BLL7777 UFO Was Loon Terrestrial 5G Network Balloon & Drones, COVID19 GoogleX Lockdown Data Grab? (video)

People burning 5G masts down now face a new battle against terrestrial floating masts that are 62000 feet above the earth with one over Ireland right now for instance.

Balloons and drones can maintain connectivity in the event of damage to the 5g infrastructure here on earth.

I just stumbled on this as I jumped up to check all the radars and photograph the moon after nearly being asleep.

This video shows how they plan to use 5G drones powered by Lower Earth Orbit based drones and balloons that will be keeping up the 5G connectivity regardless of the earth-based antennas that are going up around cities worldwide.

The drones are said to be also to be used to locate and identify missing kids which tie into what I have said in my articles as the end-game to the Madeleine McCann investigation when they announce new-technology will be the answer to child-trafficking around the world.

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It also shows how the GoogleX balloons will engage with all Google Users devices in real-time, 5G speeds, and track all aspects of our lives as we are becoming more linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) as we speak. A prime example was yesterday’s UK government briefing when they announced Google had released data on all our movements during lockdown that shows how we have stayed at home more whilst places such as bars, workplaces, public transport have suffered in huge drops in public use.

This also ties into the reports of West Derbyshire police using drones to track members of the public who have been going for walks in the countryside and rural areas’ The new floating balloon masts are said to be highly beneficial in areas that usually suffer from low internet coverage.

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The police drone may well have been operating on the new 5G network in another BETA test on the public that I also presume will be trialing facial recognition that will be tied into the IoT.

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The diamond princess cruise ships 5G availability was in dispute wit myself for a while as I knew a lot of the fleet had the technology via their Medallion class service onboard cruise liners, yet the diamond Princess was not due for a roll-out until March 2020. I did leave room for the high probability of testing and trial runs on board the vessels though. The Terrestrial 5G masts are there to help connectivity to ships at sea also so we do have a clear motive for the attention on cruiseliners recently.

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This is the work of mad geniuses. It appears to be a worldwide cohesion test between services that also includes all broadcasting services as they are all undertaking upgrades right now which I suspect is why companies like YouTube and Netflix are reporting on issues with bandwidth as they are readying for a mega boost after all the trouble of the alleged virus, the material world will be thankful for the many short-sighted great answers that will come from for the trojan horse that is 5G. Vaccinations via drone and so on.

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The planes grounded gives the chance to fit new infrastructure into aircraft as well as airports. All this is going on as we sit here like idiots, the world is being dragged into the future under the guise of a worldwide pandemic. The grounded reduction in air traffic may also help reduce signal interference in the testing period who knows.

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Joe Imbriano spoke about the dangers of the 5G grid once again on his channel on April 4, 2020. It is a subject he excels in with his scientific, medical and engineering knowledge being transferred into fast-flowing, easy to understand videos for his audience. Californian based Joe is second to none at what he does and his style is more vocal and informative than anyone who denies the dangers of 5G.

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