Blaze erupts at Russia’s space agency! Or does it?

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A report has broke from the Daily Star Uk that states a fire has broken out at the Russian Space Agency, The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities commonly known as Roscosmos. The report claims to be taken from Russian press agency Tass although no reports of a fire can be found on their website as of yet. It is not known where Daily Star sourced the information from as other sources now repeat the same press release from the Star here in the UK. The report has less than 50 words and says it will be updated.

The fire broke out at the centre in the Korolev in the Moscow region, TASS reported.

A spokesman for the agency said: “There was a fire on the roof of one of the shops of TsNIImash Roskosmos.

“Currently, it is localized on an area of 50 square metres.”

It is not yet clear if anyone has been injured.

The Daily Star newspaper is not known for its hot off the press scoops so it remains to be seen if they really have stole a march on world news outlets here or if its a mistake that will end up described as a glitch. They say it is not yet clear if anyone has been injured but as of now it is not yet clear iof the event has even happened.

We can see below how the newspaper quoted as breaking the report seems to know nothing about it on their website.

The search criteria was changed to fire for this next screenshot and again it shows nothing about a fire.

Now I changed the search words to RosKosmos and again I found nothing.

Next I headed over to Twitter to take a look at Tass and guess what they have not said a word about a fire in any Russian Space agency buildings whatsoever. have the Daily Star been busted posting fake news here?

Have they let a possible future event let slip before it happened? a staged one? This is very odd indeed. Look at the time scale on the latest Tweets one was 5 minutes ago the other was 500 minutes but this story has just broke 40 minutes ago you would think that Tass would have some publications about this that have been sourced by the Daily Star but there is nothing.

I have placed the story in the Wayback Machine to archive it as published Daily Star.

Here is the Google search results for a fire at the Russian Space Agency.

Is this Fake News?

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