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Why I Left YouTube And Adsense Behind To Get Self Hosted Video Ads And Target 250% Website Revenue Increase With Ezoic

Enchanted Life Hacks Learning Centre Presents Ezoic A Google Certified Publishing Partner. Learn more about Ezoic here.


Monetise Your Website Videos Without GoogHell - YouTube and Google Will Be Terrified Of This Tutorial
Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

This is a questionnaire I was sent by Ezoic shortly after being invited to the Affiliate Program and having my websites approved with my them to be my new first choice website ads and video advert implementation provider replacing Google Adsense with the ability to monetise my own website videos and earn anything up to 250% increase in advert revenue from commissions via Ezoic and the enormous list of vendors they work with. This questionnaire provides answers and insight so I thought I would put it here to help explain my plans for the future of Enchanted LifePath content creators and people from all walks of life as we have to adapt to a 4th industrial revolution that has been forced on us all.

Content creators often suffer from to targeted censorship and demonetisation along with losing videos or full channels containing valuable information that may never be seen again in what is definitely modern-day book burning. My formula involves people becoming independent with a purpose. That purpose is the end of YouTube and the beginning of a new normal that we the people are in control of never mind these so-called leaders of the countries, economies and livelihoods, and lives they are ruining. The Enchanted LifePath tutorial will change many people’s ways of thinking and training their lines of thought. This questionnaire is a nice introduction to how this can work to be a massive success.

My formula that is in place on Enchanted LifePath platforms right now is simple but game-changing. The process is, own your own website, make your own videos, join ezoic to control your Google Adsense account across all platforms and websites, allow Ezoic adverts to be used on your website and played on your videos and earn 90% of advert takings compared to around 58% with Adsense if my memory is correct that is. Another bonus is, we are able to earn around 150-250% more than we do with Google Adsense and that is with videos that play adverts on our own websites via Ezoic who are a Google Partner and the adverts are the same as Google, just that they now pay you like the big platforms.

This is information that they did not think anyone would make into a template to be used in our favour like this, they thought they had it all to themselves with their monopoly on YouTube and website earnings. This changes things ad allows the smaller platforms to grow, to build equipment or stock to grow a new or existing business. It provides a residual income which means it will be ongoing forever, you can earn from the first thing you did years later whilst earning from your new videos, or articles, or dance class, or guitar lessons, or bakery session. People should be more independent within their own online identity and all own their own websites and post their equivalent of social media statuses on the website with the pictures and images on their own self-hosted platform which is then shared to social media.

People can earn from selfies or pictures of their dinners because people are interested in what they do. Popularity pays when it is worked with this way. Humour aside, a lot of people have a lot of hard work ruined by lack of revenue and being heavily restricted, the plan I have is after 5 years of having to battle the issues I just mentioned. I have had to outthink what they do to independent outlets as I have been one of the most censored voices in my industry for years now, never being able to gain 10000s of subscribers on YouTube because I get shut down at a very maximum of 5k each time. This stops me from engaging with the support I have built, the friends I have made, I don’t just lose a channel. In the videos that get deleted by YouTube, the points are proven correct after deletion. The valid questions deemed offensive by major networks, including Twitter, are controlling how history is documented. It all ends with a new way of doing things inspired by Enchanted LifePath and the partnership with Ezoic. I will make this work my ability to teach and present it all to everyone in a very learnable, joyful way.

If we all post our videos and content to our websites that are managed by Ezoic we will get more from our website adverts and we get the astronomical bonus of earning extra revenue from our videos that also play adverts in the same style as YouTube videos but this platform puts YouTube and Google Adsense in the shade. YouTube will then begin to be filled with short videos where people are saying New Video On Website and providing a link in the description below basically turning YouTube into an advertising platform for our content turning the books totally on their head. Advertisers will follow the audience onto the independent platforms and YouTube will finally suffer for their criminal treatment of its content creators over the years. For this to grow into the thing of beauty that I am manifesting, it needs people, plenty of people who are sick if not being rewarded for what they do, and I think I we all Know the perfect place to find tons of them. YouTube. Even big personalities with big channels and websites may not be aware of this. Remember, Ezoic will get you more capital for your YouTube videos too.

I am only learning as I go along but I am now a verified partner with Ezoic and I have my affiliate links, ads are running on this website’s videos and ads are rolling on the pages. I am now going to monitor and compare the Adsense earnings against Ezoic and hope I am as surprised and happy I made the switch to Ezoic as the people I have seen talking about it to bring me here to teach it all to you and more. The big tutorial below the Ezoic questionnaire also tells you how to get a website built cheaply as it can get if not free, build a YouTube channel for backup purposes, have that channel auto-generating Podcasts on Spotify and Apple Podcasts with your videos meta description and tags included meaning your content is automated and widespread.

I provide links to a professional and free video editing software and show how to live stream to various platforms using as I have used for years now to create even more back-ups via Periscope, Twitch, DLive. Facebook, all when my YouTube channel was my main channel and live streaming home I have all these accounts running live at the same time. So can you when you follow my tutorial. I show affiliate marketing and how to earn commissions from most if not all of your favourite companies. But before then, read my questionnaire answers as I settle you into feeling more clued-up and comfortable with Ezoic

Q How did you first hear about the Ezoic platform?

A published review or testimonial. I heard about Ezoic in a video from lazy Ass Stoner channel on YouTube. He is brilliant at website building, SEO, Google Ranking, Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping Advice, Advert Placement, Social Networking and more. He features on my tutorial article at the bottom of this page.

Q What is something you like about Ezoic that you didn’t know about before signing up?

Video Adverts Tab, I will be reviewing it and promoting it, you have really been the best thing to happen to me and my layout and lined up to my long-term, long-lasting, long in production plans, I am so happy to be here. The affiliate program is another major major aspect as it ties into me alerting people to you via my tutorial that I have already written pending Ezoic section while I waited to be accepted. I wanted my referral link from an affiliate portal before I told anyone who the company is behind my plans. Now I am all approved and I have my affiliate portal I can now move on. I hope to talk to Ezoic support reps on live streams or record screens and discuss the platform and what it has to offer people like me who have been mistreated by YouTube de-monetisation for years. I have my own website and have built and built a huge formula that has been topped off by the capabilities I have to target channels and people who can build a formula that involves gaining a new way of thinking, working, engaging with audiences, and new skill set that will reward them for their time, effort and talent.

Which Ezoic features have you NOT used, but would LIKE TO USE in the future?

Video Player / Video Monetization

SEO Title Tag Tester

Big Data Analytics

Layout Tester

Consent Management (GDPR/CCPA) App

Site Speed Accelerator

Is there anything that stops you from recommending Ezoic to others?

No, nothing. I love it and will be making videos, writing articles, doing live streams, and trying to effectively create my own network of new Ezoic’ers from mistreated YouTubers and anyone on YouTube who can see the method I have built for them after 5 years of teaching myself the elements that have come together to bring me to this point and becoming a partner with Ezoic and the realisation of how big of an impact I can make with it for everyone, Ezoic included. You have my full attention on all settings, options, and any new apps or features. I am using the BETA video mode to upload my videos to the Ezoic video database and then embed them onto my website.

The Ezoic video database saves my website from being overloaded with tables and files. The Video Tab in my Ezoic dashboard did not show up at first, it was only after I had completed a few of the initial steps and integrated it using Nameservers (WordPress plugin was the other option). I also found this part of the process very easy. But it was rewarding when I never even expected to see the video tab appear but when it did it revamped the future of self-hosted content creation for what I hope is a lot of people.

To my disbelief and excitement, all of my videos play adverts which is something that has been taken away from me by YouTube for mindboggling reasons without being able to question their policies. I would be sad to see the end of the video tab BETA, I hope it stays forever because it is going to be a huge eyeopener to many people from now. I am putting together a major how-to tutorial and Ezoic is central to it and the video tab is a major addition to the platform. The tutorial I am working on is my gift to content creators and the everyday walk of life members of the public who have been forced to work from home due to current events.

People who are having to rethink how they work and the jobs they do are also able to benefit immensely from this. people may have lost everything and not even have a job now. You never know what talents they have but I am sure they do so it is about showing people how to make residual income and Ezoic fits my plans like a glove. I have already provided feedback that maybe being able to have more than one video per page as it is set out like now. A second video from the Ezoic video tab BETA does not show on the pages at all. I have articles with 5, 6, 7 of my own videos on, sometimes it can be more subtle like 1 or 2. Another thing is longer video playlist capability would be recommended as when I put just over ten videos in a playlist, which is the main video section on all pages on my site, the videos stop playing on the whole site and the playlist freezes up. I hope this is seen as positive constructional feedback and not critical.

What challenges are you trying to solve this year?

Establish my website to be my main hub for self-hosted videos with my loyal viewers using my site to view the latest Enchanted LifePath uploads via One Signal Push Notifications and Email Subscribers to help make my site the best place for my audience. This will give my current followers and visitors a familiar feel and new people looking at what I have built, will get belief from it and how easily I intent to explain it. Another bonus and personal goal would be to finally have video monetisation for my hours and hours, if not days of work when creating a video and research that goes with it.

The same applies to my website ads as Google Adsense has now been replaced with the Ezoic platform which is managing my advertising account and statistics whilst optimising my chances of having a faster, more user-friendly, and efficient website using the CDN and many tools at hand in the portal. I intend to make the best use of all I have learned during the past 5 years to make 2021 a year when my thoughts become things with others benefitting on a mass scale given how I plan to advertise this opportunity to others. I also hope to be a very good affiliate partner with Ezoic and I am very please I was invited to the Referral Program. I hope all of this is attractive to others and we can all increase our revenue.

What is your ultimate goal for your site, or for using Ezoic?

Again, as stated above, I have a lot of plans for the sites and platform for myself and other people for many reasons, but personally, I must admit I want to use my Ezoic videos with ads, and market services using my affiliate link and website advert banners as the main features.

This method ensures a healthy relationship between my platform and Ezoic.

I have started by using this questionnaire as part of my Ezoic tutorial on my website at I hope you like how I am shaping it to be informative to readers whilst doubling as a review of my first few days with Ezoic. it also sets out my goals. This is a template that can be taken and used by anyone, that is my plan. I hope to gain all the info to have it all in one place to ensure people can have a clear idea of what they can do if they follow the advice that I am offering them with my tutorial.

What is something simple Ezoic could improve that would make a big difference to you?

More than one video per webpage showing up, as of now only one per page appears on an article. More videos help me reference more points and they keep people on my articles longer which will benefit Enchanted LifePath, Ezoic, and the site visitor.

What would you change on Ezoic’s website to better communicate Ezoic’s best qualities?

24/7 live chat please although as I have said all week, (1st week, set up etc) the admins and reps have been brilliant with me, there ease and speed during a week when I have just wanted my plan to all come together without making any mistakes.

What does Ezoic do a POOR job of communicating to customers?

Not sure yet all okay so far I have been grateful. The integration process was tedious but as someone who likes these tasks and improvements, I found it enjoyable. but it was because it was the first time I had done it all and I am sure if I did help a few people, it will become second nature to me fast then I will be able to do better tutorials on my site and in videos. There are lots of good videos on YouTube about how to implement Ezoic, not just from the company, but people who have transitioned over from Adsense and have been blown away by the improvements.

What will you spend money on for your site this year, that you never have before (if applicable)?

New server as I have a low CPU allowance on mine with it being a shared package but it does have a huge website to deal with as my site is 5 years old.

Here is some multiple choice questions I answered during the questionnaire.

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