Viruses Don't Do Waves

Calm Down Liverpool Calm Down – Dr. Mike Yeadon “Viruses Don’t Do Waves”

Listen to Mike Yeadon DESTROY the idea of a second wave by telling the audience how viruses don’t do waves.

He also puts the PCR tests to bed highlighting how fraudulent they are by explaining the false positives issue which is going to be what brings this government down, FACT.

Listen to Mike along with other doctors in this video as they give the public all the info they need to stop believing the media hype around the fake pandemic….

The tests are all false positives, all of them, there is not even one real positive test. So, the mass testing they have had us all up the wall with since test, test, test, is faking the data. This is because the tests are bringing back fake cases.

They are putting us under lockdowns based on false positives and with mass testing, they will find another load of false positives and say Liverpool needs to stay in more serious lockdown and it will bode for more restrictions.

All based entirely on 100% fake test results.

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Watch the video as it explains it perfectly.

All this information is public knowledge but somehow, Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson is on Twitter stating the tests do not give off false positives, it is not known if Joe is prepared to provide proof of claim on this one but he has left himself wide open to criticism with this outlandish remark.

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Twitter users noticed how inept Joe’s comment was and he was instantly put in his place, one person posted how the new tests that are alleged to be tracing people with no symptoms are not actually fit for purpose for such testing as explained on the instruction manual for the rapid Innova test that has been rolled out in the new fight against this make-believe disease as it gets worse and worse with the lives, time and money being wasted.

I have already done a Freedom of Information request to Liverpool City Region Combined Authority who confirmed they hold no data regarding how many false positives are submitted into gov stats from Liverpool.

What is the rate of false positives on Merseyside?

The answer is they don’t know.

How can they not have this data when in discussion over locking us down?

Read my first requests below and then see my next five questions that I am awaiting an answer to.

I then asked two questions and was told one of them was an opinion so it was not a valid Freedom of Information request.

I responded with five further questions as posted below:

Hello, I have five questions in my freedom of Information Request.

1) Does Liverpool City Region Combined Authority hold any records of the number of local coronavirus/COVID-19 tests conducted on the people in the region that have returned a false-positive result whilst they are in negotiations with central government regarding the localised lockdown measures and the deployment of the military to the area to assist in the mass testing pilot scheme that is being put in place from Thursday, November 5th, 2020?

2) Can Liverpool City Region Combined Authority or Mayor Joe Anderson show any proof of having ever requested data from Public Health England, the NHS, or central government, regarding the number of false-positive tests in the Liverpool area when taking part in negotiations regarding local lockdowns, restrictions, tiers, and the deployment of troops in the city and surrounding boroughs?

3) Does Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, including Mayor Joseph Anderson hold any evidence that has been presented to them during any discussions with central government, Public Health England, or the NHS, during the whole of 2020 to date that shows if SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 exists?

4) Does Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, including Mayor Joseph Anderson hold any evidence that has been presented to them during any discussions with central government, Public Health England, or the NHS, during the whole of 2020 to date that shows if it causes an illness that matches the characteristics of all the deaths that are attributed to COVID-19?

5) Does Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, including Mayor Joseph Anderson hold any evidence that has been presented to them during any discussions with central government, Public Health England, or the NHS, during the whole of 2020 to date that shows if SARS-Cov-2/COVID-19 has been isolated using Koch’s postulates method, reproduced, and then proven to cause any illness?

Best Regards

End of questions.

I am now awaiting my response, I will upload the reply as soon as I get it.

Here is another FOI that has already confirmed SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 does not exist…

Sars-CoV-2 Does Not Exist According To Freedom of Information Request

THE OAKFORD REPORT: Mark Oakford Conducts UK’s Largest Independent Study Into Pilar 2 Staff Cases Of Covid-19

Gemma is not the only person to provide information regarding the ongoing scandal and a Liverpool based researcher has conducted a nationwide mass-independent study using the freedom of Information system to gather data from hundreds of requests that were sent to the public sector.

Mark Oakford sent five questions to national front line services such as NHS Trusts, local council’s, blue light emergency services, asking how many staff they have, how many have died from Covid-19, how many have been isolated due to a positive test and how many were hospitalised due to the alleged virus and had to spend time off work.

The key statistic is from around 2.4 million staff across all sectors, only 100 deaths have been recorded according to the information obtained via the FOI requests.

A few questions arise out of this information, as does what we can take as documented facts, or statements from authorities controlling the regulations placed on the masses.

If FOI requests from authorities covering 2.4 million staff with an alleged 620 deaths of NHS staff alone, how did a figure of 100 tests come back from hundreds of freedom of information requests?

Another question is how did so many staff of the front-line public sector bodies not have any data based on staff status in relation to Covid-19 infections?

Did these establishments not follow the track and trace policies that they are enforcing?

No description available.

The data on display here, if added to the whole nation would account to less than 3000 deaths nationwide using the AMSR formula that may be showing that secretive void in the error percentage rate data in false positives that is annoying doctors who are speaking out against this scandal.

Out of 671 replies so far, 240 have answered every question explains Mark in his Facebook Live stream on Saturday, October 7, 2020. 431 failed to answer any questions. The data taken from the replies is quite astounding and is fast becoming a major talking point with mr. Oakford working with many key figures behind the scenes including Michael O’Bernicia’s legal team who have taken Mark’s data as evidence in a class action case against the government.

The government has been caught using false data to enforce the October 31 lockdown in the UK by using old ONS stats although new data was at hand, they used previous statistics to support their sneaky agenda, not for the first time. The manipulated information was not true, it was used once again to unlawfully imprison 67 million people.

The government have since simply said sorry for the data breach and they have now fixed it, this means they will now try to slither off with their tyrannical actions going unaccounted for once again.

See more in the video below.

A Film Your Test Centre Extravaganza Movie – All Roads Lead To Liverpool

Watch Full Version Of Video Via Bitchute

This video also highlights Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson’s tip-off to an alleged paedophile school teacher who was under section 47 investigation by police and social services in 2007. The tip-off came just 24 hours before a police raid at the home of Ben Williams who acted on the tip-off and deleted 207 files from his computer a court heard. Ben Williams had been caught by I.T engineers at King George V, School, Southport, after they found he had logged into a computer and typed paedophile terms ‘child porn’ and ‘Lolita’ into the PC.

You can read about the story as reported by Liverpool Echo in 2007 in my recent article via the link below.

Use the footage/audio/FOI in this article to explain to EVERYONE the scam that is taking place in our city right now and exactly who is behind it and how Joe Anderson can not be trusted in a position of power.

Wake up Liverpool…

Liverpool Lord Mayor Joe Anderson Paedophile Cover-up.

Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson, has been a very vocal figure in Merseyside during the alleged 2020 Pandemic, but should Joe be in such a position of power after he tipped off a teacher who was subject to a police and social services investigation in 2007 resulting in Ben Williams deleting 207 files from his computers.

Joe was Labour leader when the incident took place and his stature in the city has grown since with him being named Mayor of Liverpool in May 2012, securing a second term in 2016.

A 2007 article from highlighted Joe Anderson’s connections to alleged paedophile, Ben Williams, and how the Mayor of Liverpool’s tip-off came just hours before police carried out a section 47 raid on the home of the labour party councillor who had taken a job as a school teacher at King George V, Southport.

Ben Williams was let off the hook by the jury who could not come to a conclusion, for the second time, and the judge ruled against another trial.

This was reported by the Liverpool Echo.


Labour Party Councillor & School teacher Ben Williams gets a tip-off from Labour Mayor Joe Anderson & Deletes 207 files from his computer the day before the section 47 police raid a jury at Liverpool Court heard Ben Williams admit.

Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History & Politics teacher in King George the V school in Southport.


Once again we see Labour party councillors applying for jobs to be near children, whether it be School teachers or school governors, to Barnardos and even the NSPCC and child care home workers for the vulnerable.

Ben Williams from the Clubmoor constituency area of Liverpool had been found to have the words ‘Lolita’ and  ‘Child Porn’ typed into school computers he logged onto with his personal pass key, when a group of IT teachers who were protecting children at King George V school noticed the entries by Labour Councillor Ben Williams on computers he had logged into.

Ben Williams, although his home was raided and 8 computers were seized, found himself let off by a jury who could not come to a decision for the Second time.

The judged added that he did not want to have another trial.

Labour Councillor Ben Williams admitted that Joe Anderson had told him the day before his arrest and raid at his house, that a section 47 investigation was underway.

This means that Merseyside Police informed Labour Council leader & Liverpool Lord Mayor  Joe Anderson,  who then tipped off Ben Williams, who then deleted the evidence before the police ‘Raid.

’207 files were destroyed by Ben Williams.. if they were innocent.. why did he need to delete them?

The link above confirms the truth… Joe Anderson is a Paedophile supporter… but who was it from King George V school that informed the Police, and who was the police officer who informed Joe Anderson?

Who allowed a second trial without convicting Ben Williams?

The smoke was there but the fire was well put out.

If Ben Williams was ‘not guilty’ then why did Joe Anderson not give him his job back?

Why did King George V school not give Ben Williams his old job back?

Joe ‘207’ Anderson should have been arrested immediately when this report came to the Labour25 website.

He should be tried for obstructing the course of justice and his Mayoral title removed.

The paedophile filth of the Labour Party continues but more and more are being hunted down including other paedophile supporters that supported muslim grooming gangs in Liverpool who were members of the state set up ‘Occupy movement’ and the UAF communist movement for the Labour Party.


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Liverpool Echo Report

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