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The goal of this tutorial is to set up your channel and/or brand, add it to various platforms, get you a superb free video editing program, get you uploading videos and live streams, and have them automatically converted into podcasts that upload on Spotify and iTunes without you doing a thing. This will further your reach as you grow your audience. Other additions to your platform will include a website and affiliate partnerships. All aspects will be covered right here so don’t worry as it is not difficult or technical within the flow of things.

Links are provided to all the sites, and perks that I use. I show you where to get brilliant free professional editing software and live streaming programs. I provide info on affiliate partnerships that pay you to promote products and services. This is 5 years of messing around and troubleshooting for me, all rolled into one article for you.

Please send this advice to all of your favourite channels and friends on social media who you think will be good content creators. There are links and instructions on how to get a website domain and server for just £1 to start with. When you are ready and you need help, just ask. This method can be used by anyone. You may be a builder, a hairdresser, a factory worker, anything, it’s time people became independent online.

Beat The So-Called “Professionals”

When the pandemic lockdowns began, people in all professions were thrust into this work-from-home paradigm before they could think about the implications to the economy, it all happened in a flash. Now we see alleged media professionals making a mockery of themselves on well-known television and media-based outlets. Presenters appearing on Zoom link interviews with guests highlight how unprofessional television standards dropped after 2020. Major issues are all over mainstream television with blurry webcams, poor internet speeds, frame rates, and bad audio too. Lighting is a cringe-worthy error with the trendy mistake of the year being how these so-called media starlets all sit in front of windows meaning they are back-lit and often silhouetted by the sun behind them. I have watched television shows and news channels’ quality standards fall apart in 2020.

Most of the staff were forced to stand on their own feet without studio runners, audio technicians, lighting engineers, and so on to prop them up. Football press conferences are a prime example of all that bugs me when watching the so-called pinnacles of media and their use of Zoom meaning journalists now talk to managers such as Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp on a multi-screen set-up where we get to see the reporters (for some strange annoying reason) as they desperately hug the limelight. When have we ever seen the faces of reporters at football press conferences? That is not the worst side of it, the production quality is beyond embarrassing and it has led me to do this tutorial to help catapult you beyond the ability of these clowns in mainstream media. Do not make the mistake they are making and you will be fine. Look at the video below for just one of many prime examples from the Blood Red Podcast channel that is affiliated to the now, all so clearly, Anti-Liverpool Echo. This is awful and by the end of this tutorial, you won’t be producing rubbish like this.

YouTube player

You can take advantage of how the world was shaped in 2022 as we head into 2023. This helps you adapt to the technology and software that is available to you in abundance.

Why Did I Build Enchanted LifePath?

I built this platform in 2015 in the hope it would give people a place they can express their opinions and meet new, like-minded friends. Enchanted LifePath achieved that goal within one year. People were talking on my YouTube channels and friendships were being created as I continued to report, research, and present my findings to my growing audiences. As all this was ongoing, I carried on learning new things and embedding them into the website.

Before having to battle outrageous censorship and being distracted from my targets, I was doing tutorials on all of the elements that I was adding to Enchanted LIfePath behind the scenes, these lessons benefited us all. I have always looked into ways to improve my layout and for the first two years, I was having lots of ideas regarding things I would like to implement into not only the site but my videos on YouTube too.

The first thing I would do is have a thought, then I would see if it was possible and do some research via YouTube as you can pause them as you try things, I would find out how to add it to Enchanted LifePath, thoughts then became things.

For example, one question I asked myself was, is it possible to add an MP3 player to my site so people can listen to soundtracks from my videos?

The answer, in short, was yes, so I installed an MP3 player plugin via the WordPress dashboard. I am going to show you how to do all this in a simple way so don’t panic. I often say that when I first began building my layout, I was shocked at how easy it was to build a website or make an article, to me it was no different from making a post on Facebook. This is something we have all done thousands of times. The process when broken down is similar. We add some text, a status as it is known in the Facebook world, then we add an image by clicking add photo, we then press post. When I build a webpage I do not do anything that is not completed using exactly the same methods used to share my thoughts on social media. Even this page now, look at it, it is just text and images, you could also add a youtube link that opens up into a video like this.

Natural Progressions And Affiliate Marketing

Another thing that comes as a natural progression is earning money from the platform.

This step happens when building websites or hosting online content on various websites, including social media and so on, but how is this done?

Simple, partnering with YouTube and Google Adsense before forming a successful truth channel is difficult. but you can add this formula to any niche or topic and do very well from it all. You can also create affiliate partnerships which are easier and less technical than it sounds.

Affiliate marketing is advertising products and services on behalf of a company, the good thing is, almost any company offers an affiliate program.

If you want to build a platform around makeup you can add companies such as Mac Cosmetics simply by searching their name and adding the word affiliate program. You will see them straight away and join up using the create account form which is no harder than any other sign-up page on the internet.

You can then add website banners, share links on social media, or create videos about the item or the service you are promoting and if anyone makes a purchase, you will then earn a commission.

Another aspect of social media in 2022 that I think people need to start being more independent with is popularity. Many people have a personal following that I would be proud of after 7 years of working on Enchanted LifePath day in and day out. For example, a popular girl can generate 257 likes just by posting one picture on social media. She will then lap up the likes and attention but miss the whole point of how she could be benefiting from each and every post she creates.

A method I would ask people to consider when using social media is to make sure it is you benefitting, not the site owners, make your profile benefit you.

It is not hard to create a website, then instead of posting the picture or status on Facebook for likes, try posting the picture or status and related image on your own website, share that to your followers, and then they have to go to your site to see your new picture or video, anything. Now you are in control of your popularity and popularity should pay.

I can offer you the nudges and information that provides the ability to cash in on social media popularity by building websites that can be used to generate vast incomes as an award for being so well-liked by many people.

“Popularity pays” is a new way of thinking for positive and outgoing characters who have attracted a huge and loyal following on social media platforms such as Facebook.

With the help of Enchanted Life Hacks Learning Center you can turn being popular, creative, or both, into a profit today.

START OF TUTORIAL: Creating Videos And Live Streams For Various Platforms

Things You Will Need

  1. Get A Gmail Account In Your New Online Brand Name Or Your Own Name
  2. Get A Website FREE Or Very Cheap Domain And Hosting Package From 1&1 Ionos Or Hostgator (£1/$1)
  3. (For New & Existing Video Creators) Set- Up YouTube, Twitter, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, IGTV, Facebook Page
  4. Join Ezoic Once Website Domain And Hosting Is Installed,(Can Be Done In 30 Mins) Current Website Owners Will Have More Traffic And Understanding When Applying With Ezoic

Set Up A Channel And Get It Ready To Earn Money – EASY

I have stated that I have left YouTube and this is correct, as my main go-to place to upload my videos, I have also integrated my website with Ezoic Platform which is now managing my Adsense account, if I had a YouTube channel in the YouTube Partner Program and it was earning money via adverts, the YouTube channel would also be managed by Ezoic. People use Google Adsense to place adverts on their own websites. It is then through Google Adsense revenue that YouTube video earnings are calculated and paid to content creators. Ezoic overrides Google whilst working alongside them as a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Learn more about Ezoic here. Because of the connection between Ezoic Revenue and Adsense earnings, I still advise that you start this tutorial by creating a Gmail account for your venture if you do not already run a platform or business via one. We will merge Ezoic into Google later on.

The first thing you need is a Gmail account, this then allows you to start your own YouTube Channel

Sign in to YouTube using your Gmail (or Google account), and use the same account to sign in to all the other services we will be adding throughout this how-to article. Whenever I set up a channel, I set up Twitter, and other social media platform accounts using the same email address. This is very useful for sharing content.

USEFUL TIP: Periscope is created through Twitter.

On YouTube’s website, click your channel image icon in the top right, you may not have added an image to your profile yet so this may be blank or showing initials from your channel name. You can see a small example below.

Go to YouTube Studio, then to Monetisation on the left-hand side of the screen on a pc or laptop, it is best to use the desktop version of YouTube to do this stage.

You will now be prompted to connect your YouTube account to Google Adsense, this is how Google pays you for your video earnings and for Google Adverts that you place on your website to generate extra revenue via a form of residual income.

Simply follow the onscreen information to create your Adsense account in a few easy steps then connect it to YouTube from within the monetisation page. You will be eligible for adverts on your videos and live streams when you reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel.

Stream To Various Platforms From One Place With And OBS Streamlabs – EASY

The next thing I am going to explain is how to live stream on various platforms at once, this is very useful in growing your audience, you will like how easy it is to set up and you will begin to feel like this is not so hard after all.

There is a platform that connects all your video, and live streaming accounts and broadcasts your live stream to all of them at once, again it is very simple. The site is called and it is free to use most if not all of the services you will need moving forward. Join it using the Gmail address you signed up to YouTube with, the sign-up page even allows you to join using a Google account.

When you sign up at the link, you will get $10 to spend in the site, I have only ever upgraded once myself so I have managed to get by with all my platforms without upgrading but you can use the free $10 towards an upgrade which can be used to open up the custom RTMP option along with the Facebook Pages capability. The image below is from my Restream Referral page, you too will get the option to do the same thing.

Once you are all signed up, navigate to the add channel page, it is here where you will see services such as YouTube, Facebook (personal page), Periscope, DLive, and Twitch. It is free to connect all these services, just click the icon and follow the onscreen instructions.

Link all your services, if you only have one as of now, you can come back and do more than YouTube anytime. Create an account with the platform you would like to join. I often check to see if they have added any more platforms to add to my live stream set-up.

This is pretty exciting stuff because you are now building the foundations of your new super-platform that will benefit you whatever your target audience is, you may be baking cakes, taking photographs, doing tutorials, dance lessons, music lessons, football coaching drills live online, bricklaying, DIY, the list is endless.

We are still gathering very important ingredients for the recipe, so next, I want to show you how you will make your live streams show up on all those platforms you added but from one click of a button via Restream, you do need a program to do this on your PC, laptop, Mobile phone, or Tablet.

The free program you will need to download is called OBS Open Broadcaster Software, there is another version that has more perks and integrations but it also has more costs but you will get more options for streaming and engaging with viewers, the alternative with add-ons is Streamlabs OBS. This is widely used by millions of content creators around the world.

Below is an example of my layouts in OBS and Streamlabs. you can do so many things here. It is a brilliant way to express your creative side and send it straight to your audience. Do not be scared of all this info because I am building it gradually in simple steps, you are getting 5 years’ worth of my natural progressions, and the research it took to gather all of this in just one article. This removes all the leg work, the wondering, etc, keep following and you will be fine.

Download OBS here.

Download OBS StreamLabs here.

I would like to point out two things for you now, in the bottom right of the image above you see a Record Button and Go Live, the record button can now act as your screen recorder when making videos, very handy indeed. That is that sorted, you have a screen recorder but we now need to add the screen recording add-on from within the OBS or Streamlabs OBS Program. We will then set up your live streaming so it streams all the platforms you added to

To add a screen to be recorded simply go to SOURCES then ADD SOURCE, then DISPLAY CAPTURE, call it SCREEN SHARE. Whatever is on your screen when you press RECORD or GO LIVE, will now be recorded to your PC or streamed to your platforms. You can run a limited but valuable version of this on your phone or tablet if you want to live stream from outside in public.

Next, I need to show you how to make your live streams show up on all your streaming platforms such as YouTube, Periscope, and DLive.

Go into and you will see READY TO GO LIVE in the top right corner of the screen, it will be in a different location on your phone if you are not using a PC or laptop.

Next, go to RTMP SETTINGS and click it, you will see a dialog box opens up with a location and server country, select your country, I selected UK, you can choose America if you are there or Germany, wherever suits you best.

Set your country then copy the URL to be pasted into Streamlabs OBS. Below the location info is a STREAM KEY, you can see the text is hidden, this is to protect your live stream credentials from being used by another person.

Once you have copied the location you will add it in Streamlabs settings, let me show you where to put the location and stream key data. This is easy don’t panic.

In the OBS or Streamlabs program, go to SETTINGS and then STREAM, you will now see services you can connect singly, but if you want to stream to all of your platforms at once, you need to select the ADD DESTINATION option then add your Stream key and location server URL data into the page and click DONE. Anything you live stream will now be sent to your various platforms and audiences.

Streamlabs Version

OBS Version

You change your live stream titles and descriptions from within Restream, again it is easy to do, just go to the UPDATE TITLES tab at the top of the page.

To go live, you open your OBS or Streamlabs program and press go live, you will then live stream to all the platforms that you have added in Retream. I advise using the Restream method instead of just one channel as this creates the back-ups of your work on various platforms as well as expands your reach. Restream gives you all the options I use for free. Set up a Gmail address, then a YouTube channel, DLive, Periscope, Twitch, Twitter, a Facebook Page, and a website then run this through them all.

USEFUL TIP: Earn from Streamlabs Affiliate Program.


I advise you to watch some video tutorials on how to design your layout in OBS and OBS Streamlabs. There are tons of videos to help with setting up mics, using all the many features of the program, designing the look of your layout, and what people will see during live streams and screen recordings. Look at my videos for an example of this or the image of my OBS layout above.

Here is a good guide on OBS.

YouTube player

Get Your Free Video Editing Software And Start Editing Videos With DaVinci Resolve 17 (Beta)

You have made it this far now it is time to reward you with one of your most valued pieces of software moving forward from here. If you want to edit videos you are going to need a video editing program. This is where you will spend hours and hours of your time making videos that are then your creative gifts to the world. It is important to have a good video editing program. I use a paid-for version of Sony Vegas. Good video editing software can be dear but I have found a superb, very professional, and modern video editor for FREE and I have no affiliation with the program developers whatsoever, so this is just a very useful tip to get you going with the best software possible. The program is called DaVinci Resolve 17 by Blackmagic Design and after finding this during the Festive period of 2020, I can say I am excited to start using it myself. Use the red links to visit the page and download the software, the file is around 2.2GB.

I advise you to watch YouTube tutorial videos showing you how to use all of the applications that I am suggesting and there is always a lot to choose from when learning how to use any program you wish to use. DaVinci Resolve tutorials can be found by searching for them on YouTube or even article-based how-to guides can be found online. It is easy to follow these videos and pause them as you practice using the software.

YouTube player

Another handy tool for your videos is Audacity and it is free to download here. This is used for your audio voice-overs, you can make a voice recording and then tidy it up expertly in Audacity.

Creating Various Back-up Accounts For Your Videos Is Vital And Simple.

A great way to back up all of your videos on another platform is using websites that have YouTube auto-upload features just like on Bitchute. I suggest you open a Bitchute account and put your YouTube channel ID into your Bitchute channel settings. This will automatically drag all of your YouTube videos and live streams to BitChute and upload them along with the description without you doing it all manually. You now have another database of your videos which provide more of an audience and greater opportunities. Doing this grows your set-up and makes it more automated giving you more reach for less work.

Your YouTube live streams also will be backed up on Periscope, DLive and Facebook etc if you add them to your linked channels within Restream, this again is more security for your work.

Automatically Turning YouTube Videos Into Podcasts On Spotify and Apple Podcasts

You can turn your YouTube channel into an automated podcast uploader on major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This is easier than it sounds and I will show you the video I followed screen by screen to successfully implement this formula into Enchanted LifePath Independent News & Media.

YouTube player

The method has a familiar beginning as it is generated using your Gmail account to sign in to Feedburner which is a Google-based application that allows you to send feeds in the form of URLs to various platforms. It is here where we will turn your YouTube videos into Podcasts that can be listened to and downloaded by people from around the world. The key here is once it is set up you do not have to do any work as it is automatic again. Can you see how easy this all becomes? You are creating something very big that operates without much if any maintenance.

Other useful links to complete this task that you will have seen in the video above are Apple Podcast Connect and Spotify for Podcasters, then we had Imgur for the Podcast cover image.

Follow the video tutorial above but when he uses PodSync, it is no longer in use so I found this alternative called ListenBox, it is what I use to auto-generate my podcasts. ListenBox is where you put your YouTube link in at first which is then generated into a Feedburner URL that you then set up your Feedburner account with and your videos are then automatically turned into podcasts.

This will prove to be another uplifting, yet very beneficial tool in your services.

You can then have your podcast automatically uploaded to a backup, second YouTube channel using another platform called This is clever and intricate stuff that is easy to set up. I am sure you will have hours of enjoyment in building this project up from the ground.

You do not have to do this one but it is another way to further generate income and spread your work as well as protect it. I have left the video that I followed to do the same thing on my own layout in 2020.

Sign up to

YouTube player

Building A Website To Host Your Content, Sell Products, Advertise Services

You can use your videos to help sell products that you make or stock in a shop, YouTube videos are a brilliant way to advertise products and services. A builder or tradesperson can take photographs or video footage of a job and upload it to YouTube and direct a ton of interest to his/her work. Having more platforms generates more traffic for you and your brand that can be converted into sales. Visitors to adverts on your site can also earn you extra revenue. You can place adverts on your site in many ways including via Google Adsense and affiliate programs as mentioned earlier. We will get to adverts shortly, let’s get your site built first.

I remember learning lots from intelligent hosts of YouTube channels such as Jay from Lazy Ass Stoner, do not let the name put you off as these people are superb at what they do and how they teach us the way to do things.

This brings me to our next task, building a website using WordPress in minutes. Trust me this is the part where I said it is technically as easy as posting a status on Facebook.

YouTube player

A website is going to give you independence as well as helping to build your output and potential customer base or audience. You can add plug-ins to WordPress websites as easily as adding apps on your mobile phone and bring your site to life without limitations. If you sell items online you can create a fully automated online E-Commerce website and generate listings, add descriptions, images, delivery options, and payment gateways. All that is good for a seller but if you are a dance instructor or artist and you want to sell a DVD of your work you can take orders via your website. Anything is possible.

The first thing you need is a website domain, this is the website address that people will visit to access it, eg, or you may want to get the version, any is fine, it is up to you what suits you best. You will also need a web hosting account to get a server to host your site on, you can get a server and a domain from HostGator who I use. You can get a very cheap or sometimes Free Domain from Hostgator and own your brand name in cyberspace.

The HostGator link provided here gives you the cheap option to get your website domain, server set-up, and begin building your website in WordPress via a simple one-click install to get you underway. This is a low-cost way to get going, in fact, it is still how this site is running. If you don’t have a large budget, you can select a dearer server at another date in the future as your platform grows.

Another option is from a company with UK call centers called 1&1 Ionos who also offer great low-priced packages such as their web hosting and domain deals that get you up and running with your website URL, hosting (server), SSL certificate which gives your website a secure status, and all this for around £1 a month for 6 months then £5 per month. I have set websites up using this deal myself. If I ever need help I can call Ionos and reps are at hand. HostGator troubleshooting is done through Live Chats or Facebook Messenger as they are a US-based company but both offer brilliant customer service and are always willing to assist with technical issues.

How to install WordPress on 1&1 IONOS - Maidenhead Computer Services

I hope you now own your domain and server, if so follow the video above or others like it on YouTube to build your site and connect it to the server and get it published online. The Ionos packages do most of it in one go for you.

The next step I will discuss can be first done as you are building your site, it is the SEO settings that you will hear people talking about as you dig into these lines of information. It means Search Engine Optimisation, this is where you increase how well your site is recognised and ranked by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckGo. It is only a case if adding a plug-in from the dashboard within your site nothing too hard at all and then maintaining your keywords on pages etc.

Earning Money Via Affiliate Partnerships And Promoting Links And Offers On Your Site And In Video Descriptions

The video below, titled 7 Steps To Make Money With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing is another from Lazy Ass Stoner on YouTube, he explains perfectly how to blend affiliate marketing into your website, generate links that can be posted to your site and social media pages, or in video descriptions to then direct traffic to a product or service that f bought by a customer you will be paid a commission. I have plenty of affiliate programs to tell you about including eBay Partner Network and many more where that comes from. ClickBank is what is discussed in the video above. You can sign up for an account with ClickBank while you are on a roll.

YouTube player

Take the information in the video, I am sure if you are this far into this how-to-guide, you will be finding this interesting and the topics discussed by myself and the people I am suggesting you pay attention to, will be of value to you.

Simple Procedure To Take YouTube Down?

I have said for years if everyone on YouTube, popcorn channels included all hosted our work on our own websites and simply uploaded a short video to YouTube saying new video on my website and left the link it would bring YouTube down within 5 years. I first said this two years ago. Why would it be harmful to the company that promotes censorship? We would see shares affected as they are flooded with our own adverts.

Truth be told and thoughts will become things. If we all screw YouTube without a kiss they would cease to exist. Do not let them win. Use the platform against itself.

The site would have less watch time, and less traffic as most people will see a notification from their favorite channels and then know to just go direct to the website. Advertisers would back away from YouTube and Google to look for the money trail. We can literally make the serpent eat its own tail. As censorship gets worse I think that idea and this website will be a template for many people in the future with YouTube, Facebook, and mainstream media outlets openly taking part in a modern-day book burning of all our information.

We Are The News.

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