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Number Monster Chases Timmy – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 5

Number Monster

Timmy would seem to be a typical boy, full of energy and imagination. He is eager, clever and a slightly mischievous kid who is always asking “silly questions” as the adults would say. Timmy loves going on adventures, especially whilst he is asleep. Most of Timmy’s dreams are in a land called Spontania, a magical place which he visits each night. In Spontania Timmy is a journalist who leads the battle against the loopy liars in an interdimensional information war. If Timmy can not stop fake news from making it to the public in Spontania then it has an effect on the real world. Timmy has to stop the lies before they are used to create new laws that change the world or ban fun things like popcorn. Timmy wakes up each morning and goes to school desperate to tell his friends about his newest discoveries. But the teachers do not always agree with Timmy and he is sent out of class a lot. Is this part of a bigger plot to silence Timmy so he can not tell anybody the truth? Find out in the Adventures of Timmy Truthhhhh.

Number Monster Chases Timmy – Adventures Of Timmy Truth – Book 5

Today is June 5th, Timmy’s birthday, he is 6 today. Timmy wakes up to his mum shouting him. He looks at the clock on his wall it is 7:11am. An excited Timmy runs down stairs to open his presents and cards. He has a big badge with the number 6 on it.

“Can I wear this for school mum” asks Timmy, “Yes if it is okay with your teacher”. his mum replied. His big sister Molly wishes Timmy happy birthday whilst giving him 6 birthday bumps and one for good luck.

Timmy’s mum takes them to school in the car. The radio is playing. The presenter says it is 08:08. The weather comes on just as Timmy is arriving at school. “It is going to be a scorching 33 degrees today” says the reporter.

Timmy’s mum takes him to class 3C and says she will see him after school. Miss Moonglow hands out maths books to the class and tells them to turn to page 44. Timmy does not really like maths and it is still early, he begins to feel tired.

His head begins to sway as he struggles to keep his eyes open. They close for one second and Timmy is instantly teleported to Spontania. He arrives outside a park which has a huge twin pillar gateway. “They look like number 11” Timmy says.

Timmy sees an owl land on a tree in front of him “Twit Tawooo 22 Timmy Truth” the owl says. “What, you can talk?” replies Timmy. The owl flies down from the tree and transforms into a girl with numbers in her eyes.

She walks towards Timmy who walks backwards a step. Freaked out by what he has just seen “stop” he says. “What are you?” asks Timmy. The girl replies “My name is Seshat. I am the Goddess of Numbers. I was counting before the Egyptians were writing”.

Seshat is a wriggly character as she moves around like a snake she says “I measure time and space. Today is your birthday Timmy, you are 6, am I correct?” “Yes” says Timmy.

Seshat moves in close to Timmy and says “A-B-C- 1-2-3 Class 3C is 33. Timmy is 6 but if we split 6 in half its another 33. The number 33 all around me”.

Seshat’s eyes then turn into two dice and they roll onto the floor and down and towards the parks lake. The first dice lands in the water with 3 facing up. The second dice makes a splash and pops up with 3 on show again.

The two dice then explode. All the fish come out of the water and Seshat laughs before vanishing, leaving behind a mist of numbers. Timmy is not harmed but he is shocked and wants to help the fish but there is too many. He films the scene and makes a report before running to the Museum.

Timmy jogs inside but it has changed again, there is now department called Gods & Mythology. Timmy sees a statue of Seshat as Oroitz appears in front of him. “Hello Timmy” He says. Timmy catches his breath and points at the statue “She, she just attacked me and blew up the park lake”.

Oroitz tells Timmy to calm down and assures him he is safe in the Museum. “She is here because you have now learned about her Timmy, remember?” “I know” says Timmy, “but why did she attack me?”

Oroitz looks as if he is concentrating on his answer. “She attacked you, alerted you, and taught you a lesson at the same time”. “You see, the world is ran by people who leave codes that are hidden between words and numbers”.

“Your confusing me” says Timmy to which Oroitz replies: “It’s simple Timmy, its codes and you need to decode them. A is the first letter of the alphabet so A is 1, B is 2, C is 3 and so on.

Seshat is an Egyptian Goddess and for thousands of years people have practiced mystery teachings to these Gods in secret. they are called secret societies and they are in charge of everything still to this day.

“Governments Timmy, media, games, movies, education and money. All ran by the elites”. “The connection between numbers, the elies, Gods and Goddesses is pretty simple to understand too”.

“Government’s plan attacks on key dates such as March 3, which is the 3rd day of the 3rd month. A 33 day. The media will then report the attack and blame somebody else so they can bring in new laws. You seen have this with popcorn and ice cream so far”.

Jesus was 33 when he died on the cross Timmy, so the people who worship the fake gods like to mock him so they use the number 33. You will bump into a lot of Freemasons in your time and they follow the 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

“These are one of the main secret societies, they use the number 33 on attacks to show those with eyes to see that it was them who done it”

“Now that you know their secret they are not so secret anymore are they Timmy?”

Timmy replies: “No but I have a lot to learn don’t I Oroitz” “I have a lot to teach people. “I have a lot of reports to do”.

Oroitz agrees with Timmy but advises him “You need to learn how to research things using your tablet more Timmy”. “The more you know the more you can see”.

“This means you can do better reports. “Better reports mean you will be who people go to for news and not your enemies in mainstream media. “You will always be independent Timmy”.

“Timmy, wake up, wake up Timmy” Timmy jumps up in his school chair startled he looks around and everyone is looking at him. One of his classmates says “You was talking in your sleep”. Miss Moonglow tells Timmy it is a good job it is his birthday or he would be in trouble”.

Timmy says “Miss Moonglow, the world is ran by the Elites who practice mystery teachings and worship ancient Gods” They run media, money, fun parks, games, cartoons and they attack us with it all so they can take it away from us with the help of fake news”

“Righttttttt birthday boy, get out of my class you was warned” Timmy stands up like a naughty schoolboy and goes to take up his now usual place outside the teachers room.

He looks up at the clock in the hall and it is almost time to go home. “03:30 and the bell for home time rings, another 33” says Timmy as he now begins to see the pattern more clear.

Timmy was surrounded by special numbers from the minute he woke up today. At 07:11 he seen a secret 77 which we get when we multiply 7 by 11. The number 77 is a master number as is the number 33.

Timmy’s birthday June 5th is the 5th day of the 6th month. 5 plus 6 is 11. 11 is another master number. 22 that the owl said is another master number. Timmy was 6 today which is a 33 as we have learned. 11, plus 22 equals 33 which is another master number.

Timmy is going to go home and research master numbers tonight. That is if his mum has not planned a surprise party for his birthday.

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