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Liverpool became the first city of the United Kingdom to declare its standing under Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta (known as the ‘Security Clause’) amidst the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.

The declaration was made in light of the removal of the general publics inalienable rights.

Mayor Of Liverpool On Notice Of Invocation of Article 61 – Mayor Joseph Anderson, OBE

A Public Notice of The Invocation of Article 61, Enforcement Clause was made to public sector workers at Liverpool City Council and numerous NHS staff at The Royal Liverpool Hospital on Thursday, May, 7, 2020.

Local independent news-outlet uploaded a video to YouTube containing a call to Liverpool City Council before heading to the Royal Liverpool Hospital in the city center where over 100 people were present to witness the second Public notice of the day along with viewers in a live stream via Youtube who were also classed as witnesses.

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The notice which was made can be seen below, you can also save the image on your device if you wanted to build your own collection of documents and paperwork relating to Article 61 including the ability to download an Oath of allegiance to obey the direction of the lords of the barons’ committee who invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta on the 23rd March 2001 in accordance with the royal command to do so.

You can download the Oath (as seen below in short) in two formats, Rich Text and Word Doc, an example of the oath can be seen below, you will have to download a file to see the full version.

An Oath of Allegiance does not need to be sent to a baron, simply create one and have three people sign it as witnesses and it becomes a legal instrument, which covers you from allegations of acting in outlawry (unlawfully).

You can download an updated Coronavirus version by clicking the image below, or you can get an original copy further down the page with some other templates.

A step-by-step process file can be downloaded here.

The enforcement clause has been used successfully by members of the public since it was invoked by the Barons in 2001.

The most notable case was when a group of men and women acted in Lawful Objection to seize Glastonbury Town Hall in October 2014, with the blessings of the Duke of Rutland, after alerting local politicians, police, and members of the council, of crimes against the public.

The group of just seven, seized the Town Hall building during a sit down-discussion that lasted just over an hour.

David Robinson led the seizure after months of lobbying at council meetings before he finally made his move.

He was supported by his prodigy, Danielle Delioness, and a small group of knowledgeable people who stunned the ancient Town with their bold statement.

Danielle has been successful in numerous cases against the court system where she has proven that lawfulness stands above legality, by not being jailed for failing to arrive at court after being charged with a reported 35 cannabis plants.

Police did attend the demonstration of public power but they agreed the seizure was lawful and remained peaceful throughout the procedure.

The stunning scenes can be watched in the video below.

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