50 Year-old Crisp Packet Found On Beach By Teenager?

50 Year-old Crisp Packet? Has anyone seen this? I can’t breathe for laughing. Liverpool ECHO published a story alleging a teenager had found a Golden Wonder crisp packet that dated back to the 1968 Olympics. The wonder wrapping was reportedly discovered on a beach and it had not suffered one bit of sun damage or water erosion or natural sandblasting over the course of half a century. The reporter Olivia Williams has less than 25 articles on her Liverpool ECHO hit-list. Did Olivia need to boost her career with a bit of baloney, laugh, laugh? Excuse the pun but I do “Wonder” if we used Occam’s Razor if it would suggest that the time warp packaging has probably come from up in the loft?

Read the 13-year-old’s quotes about how plastic is contaminating the oceans after he alleges he found a 50-year-old crisp packet fully intact on a Wirral beach. I mock the story when I ask would you ship him away to the other side of the world in a plastic bottle? Seriously this kid has all the hallmarks of a classic crisis actor? I stop joking when I say I’m more disgusted that we have got kids who are pretending to be disgusted by crisp packets who then do interviews that seem like they are from a 75-year-old pensioner who won’t stop moaning! What is the world coming to?


Charlie, the demon child voice of an agenda based think-tank allegedly told the Liverpool ECHO: “We went for a walk at New Brighton yesterday to go along the Wirral way and we went to the Rock Ferry beach.

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50 Year-old Crisp Packet

“I found the crisp packet near the Refreshment Rooms and pointed it out to my dad, who didn’t seem too bothered.

“When I looked closer I saw it was raising money for athletes in the Olympics, so we took it home and googled it and we found it was from 1968.

“The fact that this crisp packet is older than my dad goes to show how long it takes for plastic to decompose, especially as it looked intact and easy to read.

“It was a bit ironic that I found it just miles away from the Sir David Attenborough boat, named after a man who has recently raised awareness about plastics in the oceans.

“It’s a big issue at the moment and the crisp packet shows that much more needs to be done and needs to be rectified.”

Well, thank you for those rather diplomatic views Damien, have I not seen you somewhere before?

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When you look at what happened in the world in 1968 you realise he’s actually the devil, the antichrist, found him. He is 13 and it is the 13th haha.

Charlie Owen 50 Year-old Crisp Packet

Charlie Owen 58 is 5+8=13 in the reverse Full reduction and he is loaded with the unlucky number as we see English Ordinal os 113 got your number. Please note that 11×3 is also 33. Lastly, we have 1+8+4 which also adds up to 13 ha. “The Power Of Christ Compels You”. We are told Jesus was 33 when he died on the cross which is a Pagan symbol. Freemasons adore the number 33 and we all know about the 33rd degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by now.

50 Year-old Crisp Packet unlucky number 13

He reminds me of the plot to Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens that was turned into a TV show from his novel. It is based on Armageddon being just days away, the armies of Heaven and Hell are amassing and The Four Horsemen are ready to ride. Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, agree to join forces to find the missing Anti-Christ and to stop the war that will end everything. And I mean everything!

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Key events in 1968

April 4: 44 day

Martin Luther King - 50 Year-old Crisp Packet
NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 10: Martin Luther King Speaking on September 10, 1963 in New York, New York. (Photo by Santi Visalli/Getty images)

April 23: This looks like it was started more cult weirdos.

50 Year-old Crisp Packet - 1968 student protests

This is rather alarming considering the protests we have seen in Pris this year as well as other parts of the world with the most recent one in Hong Kong about to be invaded by the Chinese Military any moment. Will we see military action begin against civilians on the 15th of August? We will find out why that would coincide with events in Liverpool during the same date in 1911 shortly.

Satellite imagery shows Chinese military vehicles congregating near Hong Kong’s border.

The image above shows a football stadium full of a reported 500 tanks, armoured vehicles as well as there being thousands of troops station in the makeshift operating base.

The PAP is the 1.5 million-member paramilitary force the government regularly deploys to quell protests within its borders. It is under the command of China’s central military commission, headed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Beijing has been denied two US warships port visits are amongst latest breaking news reports coming out of the region.


June 5 is the 156th (111) day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 209 (11) days remain until the end of the year. 111= 3 (Holy Trinity) and 11 all over this. 11 represents the Master Number 11 in numerology, this is also a way of them depicting the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin. You will see Twin pillars on the side of Masonic arches all around the world. They were also symbolic in the World Trade Center Twin Towers. The Towers were also a hidden 88 as each building had 8 sides. The number 88 is used by Neo-Nazis to Hail Hitler. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

50 Year-old Crisp Packet JFK Killed 1968 Enchanted LifePath reports

October 16: Oct = 8 and 16 = 88 #LOADED

Started on October 10 which equates to 10/10 – The number 10 is associated with Appolo the Sun God, aka Satan. In Roman numerals, X is 10. This is why we see things like X-Factor, X-Men, XBOX being pushed into our subconsciousness. The Olympic Protests were another part of the racial divide and concur card used by social engineering world leaders time and time again.

50 Year-old Crisp Packet Olympic Protest 1968 Mexico


November 5 – Popular SamhainOctober 31st
Solar Samhain – November 5th – Halfway between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice – (137 days into Solstice to Solstice transit)

APOLLO 8 ORBITS THE MOON (Apollo Sun God Orbits Diana Moon Goddess) December 24:Saturnalia

50 Year-old Crisp Packet APOLLO 8 ORBITS THE MOON (Apollo Sun God Orbits Diana Moon Goddess) December 24: - Saturnalia - Enchanted LifePath

Golden Wonder Crisp – Full Reduction 93 – Number representing Thalema 93 (Alistair Crowley) and Sun Worship, Apollo – English Ordinal 201 = 21 = 777 – 2 plus 1 becomes 3The Holy Trinity.

50 Year-old Crisp Packet - Golden Wonder Crisp numerology

Golden Wonder Crisps – Eng Ord 220 Rev Ord 266

Golden Wonder Crisps numerology

Golden Wonder – Full Reduction 64 – Eng Ord 136 every number added together from 1 to 36 = 666 – Reverse Ordinal 188 – 18/8 August 18 and 18 = 666 and the 88‘s can be pointed out as twin serpents here.

golden Wonder numerology

August 18 is the 230th day of the year 135 days remain until the end of the year. The famous number 23 make an appearance which is why I will post this clip from the Jim Carey movie to play more ‘riddle me this’ games.

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August 13 is the 225th day of the year (226th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 140 (77) days remain until the end of the year.

50 Year-old Crisp Pocket Article Published on August 13 – The Nemoralia

The Nemoralia (also known as the Festival of #Torches) is a three-day festival originally celebrated by the ancient #Romans on the #Ides of August (August 13–15) in honour of the goddess #Diana. Although the Nemoralia was originally celebrated at the Sanctuary of #Diana at Lake #Nemi, it soon became more widely celebrated. The #Catholic Church may have adapted the Nemoralia as the Feast of the Assumption. Laken Nemi is known as the Holy wood, you will be shocked at the information in this video below.

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Liverpool 1911 Transport Strike

1911 transport strike Liverpool Bloody Sunday memorial enchanted lifepath report news
Remembering those who were killed by Britsih troops in Liverpool on August 15, 1911

August 13 Police Beat up protestors on Liverpool’s Bloody Sunday.
August 14 Strike Action Begins In Liverpool.
August 15 British Troops shoot civilians dead on streets of Liverpool under orders from Winston Churchill, then Home Secretary.

HMS Antrim in the River Mersey 1911 Liverpool Transport Strike

Liverpool was outright invaded by the Britsih army as well as having our economy halted in August 1911 (911). This was during the 1911 Liverpool general transport strike, also known as the great transport workers’ strike. Although it was called the transport strike, other tradesmen from the city took to the picket lines in support. This was pivotal in the establishment of trade unions. Strike action began on the 14th of June which is the same date as the Grenfell Tower fire and Donald Trumps birthday. On August 13, 1911, police smashed into 85-100.000 people with batons injuring 350 with 3.500 troops positioned in the city. This was known as Bloody Sunday, it is the third one I am aware of in the UK and Ireland.

The cruiser HMS Antrim was also in the Mersey with orders coming from then Home Secretary, Winston Churchill and the War Office. Two days later, soldiers of the 18th Hussars opened fire on a crowd on Vauxhall Road, injuring fifteen, on the 15th of August, the Ides of August, two fatally: John Sutcliffe, a 19-year-old Catholic carter, was shot twice in the head, and Michael Prendergast, a 30-year-old Catholic docker, was shot twice in the chest. An inquest into their deaths later brought in a verdict of ‘justifiable homicide’.

Next, I had a look at Golden to see what this brought up but first I split the word up into two and I was left with God Len. As you can see God is also 10 as is X like we found out earlier. 26 is 13 13, or MM, sticking with the theme of the article nicely. Madeleine McCann story followers may see her name in a different light now.

I then had a look at the word Len and was quite startled at what I found, it can mean crap, well I never knew this! So what we have is a word embedded into something we are made to cherish, Gold, Golden items’ and what this really is is God Len, God Crap. The word God is also a mirror of Dog.

We can see the word Len comes with this number 13 theme again with a full reduction of 13.

The Golden Gates - M = 13
The Golden Gates – M = 13

The word Golden has been a keyword this week with cryptic researchers who have had eyes on the Goldengate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. The date that had people talking most was August 11, otherwise known as an 88 day with 8×11 being 88. This year the Jewish Festival, Tisha B’Av fell on August 11. Tisha B’Av (meaning Ninth of Av, the eleventh month in the Hebrew calendar, hence 9/11 or 11/9) is an annual fast day in Judaism. The dates are heavily associated with numerous disasters. The video below from Mark at Global Agenda channel on YouTube explains the 8/11 phenomenon in 2019 perfectly.

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This year, on Tisha B’Av, we had a shooting at a McDonald’s in San Francisco, the McDonald’s logo represents the Golden Gates in the same way that the number 11 represents the Twin Pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

August 11 is also the 223rd day of the year, this is a Skull and Bones 322 reference inverted. You will remember this number for key dates such as the Brussels airport bombings in 2016.

August 11 is also the 223rd day of the year, this is a Skull and Bones 322 reference inverted. You will remember this number for key dates such as the Brussels airport bombings in 2016.

I have shown all of this code work on August 11 and 11×8 and the number 88 for a reason. Charlie Owen lives on the Wirral which is a place on the opposite side of the River Mersey from Liverpool. A tunnel runs beneath the Mersey that connects Liverpool to the Wirral which is then the route towards Wales. The Mersey Tunnels were subject to what locals alleged as major police incident exercise on August 11. The region is also set to see the closure of part of the M62 for another training operation. In the not too distant future.

The Mersey Travel website says there has been planned maintenance closures of the Tunnel throughout August. I think this is not something I can professionally comment on from an outlook to the sort of work needed at current time to maintain the Mersey Tunnels but bearing in mind how major disasters tend to follow work like this and let us not forget Notre Dame fire when we see how that maintenance job ended.

If anything was to happen to the tunnels in Liverpool then one person would be stood saying a big “I told you so” and his name is Bob Mizer. Bob has singled the Mersey Tunnels out as a potential attack target for the powers that be in his research in the past. Let’s pay some attention to what Bob had to say as early as January 2017.

Bob Mizer

Kingsway Tunnel, Liverpool (Wallasey & Liverpool bound)

I’ve made many posts in regards to a possible future FALSE FLAG EVENT that will involve a tunnel collapse. in particular this one (Kingsway) or the Queensway tunnel that connects Liverpool to Birkenhead further down the road from this one(The Kingsway)

Subliminal Suggestion*

In the first red circle ⭕️ 5.0m – 16’- 6” = 5 + 1 from the 16 = 6 and the other two sixes = 666

THE LIE^^ 5.0 metres doesn’t even calculate as 16’- 6”

How High Is The Queensway Tunnel?

5.0 metres calculate to 16’- 4.85”

Is this sign dangerously wrong?

So in relation to rounding it off for any reason^^ the sign should say 16’- 5”

But then the 666 subliminal wouldn’t be suggested!!! SO THEY HAVE LIED INSTEAD

Also two black triangles = As Above So Below

In the second circle ⭕️ 11T weight restriction – black triangle pointing down in reference to pressure/weight/collapse

11 is also the number of DEATH

In the third circle ⭕️ 2.9m – 2 + 9 = 11

Add this^^^ 11 to the second circle ⭕️ 11 and you’ve got 11:11 or 1111

1111 x 1111 = 1234321 which = a numbered pyramid

Also in third circle ⭕️ 9’-6” with inward-pointing triangles – inward = inverted

96 inverted is 69 which relates to Saturn’s Orbital Speed 9.69km

Mersey Bus Tunnel Decode Bob Mizer Enchanted LifePath report

*** Bus Number 432 & Bus Number 433

432 + 234 = 666

4+3+2 = 9 and the No 9 = FALL (Luciferian teachings)

433 + 334 = 767

6 can be added to the 9 for another 6.9 or 9.6 in relation to Saturn’s Orbital Speed 9.69km

Click To Read More On Enchanted LifePath All Roads Lead To Liverpool

77 = 7/7 False Flag

4+3+3 = 10

Using the mirroring/flipping/inverting techniques that these secret societies practice we can do 1010 + 0101 = another 1111

11 = DEATH

That’s a whole lot of 9/11 code and pyramid structure code via 1111 x 1111 = 1234321

I’ve felt for some time now that something is going to happen with one of two tunnels

I would like to thank Bob for that breakdown of the Kingsway and Queensway tunnels. I noticed this comment in the post and thought I would add it is from another friend of ours Henry Sibley who chipped in with this cryptic corker. He pointed out how M Kingsway broke down to 119 in Jewish Ordinal using the Gematrinator calculator.

Liverpool was founded as a city in 1190 which is just another 911, all inverted or hidden in plain sight as we have shown time and time again on this article.

1190 was also a very dark year for the Jewish community as they were massacred around the world with many executions taking place here in the UK.

Liverpool Foundation – 1190

Liver Buildings – Opened: 1911 During the trade strike

Travel time from Liverpool to New York, World Trade Centre – 9 hours 11 mins

Liverpool, New York (USA) Daylight hours in December hours 11 mins

Liverpool May Day Blitz (Beltane Fire Festival119 other explosives such as incendiaries were used.

Distance from Liverpool to WTC New York is 3306 miles.


Liverpool and New York have many ties but I bet you did not expect them to be linked to the Babylonian Empire did you?

If I asked 100 people to think of a number that reminds them of New York most would say 9/11. This would be a pretty common answer post the September 11, 2001, World Trade Centre attacks which shook us into the new age of ‘fake terror’ we still live in today.

The 9/11 code was present in the blueprints of New York’s twin city, Liverpool, England, hundreds of years before New York was even founded.

The City of Liverpool (The New York, of Europe, Second City of The Empire) was founded in 1190, which is 811 years before 9/11.

Once again we have another highly cryptic number with the 88 code embedded when we look at 8×11 = 88.

Truth Bomb, the 9/11 attacks were coded into the foundation of Liverpool 811 years before the World Trade Centre Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down. 8×11=88, The Twin Serpent, do you still think this was an accident?

WTC Truth Bomb, the 9/11 attacks were coded into the foundation of Liverpool 811 years before the World Trade Centre Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down, do you still think this was an accident? 8x11=88

You can read more about the history of Liverpool Decoded here on my website via the article below.

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