Killer cabs fitted with twilight-zone screens that are designed to stop the spread of the alleged Covid-19 virus have been brought to the attention of Merseyside Taxi firm Delta Taxis after a local independent reporter was deprived of oxygen to the point of almost passing out on Saturday evening.

A perspex screen separated the front of the car from the passenger seats in the back leaving customers in a confined space with a lack of air circulation.

The modified death chamber caused rapid weakness accommodated by feeling dizzy and confused without realising the effects of oxygen deprivation where taking place. The reporter has filed a complaint with Delta Taxis.

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Having not noticed the air was being restricted of air until the effects had taken place. the reporter then had to open the window to gasp for air. It was then that he realised it was the protective screen that was reducing the oxygen in the back of the cab which causing him to feel the effects of asphyxiation which is defined as the state or process of being deprived of oxygen, which can result in unconsciousness or death; suffocation.

The reporter from Enchanted LifePath was picked up by a taxi that was ordered via their new app that gives priority over calls and logs the details of each booking.

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A complaint was made by the owner of Enchanted LifePath Alternative News & Media in which points were raised regarding time limits around oxygen deprivation, especially in very young children and babies.

It was a much cooler day than of late when the incident took place, but a hotter day may have led to more severe complications, especially for a very young child on a long journey whose parents may think they have fallen asleep when they may have passed out.

The reporter arrived at home and called Delta Taxis, recording the call for public interest, the employee if they could provide access to an incident book or if the driver had one that could be filled in. The question was raised as to whether the driver had filed a risk assessment regarding passenger safety. The lady was not much help and told the reporter to call the licensing authority.

An email was sent to Delta Taxi’s to raise the issue in writing shortly after the call.

A reply was received from Delta Taxis who refused to acknowledge the dangers around the screens and suggested the screens are down to personal preference from the drivers who are self-employed and governed by the licensing authority

Image may contain: text that says 'Thank you for contacting Delta Customer with your feedback. Delta drivers are self-employed and are responsible their space, which is also regulated by the Council. We are sorry that you have not found the plastic guard in driver's car acceptable however the in breach of Delta's rules this PPE vehicle in which he is taking bookings. If passengers do find this type of environment claustrophobic during the current pandemic, be mode transport for you and would advise that you seek an alternative way to get from A B. Kind Regards, Customer Services'

Sefton Council website has information clearly posted there stating that the council does not approve the screens for various reasons including insurance. Sefton Council does not approve the protective screen, yet we have drivers operating in the Sefton area who are using the unapproved screens that resulted in me suffering air deprivation.

Image Source: Sefton Council Website

Image may contain: text

It is contradictory that the council has made it 100% clear they do not recognise the use of the screens yet Delta Taxis are allowing drivers to use them on the basis of they are self-employed and it is down to their own personal preferences.  This can be seen in the email response received from Delta Taxis after the complaint.

Although Sefton Council does not allow the use of the screens, Liverpool City Council, who confirmed the taxi in question was not licensed by them, has approved protective screens for taxis and private hire vehicles. They have a partnership with a company called Cab & Car Care who is based in the Wirral on Merseyside.

Image may contain: 1 person, car, text that says 'Liverpool City Council have approved protective screens for taxis and private hire vehicles 19/06/2020 5400 KV69 YN YKI9LNA Liverpool City Council has become the first authority in the country to approve a locally- made protective ective screen for taxis and private hire vehicles that will help prevent the spread coronavirus.'

The article reads: Liverpool City Council have approved protective screens for taxis and private hire vehicles.

Liverpool City Council has become the first authority in the country to approve a locally-made protective screen for taxis and private hire vehicles that will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

People traveling around Liverpool by taxi will now have added protection and peace-of-mind thanks to the pioneering project to fit public vehicles with special screens.

Chair of Liverpool City Council’s Licensing Committee, Cllr Christine Banks, said: “The safety of both drivers and the travelling public is the number one priority for us but we also want to do our bit to get the city moving again, get our drivers back into work and support the local economy. 

“We have acted swiftly and worked with our partners to get these new screens rigorously tested and ready to be installed in the vehicles. Whilst it is not compulsory for drivers to have a screen and there is a cost to having them fitted, we feel many more of the city’s drivers will come forward to get them fitted. We are also making sure we are prepared for the future by helping to prevent the spread of the virus.”


The Wirral based company is owned by a Mr Shaun Marnell who is the only person named on the Companies House records for Cab and Car Care, as seen below.

Shaun Marnell has a Companies House page in his own name and it is within the details on that page that the third connection via FORM 10 SECRETARIES to 788-790 Finchley Road and COVID-19 related issues was made in as many months by Enchanted LifePath Alternative News & Media.

The new NHS Nightingale Hospital, in London, is also connected to companies with links to 788-790 Finchley Road.

The pop-up, military hospital was opened in record time after it was brought in to the government’s insane war on COVID-19. The 4000-bed complex is over 1km long. It features its own morgue and incinerator inline with the new Coronavirus bill, cremation regulations.

The hospital was opened by Prince Charles via video links with the current covert leader of the United Kingdom, Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, present onsite.

The hospital had a planning permission application accepted by Newsham Council after it was made by DP9 LTD on behalf of the London International Exhibition Centre PLC, who own the ExCel center that Nightingale was built in. The owners and directors are a 70-person list of Sultans, Politicians, Lords, and big-wigs. The majority of the names that stand out the most are from the United Arab Emirates. This shows a lot people are set to benefit from this deal, but it does not end there.

Video from April, 13, showing Finchley Road connection to planning permission before the application documented was made unavailable by the Newham Council website.

The planning application can be seen below and it does link through to the original source before the file was later found to be unavailable on the Newham council website after initial Enchanted LifePath reports on the connection.

The next screenshot shows DP9 listed as the agents who handled the application in regards to the NHS Nightingale Hospital. Ther application was made on March 26, 2020.

Next, you can see DP9 LTD on Companies House, they are, of course, an active company.

DP9 are another company that was started up by directors from 788-790 Finchley Road. We see 21 officers with 7 resignations. Two of the named entities on the DP9 LTD records are Temple Secretaries and Company Directors Limited. Both are registered at 788-790.

We can see many sources of information regarding the 788-790 Finchley Road scandal in the public domain. The elites of the world, from Royalty to Former Prime Ministers are named in allegations surrounding the abandoned premises that holds the key to a £Billion, organised crime network. The fact that such a global fraud has taken place by people within the walls of Westminster, this may have left the door open for our government to be blackmailed into making certain decisions such as these we are seeing with the alleged COVID-19 outbreak.

This was not the first time I connected events around COVID-19 to Finchley Road.

If you have been following my reports on YoTube regarding the Abel family and their Coronavirus ordeal that we are seeing beamed to the world via allegedly infected gnostic actor David Abel and his wife Sally. David Abel was revealed to be an actor and a Freemason which may well plunge his trustworthiness levels to a very low capacity when analysing his time spent in quarantine. David Abel has a son, Stephen Abel, who threatened me in person during a live stream on his father’s channel. This was after David denied being a crisis actor, again on his channel as he was live on YouTube also. I cover David Abel more extensively at the bottom of this article but for now, let me show you how Stephen Abel has led me to be able to connect him to the 2Faced Theatre Company owned by Simon Schofield who we now know has spent time in Wuhan by his own photograph that I covered earlier.

Stephen Abel has 2 different director IDs. One is this one for Fancy Bike Thing. Remember you can click the images to be directed to the original source in a new tab so this page will stay open for you.

Another ID he uses has a different birth date (July 1975 instead of July 1974) ( this is to try and hide links to other companies) But his company Think Courier LTD was registered at the same address in Woodstock as Roberta Watts other company Virtuous Erp LTD. It was not hard to link these accounts.

And as you can see he has other directors at Think Courier LTD, Form10 are formation agents. Form 10 are also directors of his other company Abe1 LTD.

Form 10 are linked to 788-790 Finchley Rd and mentioned in the Panama Papers. Form 10 is also named as directors on 2Faced Theatre Company books.

2 Faced theatre company indeed. Of which Schofield is a patron and his mate Simon Schofield is director. And where he met his alleged lover Mathew McGreevy when he was 10!

You can how see FORM 10 SECRETARIES and DIRECTORS are named in a dossier of evidence that was handed to the BBC by, Gordon Bowden, a former RAF veteran who had investigated serious, £billion, government level, frauds, abuse, and money laundering that led him back to 788-790 Finchley Road.

There is more information in the video below.

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