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Nick Capo’s Liverpool Gym Fiasco

Nick Capo features in this latest Enchanted LifePath WEBSITE ONLY extravaganza video about the Wirral PsyOp on Liverpool when the cities proud historical spirit was used against us to further divide ourselves in a cleverly manipulated plot with various characters taking part in the events surrounding gyms in Liverpool and the seemingly staged protests that followed.

Nick Capo set the ball rolling when his gym was raided by armed police and his video went viral.

The attention-seeking influencer used the event to then steer the emotions of the public and generate a false feeling of revolt in Liverpool.

Does Nick Capo and World Media Need A Geography Lesson?

Nick Capo allowed world media to portray him as a Liverpool gym owner when in all reality, simple geography and local knowledge proves that his gym is not located in Liverpool.

A Go Fund Me campaign set up for Nick Capo raised over £53.000 and he refunded all donors on February 10, shortly after being confronted online by the owner of the prophecy Performance Centre, who was attacked by police during an ambush on February 7.

Other people that feature in the video are Wes Garner and his girlfriend/partner in Cryptocurrency crime, Lisa Marie Holt, otherwise known as Lousy Lisa Marie Holt for the purposes of this hilariously entertaining yet informative video.

Let’s not forget about Wes and Lisa’s friend, the unmistakable clown known as Geza Tarjanyi, a former fracking activist site geg who has a bad name in the anti-fracking community for hijacking their cause and making it look idiotic.

The Nick Capo Protest Circus Is In Town

Geza Frackman as he is known was on hand in Liverpool to do exactly the same thing, all the while posting his bank details constantly and asking for funds for this, that, and the other, as we like to say in Liverpool.

The Wirral psyop was well and truly underway and protests followed, all stared by Nasty Nick Capo and the egotistic ways that manifest as he speaks more like a seasoned politician than an ex-convict.

Everyone goes on about the £50k but truth be told that was chickenfeed and free advertising.

Nick went from 23k to 85k followers on his Instagram page, this was a huge increase in his business’s potential with his self-branded gym wear and clothing ranges as well as the new worldwide attention on his gym bringing many contacts in his industry as he said in his own words.

The £50k was never going to be paid to Nick and in my honest opinion, they have simply found a way to get the money back to the people. The money was just an emotional prop.

Nick was never getting the money but he was getting put on a pedestal in the Western world and the people of England flooded to support Nick and Liverpool not knowing they were being deceived.

There was no big hope, there was no Liverpool passion that was going to lead anywhere because even the protests appeared to be ridiculously staged with Merseyside Police seeming to round up crisis actors, plants, and shills along the way.

This was key in triggering scenes of civil unrest and pre-fabricated unity.

The government have every single base covered with the phychological operations they are launching on the public day in day-out.

Many people in the city of Liverpool find Nick to be “highly annoying” and “odd”.

The see-through media push behind him was projected to do exactly what happened when the public mood was manipulated to one of rebellious self-pride.

This would only lead to further problems for Scousers if we did kick off and take more of a stand against the restrictions.

The Tories would love to see Liverpool fall first, that is why an illusion of Liverpool rising first was generated and the emotions to create that mindset were dropped into the gameshow like a program in the matrix and that was that.

Agent Nick Capo was just one of the characters in the movie.

Try not to be fooled so easily again.

Don’t miss a second of the video that is available on the Enchanted LifePath website only and is powered by Ezoic.

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