Liverpool gym arrests Insane Police Ambush On Liverpool Gym - 52 Fined - 2 Arrests - Police Brutality - False Imprisonment - Breach Of Fire Regulations

Liverpool gym members were ambushed by Merseyside police on Sunday as 52 fines were handed out and 2 arrested in scenes that sent shockwaves around the city.



Swarms of people were seen leaving the gym on CCTV before being hunted down by police who used batons and weaponised handheld aerosol canisters during the raid.

Liverpool gym members attacked by police

One man was knee’d in the stomach with a force that lifted him off his feet despite being handcuffed and surrounded by at least 9 police officers.

Another younger male was leaving the gym in Speke as he was struck in the arm by an officer with a hardened expandable baton before another appeared to point CS gas or pepper spray in his direction. It is not known if the canister was discharged.

It is not known why the police attacked the people.

A third member of the public was hospitalised with severe leg injuries

52 fines were handed out and 2 arrests were made, details were reported by the Anti-Liverpool Echo.

New-loophole used on Liverpool gym attacked by overreaching Covid-19 business measures?

BBC News reported that Merseyside Police were “tipped-off” about the gym having members of the public inside.

It is not known if members of the public were caught in the middle of a dark trap as the police arrived mob-handed and flanked them outside the building.

The Liverpool Echo report states the Police arrived at 1pm to find the doors locked and gym-goers inside.

The footage of the raid is recorded much later in the day when darkness has fallen.

Does the story make sense? More holes than Swiss cheese?

The gym was shut by police and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services after they were summonsed to inspect the building for fire regulations breaches after it is alleged fire exits were sealed off from use.

Why did police arrive at 1 pm but not take action until 19:45 which is the time on the CCTV footage of the raid?

Did they pre-warn the gym before the mega-raid? If they did or did not, did they go away and get a warrant and return almost 7 hours later, or stick around? Were the gym owners aware of the 1pm police visit? Did any of the gym users who came throughout the day between 1 and 7.30pm have any knowledge of police being at the premises in the afternoon before being ambushed just before 8pm?

Covid-19 regulation backed arrests were made for false imprisonment when the accused are said to have padlocked doors and fire exits shut to stop people escaping and being identified.

It is not known if any of the people inside the gym had complained of being held prisoner by the gym owners.

A long-time Enchanted LifePath viewer on YouTube commented: “Fire exits on modern buildings have crash bars why would you seal up the doors (with padlocks)? Fire exits have no outside handles”

“You cannot get building or 3rd party liability insurance without crash bar fire exits”

Copy and Pasted “Panic Bars with Latches or Bolts Panic bars, sometimes referred to as push bars or crash bars, are typically fitted with a bolt or latch and are designed for applications where final exit or fire exit doors are to be used by members of the public that have no prior knowledge of the building or device, and where a panic situation could occur in the event of an emergency. Suitable for a range of door types, panic bars are designed to ensure an easy escape from a building should a quick exit be necessary and can be combined with an outside access device to restrict entry from outside”.

End quotes.

If Merseyside Police had a tip-off that so many people were in the building, had they planned an operation with the amount of officers that we see in the footage?

If so why was the street not closed off prior to the events to protect public safety as we see uninvolved cars try to drive through the chaos?

Police had to block the entrance to the gym with response cars but they had not blocked it before the original two officers swept in with batons and the controversial restrainment spray canister.

A lady who is an ex-police officer was at the scene as a gym member and she recorded her view of the incident. I do wonder if this gym is regularly used by police?

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Members of the public arrived at the gym in the following days to show support for members and owners who were caught up in the ambush and to disapprove of the police actions on the night of the attack.

Local YouTube channel Consciousness Arising was at the scene to film throughout the day. Here is his footage, please subscribe to the channel.

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Powershift in Merseyside Police amidst imminent Andy Cooke departure?

Deputy Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said: “The incident in Speke today shows that we won’t hesitate to work with our partners to take robust action against businesses on Merseyside who continue to flout Covid restrictions.

“Officers will continue to respond to potential COVID-19 legislation breaches across Merseyside to ensure Public Health and Government guidance is being adhered to, and is for the safety of all residents and business owners.”

Liverpool politics was taken by storm late in 2020 as Mayor Joe Anderson was arrested by Merseyside Police for his alleged role in a property scandal, and witness intimidation.

Joe Anderson, who publicly appeared inept of his understanding of Covid-19 data, was called into account for his reported actions before stepping aside from his role and being replaced by Wendy Simon, a Labour Party politician who is Deputy Mayor of Liverpool.

Current Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, Andy Cooke, announced he was due to retire early in 2021 as the hierarchy in Liverpool continues to make sweeping changes within the Covid-19 restriction era.

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