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Epstein’s Panto Perv Jizzlaine

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In this video, I highlight how the Jeffrey Epstein suicide pop-up photojournalist William Farrington is most likely Roger Farrington, a world-renowned photographer with Secret Service clearance at the White House to his credentials.

Roger was in fact one of the last people to photograph John Lennon after being hired by Yoko before he died in what people allege to be a C.I.A hit.

William Farrington CIA Photographer

Farrington’s pictures started a wild-goose chase in the media but all it has been a game show all along with even more clues revealed in this video.

One key point is Epstein’s ORANGE jumpsuit he was pictured in by Farrington.

This raises alarm bells as all data seems to point at BLUE jumpsuits being used for inmates at New Yorks Metropolitan Correctional Centre where Epstein was said to have committed suicide.

This is rather mind-boggling when we take note that it appears to not be Jeffrey Epstein in the images.

Other Medical issues are highlighted such as why he did not seem to have the correct Endotracheal Intubation in one image but was receiving oxygen that should have had one inserted to assist his breathing.

But he was said to be dead at this stage so the game show went on.

Epstein paramedic analytics

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Epstein's Panto Perv Jizzlaine - Endotracheal Intubation by Direct Laryngoscopy

Epstein’s Panto Perv Jizzlaine

Jizzlaine Maxwell revealed her burger in a Photoshop fiasco that left more people laughing at the editing by alleged Jizzlaine’s lawyer which left its Metadata on the image for the world to confirm it was edited in Photoshop.

Mainstream media outlets then quickly scrambled to perform damage limitation and actually done some youtube truther type work and published articles declaring the mages were staged.

Epstein's Panto Perv Jizzlaine

Tut, tut New York Post as it was them who got hold of these images faster than the eye could see for the second time in a matter of days.

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