Timmy speaks to a clever man and tells him to look closer at the ice cream vans antenna.

The man agrees that Timmy is onto something and the company develops a device that blocks the feeling of sadness by stopping the frequency it is coming in.

Timmy then publishes another article called “Top Engineer Invents Device To End All Sadness” and heads to the Museum to speak to Oroitz who is waiting for him at the entrance.

“Hello Timmy, you have been busy” “I think you need to see what has happened here, you have created a negative loop” says Oroitz. “A negative what asks Timmy?

“You played right into their hands Timmy, they created a problem, this triggered a reaction from you and they had the solution already lined up with the device to end all sadness. It was the same device that started it but you never realised did you”

“They then used your reports and the public opinion to make everyone feel like they were the heroes with the device that removes all sadness timmy”

“But what you never understood was how people need all their emotions, it is what makes us who we are. The sad days are part of our memory just as much as the happy ones, they help shape us as we grow and learn. Now the whole of Spintania and everyone back home have no sadness, they have fake emotions”

“Sly Sis used you Timmy, she used the media, the inventors, the government, she used you all. It is her who you need to stop, but first you need to find out who she is”.

The Museum a new department called Psy-Ops where a copy of the emotion generator device is held and the story of the European Cup final attack on joy.

Timmy then wakes up and gets ready for school, his sister Molly is moaning at him that her tablet is not charged she asks him where her wire is and calls him a “Pathetic fool”.

Timmy looks up at Molly as she carries on bugging him. What she just said reminded him of what Sly sis called the people of Spontania. They make their way to school with mum in the car and Timmy tells his teacher how the government and a secret agenda had worked together to create situations that have meant people could no longer have popcorn or ice cream.

Miss Moonglow stands up and points at the door, Timmy does not even say a word as he stands up and walks out after being sent out of class for telling the truth once again.

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