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Liverpool History – The Untold Story: Second City Of The Empire Decoded

Liverpool History: The Lost Twin of Babylon Liverpool History – You will learn more & have the best experience if you can find time to watch all the videos in the article along the way. Be #Enchanted New York 9/11 Code And The Lost Twin of Babylon – The Second City of The Empire – All Roads Lead To Liverpool INTRO As with a lot of my work, I seem to do things in present day not knowing the full meaning or relevance of what I am doing until one…

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Alan Dershowitz Doll On Couch In BBC’s Prince Andrew Panorama?

Alan Dershowitz’ odd Doll seen in BBC Prince Andrew documentary? Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer appeared in BBC One documentary, Panorama – The Prince And The Epstein Scandal, and he was sat close to what can only be described as a life-size doll but what type of doll is it? You can see this in Dershowitz’s living room along with a host of cryptic and occult statues and ornaments as he denies rape allegations made against him by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts. Dershowitz appeared in BBC Documentary, Panorama,…

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