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Poisonous Plane Lines Not Sky Art – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 4

Poisonous Plane Lines

Timmy would seem to be a typical boy, full of energy and imagination. He is eager, clever and a slightly mischievous kid who is always asking “silly questions” as the adults would say. Timmy loves going on adventures, especially whilst he is asleep. Most of Timmy’s dreams are in a land called Spontania, a magical place which he visits each night. In Spontania Timmy is a journalist who leads the battle against the loopy liars in an interdimensional information war. If Timmy can not stop fake news from making it to the public in Spontania then it has an effect on the real world. Timmy has to stop the lies before they are used to create new laws that change the world or ban fun things like popcorn. Timmy wakes up each morning and goes to school desperate to tell his friends about his newest discoveries. But the teachers do not always agree with Timmy and he is sent out of class a lot. Is this part of a bigger plot to silence Timmy so he can not tell anybody the truth? Find out in the Adventures of Timmy Truthhhhh.

Poisonous Plane Lines Not Sky Art – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 4

Timmy is at home with his parents and sister Molly. Timmy’s dad is sorting through boxes of clutter from the loft and he finds some old photographs from his and mums wedding day. “Ah look I found our wedding photographs” says Timmy’s dad.

Molly jumps up and looks at them saying how happy mum is in the picture as dad jokes “well she does not look happy now”. Timmy then wanders over to have a look and picks one up. He stares at it for a few seconds and asks “Why is there no lines in the sky?”

Timmy’s mum questions him: “what do you mean son?” Timmy then points outside at the sky and says “look lines in the sky lots of them but there is none in the photographs when you got married? “Why is the sky different dad?” Timmy’s dad shrugs his shoulders and says “I don’t know what you mean”

“From the aeroplanes dad” replies Timmy, look, every morning the planes fly over our house and lines come out of them and they make the weather good or bad don’t they?” “The kids in my school have been going to climate change protests but I never wanted to go because I thought it was the climate planes that made our weather change”.

Timmy’s mum and dad laugh and Molly tells Timmy he sounds stupid. Timmy looks around confused and says “but I thought it was the planes that make it rain because in the morning it is nice and sunny before the planes come out and leave lines in the sky”. “Then when it’s playtime at school it starts to rain”.

“The lines turn into clouds then it rains mummy did you not notice” insists Timmy. “No dear but you are right, looking outside and the sky is not the same today as when I was your age”. “Anyway, it’s past your bedtime you little book of questions come on let’s get you ready” And Timmy goes to bed.

Timmy nods off very fast as always and he finds himself on his way to Spontania as he blasts through the dimensions in the blink of an eye but with time slowed down so he can take it all in and enjoy the journey. He arrives within seconds and he is goes to the airport.

He sits there and watches the planes taking off and landing. He uses his camera to take pictures and get some good videos. Timmy then notices a lot of the planes do not seem to have lines coming out of the back of them and he wonders why.

Timmy then sees a group of pilots and he runs over to them “do you fly the weather changing planes that leave lines in the sky?” he asks. The pilots all shrug their shoulders and tell Timmy they have no idea what he is talking about.

Timmy then sees a plane in the sky with lines coming out of it and he points to it and says to the pilots “look, there is one right there look at the lines coming out of it, they make it rain”. Timmy then has an idea, he says “I know, I can tell you what plane it is using this flight radar app on my phone”.

Timmy opens his app and zooms in on his location only to see it shows no planes in the sky overhead. “Huh, that’s not right it says there is nothing flying over us now but you can see that can’t you why is it not showing on the radar?” The pilots tell Timmy they have to go and he is being stupid.

Timmy is sitting in the window watching the planes go by knowing he is right. He is deep in thought. “Hey there” a voice calls out, “It’s Timmy isn’t it?” A girl jumps on the seat next to Timmy and says “Hi I’m Lucy, Lucy Law, I recognise you from school, what are you doing here?”

Timmy thinks out loud “I am trying to figure out how the planes change the weather without anyone noticing it’s them that do it”. He then snaps out of his daydream and says “what do you mean you recognise me from school, what school we are in Spontania, how do you know about Spontania?” “How did you get here?”

“Never mind how I got here” says Lucy, “do you want me to help you?” “I can get documents that show what is coming out of the planes and blueprints to the planes designs”. Lucy continues, “My dad is the best solicitor in Spontania I can get you lots of information, a lot of truth”.

Timmy believes Lucy wants to help and he follows her to her dads office in the city centre where they use his supercomputer to gain information about anything they need to know. Timmy is excited as this could lead to a good article that people will pay attention to.

The computer tells them that the planes are spraying chemicals that not only change the weather but they are dangerous to humanity and all wildlife. It also says that the government are doing it to fake climate change to then make people pay a fresh air tax.

Timmy is shocked as he was right but he did not think he would be so close to the truth with his hunch.

Timmy writes an article titled “Poison Planes Are Changing The Climate & Harming All Living Things” and uploads it to his research vault and publishes it for the world to see.

“Timmy’s article is spreading fast on social media and people begin to upload pictures of the lines in the sky from planes but the government were quick to react and within one hour they released a statement about Timmy’s report.

The statement said “Citizens of Spontania, your government would like to ensure you that there is not an evil agenda to change the climate and cause a demise in nature by spraying poisonous chemicals from planes in the sky”. “We are not going to charge people for fresh air”.

“What you are seeing is simply sky art, yes that is right, the planes are spraying harmless smoke just like the red devils you see at air shows. Some planes are fitted with special spraying systems that allow pilots to draw lots of loops in the sky, you may even see crosses or x shapes, sometimes they do star signs but it is all harmless fun”.

Timmy looks at Lucy and they both say “Sky Art” at the same time. Timmy has now seen the news and government teaming up with the aeroplane industry to make Timmy’s report seem like it was lies and people were starting to believe it. They were now posting pictures online with #SkyArt.

Timmy then hears the sound of his mum’s voice breaking through telling him it is time to wake up and get ready for breakfast and school as he has a big day today. His class are going on a trip. To the air show.

Timmy does not want to miss the chance to show everyone what he has discovered but can he stay in the good books with Miss Moonglow for just one day? At least Timmy now has a new friend at school.

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