Alan Dershowitz’ odd Doll seen in BBC Prince Andrew documentary?

Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer appeared in BBC One documentary, Panorama – The Prince And The Epstein Scandal, and he was sat close to what can only be described as a life-size doll but what type of doll is it?

You can see this in Dershowitz’s living room along with a host of cryptic and occult statues and ornaments as he denies rape allegations made against him by Prince Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts.

Dershowitz appeared in BBC Documentary, Panorama, about Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew.

Here is my original upload featuring more footage of Dershowitz on BBC’s Panorama. I first noticed this as I watch on BBC iPlayer and then screen recorded the program for criticism purposes.

Dershowitz seems to have had more company than the host of the television show, Darragh MacIntyre, as there is a lifesize doll-like figure sitting on the couch just a few feet away from Mr. Dershowitz in his home where he denied having unlawful sex with Virginia Roberts.

Alan Dershowitz Sex Doll In BBC Documentary Panorama With Journalist Darragh MacIntyre

I wonder why he has it on his premises?

Other websites have picked up on my video and published articles that have directed over 5000 people to my upload on 153.News.

The image below was enhanced by Renegade Tribute.

Alan Dershowitz appeared in BBC Panorama documentary about Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew. Alan Dershowitz Sex Doll

Did the presenter, journalist, Darragh MacIntyre, not notice the doll whilst he was there with his filming and audio team? Did any of them notice it?

Panorama Darragh Macintyre Alan Dershowitz Sex Doll Prince Andrew Documentary Enchanted LifePath

Was this a good setting to deny being a sexual predator when sat feet away from a life-like doll fetish?

Do these people all have highly strange things in their homes?

Whichever way you see the doll at Dershowitz’s home is up to you, but it gave me even more creeps.

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