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Prince Harry’s reverse speech at Royal baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsors Birth Announcements In May 2019.

Prince Harry’s reverse speech cryptic corker

The Royal rejects featured in an Enchanted LifePath video this week that highlighted major inconsistencies in Harry and Meghan Markle’s unveiling of their new baby boy in May 2019.

Prince Harry could clearly be heard saying Archie was born on May 6th, 2019, as he spoke to Sky News reporters live from outside Windsor Castle.

Prince Harry told cameras he was the happiest dad on earth and how perfect his boy was.

This took a strange turn when Harry and his wife Meghan Markle appeared in front of TV crews and photographers again two days later from within the halls of Windsor as the nation got its first glimpse of the new royal arrival.

When asked by reporters who the baby takes after most from his alleged parents, both Harry and Meghan stumbled their reaction to the question before Harry stepped in to say “everyone has been saying how much he has changed over the two weeks”, this came seconds after Meghan had said it had been an amazing two days.

This was very odd as it is almost impossible to mistake two weeks for two days but the moment was caught on cameras and streamed around the world by news outlets and the royal Families official YouTube channel.

You can watch my video here before we move on to Pete Johnson’s YouTube video that analyses the dialect from the interviews in reverse and finds creepy backmasking at its worst during a 2.5 minute video in reaction to my initial video on the Royal couple’s odd behaviour.

It was after watching my video that fellow YouTuber’ Pete Johnson, created a reaction video to the enchanted LifePath report.

Pete Johnson studies speech in mainstream interviews and popular culture before making videos that highlight his mind blowing findings.

During his latest edition, Pete discovered explicit language in various phrases that he found when he reversed the speech between Harry and the reporters in Windsor Castle.

Pete says: Hello again, This is a video response for Enchanted Lifepath In which on 2 separate days Baby Archie aged by 2 weeks. I said I’d have a listen to the clips to see what I can find. And they are interesting, and one that I’m sure will give you a laugh. I wonder where the reporter’s thoughts were at the time. Thanks for watching. If You are new here, then this is a video showing examples of reverse speech, or clear phrases of speech that are heard among the gibberish when listening to a recording in reverse.

The voices that come out of the reverse speech state:

Harry says: “Mother and baby are doing incredibly”

Reverse Speech:”We block news we did not have him”

Harry says: “Just wanted to share this with everyone”

Reverse Speech: “You love the lips and now she loves you”

Reporter says: You can’t stop smiling it must have been (harry laughs)”

Reverse Speech: “New baby, something else to s**k you”

Harry says: “This is definitely my first birth”

Reverse Speech: “Let’s her film in fantasy”

Reporter says: Tell us a little about Mum”

Reverse Speech: “Let’s listen to Mummy”

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See More From Pete Johnson On Enchanted LifePath Website

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